Diary of Choices

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Rise and Shine

One of the most coveted venues for a truly grand event is the Alexander Mansion. Generations after Generations of Alexander’s have lived in that house adding their own structural signature to the bones of the Mansion. It is and has always been one of the best venues for a magnificent party therefore it was only logical that Elizabeth Alexander’s birthday bash was held there.

Seeing as I organized the whole event, I was personally responsible for the clean-up and any damages done to the property during the birthday celebration. Even though I left the party early, I had people watching over things for me. I learnt delegation the hard way a long time ago. I came back to the mansion very late into the night. I entered after all the guests have left and most of the cleaners and servers were done with the tasks assigned to them. Even though I got in very late and very tired, I still painfully went through the task of making sure nothing was taken and everything was in order. Everything was exactly as my mother wanted. It was only after I had double checked everything that I turned off the lights to the whole house and willed myself to sleep.

I woke up before anyone else in the house as was my nature; I have always been a very light sleeper. Once day breaks, I am up. I spent the first few hours of the morning going through my to-do list once more to ensure that everything was intact and no mistakes or oversight was made the night before. When I was satisfied, I went to have my bath and change into a clean and comfortable track suit.
As part of my morning ritual, I took Calmstorm, my dog, out for a morning run to feel the early morning breeze and enjoy the calmness and solitude of the early hours of the day.

I took the route that I take every day but today, something felt different. I didn’t know what it was but I knew today was the beginning of the rest of my life. It makes no sense but I could not shake it off. I continued to jog while Calmstorm was running ahead of me. Calmstorm loved her morning run but I rather prefer a good jog so I don’t tire quickly. This was our routine. Whenever I turned to the route leading home, Calmstorm always ran back to me and joined me at my pace. Today, I was enjoying the morning so much that I totally lost track of time. When I finally looked at my watch, I discovered that I could not escape being late for breakfast and my absence was always noticed by all especially my father who seemed to always notices when I am not in the house.

I hurried home in order to meet breakfast, like they popularly say ‘it’s better late than never’

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