Diary of Choices

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I walked round Alfred’s house and I was very much impressed with all that had been achieved, the house was completely different. The past two weeks had been incredibly stressful. I successfully organized the much talked about wedding of Mrs. Bridgette, it was a magnificent success. The business party is in less than a week and everything could not be better.

I got my car keys, I needed to meet Alma at the office and then make a few stops before I got ready for my third date with Brian. I have had 3 awesome dates with Brian, he is so sweet and so attentive. It had been so pleasant. He was truly a sweetheart. I got into my car with Calmstorm diligently sited in the backseat. She was ready to get on with the events of the day. My mind wandered to Daniel again, I had not heard from him since that showdown at the carpark two weeks ago. No calls, no texts, nothing. It is like he fell off the surface of the heart. One will believe that a man who was adamant about marrying me and being with me will stick around. I casually tried to ask Brian about him but all I was told was that he had to take care of business. I called him twice, once every week, but he did not answer my call. I did not enjoy thinking about him since he was not interested in talking to me again for reasons best known to him. It was a bit hurtful though, but I had to move on, he obviously had done the same. As I was pondering, my personal line rang.

“Hi, hope you did not forget our date, Kat” the very seductive voice of Brian said, even his voice alone always made me smile like a young schoolgirl.
“Of course not, I’m looking forward to it.”
“Good. I cannot wait to see you. See you soon.”
“Ok, bye.”
I disconnected the call, then put the key in the ignition and started the engine of my car. Time to stop thinking about men and focus on the tasks ahead.

As I joined the main road, a limousine swerved in front of my car, and it blocked my path so suddenly. It took my expert driving skills to avoid a collusion while flooring the brake and trying to gain control of the car. After I got the car under control, I felt adrenaline, fear, relief, and then intense rage. Who was the fool trying to get people killed by pulling such an insane move, I killed the engine, I was beyond reasoning, I was going to kill someone that morning! I stormed towards the limousine. A man got down from the car and recognition hit me, it was Dan. I was beyond angry, I was livid. I matched straight towards him. How dare he drop from the surface of the earth for days, not call me, ignore my calls, swoop back in and then try to kill me
“What the heck?”
“Hello to you too Dynamite. How have you been? Did you miss me?”
“Who do you think you are?”
“I know I am the very handsome, highly intelligent businessman. I also know I am on your mind.”
“You are the most egoistical, arrogant, irritating, crazy man that I have ever laid my eyes on” I shook my head and started walking back towards my car deciding he was not worth my time. I was too upset to effectively communicate with him.
“I hear the ladies like that the most about me. I apologise for not answering your calls. I was terribly busy. How much did you miss me?” he quickly stood in front of me, impeding my movement, I got so upset all over again
“I don’t owe you a response and I honestly do not care for your apologies or this conversation. I’m not interested in listening to you.”
“Trust me you would be interested in what I have to say once I am through but since you are obviously not in a good mood. I’ll just have to keep stalking you till you want to hear what I have to say. You know I am good at it.”
I sidestepped him and started walking towards my car again and he grabbed my right arm and pulled me back to where he was standing
“What is your problem? What? What do you want from me?”
“Why do you enjoy pushing me away when I am close and yet want me close when I am away?”
“You think so highly of yourself. What makes you think I want you close when you are away.”
“Dynamite, I do not deceive, and I do not like deceit. If you will not be honest with me then there is no need continuing this conversation.”
“Why did you just leave without any warning or without even saying goodbye and then you ignore me? What do you expect me to do now that you waltz back in like this?”
“I’m so sorry Dynamite, it was work and it was impromptu. I will never abruptly leave like that if I did not have to. I am terribly sorry for making you worry so. I deeply apologise my dynamite.”
“I work as well and I am very busy as well. You cannot treat people like that because of work. A few minutes later than initially planned will not crumble your empire”
“You are right! I am sorry! You will never get that treatment again because of my work. I will work on balancing everything better. I will carry you along if I must dash off again. Am I forgiven”?
“I’ll think about it. Let me get my car off the road then we can talk some more.”
“So, what did you do while I was away” he held me in place and continued the conversation as if I did not say anything. The arrogance of that man is legendary.
“I went on amazing dates with Brian. He is such a sweetheart.”
I knew I probably should not have said that, but I still felt hurt and I actually loved getting under his skin
“Really? My wife to be is going on dates with other men. Darling, you need to be careful before someone misunderstands your intention.”
I was honestly shocked beyond words. What the heck did he mean by that? I finally found my voice after a few minutes of silently looking at him.
“What have you been drinking?”
“I have been drinking nothing.”
“Then the only explanation for your problem is you have some mental block or some type of madness. I am not even dating you. What does wife to be mean? I am my own person. I belong to only me”.
“I have love madness and it is for you. If you would just allow yourself to consider the possibility of being my wife, things would work out between us, just give me a chance to show you how well we work together.”
“Let me put it in plain English for you even though I doubt if I’ve been speaking another language since. I do not want to marry you. Read my lips I don’t want to marry you.”
“Why? You are so annoying. I do not like you. I don’t love you.”
“You can learn to love me. You have deep feelings for me and that is a great start. You just must open yourself up to this journey with me. As for knowing me, we have the rest of our lives for that. So, what do you say?”
“I have to go”
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