Diary of Choices

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Introducing the Birthday Girl

Thirty- two minutes past the normal time for breakfast and Katherine was not yet at the table to join us for breakfast. Also, She was not around for the cutting of my birthday cake which was supposed to a whole family moment. .How inconsiderate of her, well what can we say, that’s my elder sister, Katherine. An extremely inconsiderate egoistical control freak. She cannot see past herself. Such a big B****

This morning’s breakfast was so slow and quiet with everyone feeling sore from the very eventful birthday celebration of yesterday. (yes, once Elizabeth is in town, the party gets better). Liz is and has always been the life of the party.

“Lizzie pumpkin, I hope you enjoyed yourself yesterday. Hope it was everything you hoped for. How does it feel to be able to be held responsible for all your actions?”

“I did, dad. I enjoyed myself more than ever. It feels different but yet not so much different. I can't wait to flap my wings
Before I was done answering the question, Katherine came in with a towel around her neck and her dog at her side. She got home a few minutes before breakfast and she rushed up to have a quick shower before she came downstairs for breakfast (of course she had to do all that before coming to breakfast, she is always so self-centred).

“Good morning everyone, what’s for breakfast?” She said as she pulled out a chair and sat down. (So egoistical and so conceited, no apology or remorse. She could not even fake a bit of shame or act bashful)

“Katherine Alexander, you are late, A-G-A-I-N” father stressed the again as he was looking at her, dad always had a way of making a point in a not-so- subtle way

“Sorry dad, I really had to walk Calmstorm and I lost track of time. This meal smells delicious, I can’t wait to start eating it, I’m already salivating”

“Katie is there anything else you do apart from taking care of that dog you refer to as Calmstorm.” mum asked in disgust. Mum hates my sister's I-don't-care attitude and honestly who can blame her. Katherine can try the patience of even a Reverend Father

Mum had never really liked dogs especially big dogs like Calmstorm. Who keeps a large ugly dog as a pet. Mum refers to such behaviour as extremely unladylike and mum always expected nothing less than complete ladylike behaviour from both of her girls.

“Dad, why do you allow her such privilege? If you pay half as much attention on guys as you pay on this dog, maybe a guy would pity you and marry you. I’m so sure that you wouldn’t find a husband with this nonchalant and rude attitude of yours” I gave my humble opinion as I, myself always had my personal reservations about big scary dogs like Calmstorm.

“I’m so touched, I think I’m about to cry. Thanks for the concern and the advice. Although, I am aware that you are saying all these things in order for you to get married since it is tradition that if I don’t get married, you can’t even dream of it. I hope you know that with the way things are going in this world, no one would frown at you getting married before me, so go for it girl and get out of this house. You are becoming more of a royal pain in my life anyway so you have my blessings. Here’s a very bright idea, you can consider waiting for Alfred because that would be more promising. Now please don’t disturb me as I enjoy this wonderful breakfast”

“No, thank you very much, but I have my life to sort out. I have a child to take care of and a lot of business decisions to finalize before I think of the word marriage again. I’ve taken that leap once without looking and I am not ready to go through it again anytime soon. I was even considering waiting for Katherine to get married before I try again.” He gave Katherine a big smile, dad had on his poker face as he was very good at hiding his emotions however mom’s reaction was very different as she almost choked on her food. My mum can be said to be the direct opposite of dad in so many ways. I tried to pat mother’s back to help our dear poor mother stop coughing and inadvertently prevent her other two children from killing her, they know very well that she cannot take the teasing, yet they do it anyway

“Well, my son, I’m glad you have decided to take your time but if you are serious about waiting for Katherine, then I think you would be waiting for a very long time, no offence intended Katherine”

“No offence taken dad”

“But if you decide to wait for Lizzy, that would be wonderful. We all saw Lizzy and that very fine gentleman, Brian. It was so obvious that they were both so much into each other, they were like two lovebirds. I can tell that my little angel is in love with that handsome young man. Isn’t that right? ”our dear mother quickly injected and if I could blush, i was sure I will be red in the cheeks in that instance. Mum just had a thing for love stories and matchmaking schemes, she can’t help herself most of the time

“Mother, you have a very sharp pair of eyes, I’d say yes and to make it more perfect, he is extremely rich and prosperous”
I was beaming from ear to ear. These are my kind of conversations on a fine Saturday morning. I could see Katherine roll her eyes but who cares! No one asked for her judgment.

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