Diary of Choices

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He got Served!

I walked out of the house and my assistant; Alma was waiting by a cab. Alma just started working for me, but I could tell that she was a fast learner. My car was still parked in front of Alfred’s office so our first stop was Alfred’s place of work as I needed my car. I had a list of things to accomplish and there was no room for any distractions or negative emotions.

As I was still chanting my convictions as I got out of the vehicle, I saw Brian and Daniel coming out of the office building. I quickly got down from the cab and attempted to quietly make my way to my car incognito style. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side because Daniel saw me and called out my name. He ran towards me, and he was closely followed by Brian.
“Katherine. Katherine. Wait up”
“Good morning Daniel and Brian. What a wonderful day it is. How is life with you both?”
“Well, life is wonderful. It’s been a while since I saw you” Dan said smiling.
“And it would have been longer if today wasn’t your lucky day. Brian, how are you doing?”
“I’m cool. You have been away for a while. If you are looking for Calmstorm, she is in my office with Wildfire. I was with Alfred when he carried you home. I did not want Calmstorm to disturb you, so I took her to my place. I made sure that she had a morning run, and she has eaten a healthy breakfast. Whenever you are ready to take her, she is in my hotel room resting with Wildfire. I was wondering if maybe later in the week, you would love to go out with me. I’ll have a treat planned for you.”
“I would love that very much.”
“I thought we had a date, Katherine” Dan said possessively. I could tell he was fighting to keep his emotions in check. We did have a date and I know we had am agreement but I couldn’t pass on an opportunity to go on a date with Brian. I had experienced a date with Daniel, and I knew the general idea of what he was about but Brian, Brian was a complete mystery. I was genuinely intrigued by Brian. I had always been. He finally asked me out, only a fool will pass up on such an offer and Katherine Alexander was no fool. With everything going on, I needed to feel the way Brian made me feel whenever he was near me.
“Well Daniel, plans change. We can go on our date later. It’s not like either one of us is rushing anywhere.”
“Dynamite, this is not the time to be stubborn. We had a deal and a good businessman keeps her word”
“Then it is a good thing we are not business partners or thinking of getting into bed together.” I could not catch myself before the words flew out of my mouth. I got a puzzled look from Brian and a mischievous smile from the Devil himself. I had no idea why I made that stupid mistake.
“I mean into business together” I lamely corrected but the deed was already done and the devil was grinning like a small boy given his favourite toy.
“Katherine, I think I may have overstepped. I’ll leave you and Daniel to finish up whatever this is. Please excuse me. By the way, you look as beautiful as always” Brian said and walked away. I needed to stop sending the mixed signals before these men think I was playing them both.
“Brian, how does Friday sound?” I shouted while he was still within earshot. I could see Daniel’s spine get stiff. Brain turned back and I almost started drooling, he was so handsome. He was extremely edible. A homme fatale if I can say so myself.
“Are you sure?”
I could hear the uncertainty in his voice, and I almost kicked myself for putting it there. He is truly a sweetheart, and he did not deserve being treated the way I had treated him in the last couple of minutes. I blame it completely on the devil. He is truly from hell.
“Yes, I am very sure. I would love to go on a date with you on Friday, if you are available?”
“For you, Katie, I am always available, Friday it is then but I’ll want the whole day though. I really want to get to know you while treating you to the best date of your life. You’ll experience what I call the Brian effect”.
“This sounds like fun. Friday at 10am is fine, you can come to pick me up.”
“That would be fine. We can take the dogs if you don’t mind.”
“No, I don’t. In fact, I think it would be a wonderful idea to take the dogs along. I am expectant on what the Brian effect entails and how it will make me feel. Spending a few hours with you makes me laugh so hard that sometimes I end up crying, talk less of a whole day. I’m sincerely looking forward to it.”
“Have a lovely day.” Brian said as he left. That man was candy all over. I desperately wanted to unwrap him.

it was obvious that Dan was trying ridiculously hard to contain his jealousy and that made me strangely happy. Making him suffer like that made me somewhat overly excited. I had to admit, as much as Dan annoyed me, there was an ‘unable to breathe’ way he always made me feel whenever I was around him or talking to him. It was just very weird, but Brian made me feel sweet and delicate and cherished. I turned around to walk to my car when I felt a strong hand hold my elbow, that touch sent a wave of electricity through my body.
“What was that all about?” Dan said as he inhaled sharply, I think he felt the sparks as well.
“I don’t understand what you mean”. I fret ignorance. I desperately wanted him to touch me again. I needed physical contact with him. I needed to feel those electric sparks again.
“Come off it, you were flirting with Brian and you accepted to go out on a date with him.”
“I didn’t know that there was a law against that.”
“You were flirting with him in my presence!”
“Would you rather I did it when you are absent?”
“Don’t test me Dynamite! You are mine!”
“Mr. Daniel Smith, let me make something extremely clear to you and you better make it sink into your thick and arrogant skull. We are not dating; we do not even have any sort of relationship except that of you being my younger sister’s past date, friend or whatever you guys want to call what you are doing and you being my brother’s business associate. I have not even agreed to date you talk less of marry you, so I belong only to me. I hope I have made myself truly clear. If you would excuse me, I have a terribly busy day.”

I left him there and entered my car, I was so infuriated, and I mean, who does that man think he is? I did not owe him anything
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