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Diary of Choices

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Alfred's Entry

As I watched Katie’s retreating figure, I couldn’t help but wonder why my dearest sister is so stubbornly set in her ways.

We have been best of friends for as long as I can remember.
I could tell her anything and she would gladly do same, we are so close that we could predict what the other person would do or say. Which is why I know that she left because she felt so uncomfortable. I did not try to stop her because she needed air. I can never deny her that escape.

I was so deep in thoughts that I did not hear footsteps and notice that Brian, one of the people I spoke about earlier, was right behind me. For me to be aware of Brian’s presence, Brian had to tap me on the shoulder and that startled me

“Hey man, don’t you ever do that again”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to give you a fright. Who is that beautiful damsel?”

I opened my mouth in total surprise

“Okay. What is it? Is something wrong with her or did I say something wrong?”

“No, it’s not that. To answer your previous question, Katie is my sister and I am fiercely protective of her"

“Katie, short for Katherine. Wow, that’s a lovely name”

“How do you know her name?”

“You just told me this very minute”

“What do you want with her?”

“Calm yourself, I only want to be friends. We are business partners afterall. I want to tell you that I changed my mind about leaving. I may be here for a while. I look forward to exploring this beautiful town and its perks” I could not explain it but his words made me tense.

Hello everyone. My name is Tife again. Thank you for choosing to read this book. This is one of my favourite books and the Alexander family is one of my favourite families ever. I am very partial to Katherine. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Enjoy and please leave a comment/review.
I look forward to reading from your views and opinions.
Thank you
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