Diary of Choices

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Breakfast conversation

I have been listening to my family’s early morning chitchat and to be honest, I was getting very bored. This is because the topic of conversation was always the same old tale. Unfortunately, it was not my favourite topic. In fact, it was one of the topics that I completely dreaded.
I ate a piece of fried fish and cleared my throat the way my mother often did to get everyone’s attention

“I am not surprised that you suddenly claim love for a man you have only met once. Anyone who doesn’t know you would be shocked but someone who knows you like I do is only worried. Watch out girl so that you wouldn’t lose whatever ounce of self-respect you have left. But, let’s be honest, I’m not sure you have any left. Your love for money is worse than a prostitute's. It is not like you don’t have more money than you know what to do with, that is actually the perplexing bit of this whole cycle. So let us put things in proper perspective, you like Brian for his money and please, don’t even try to deny it. We all know that anything swimming in foreign currency is your love. Am I right, Alfred?”

“Please leave me out of this” he tried so hard to conceal a smile. He was trying to avoid being dragged into the conversation. Such a baby!

“Coward! Anyway, we all know you love diamonds and anyone who can give them to you in abundance is your heartthrob. What a lovely fairy-tale!” I said in a very playful voice and with a mischievous smile on my face. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a drop mic moment.

I looked at my food and continued to eat like as if I did not just say all that I did. At this point, I am fairly certain that Lizzy was fuming, I could feel Lizzy’s piercing eyes on me as if I had just killed her favourite pet.
Zoë Alexander, our mother who was always ready to mediate, cleared her throat yet again

“Wow, such heat. The tension in this room is enough to cook a lamb to be tender. Can we just eat in peace, Katherine, please let’s have some peace and this plea also applies to you too Elizabeth. Katie, stop harassing your sister and Lizzy, stop looking at your sister like that. It’s a very unladylike and might I add, rude way, of looking at anyone, especially someone older than you, and most definitely not a way to look at your sister”

“No problem mom, I wouldn’t pay her attention because I know deep down, she is extremely jealous of me. She is worried that I am more beautiful than she is so I’ll get married first”

“In your dreams.” I said and quickly glanced at my watch. “Oh my God I have to go now. Thanks mom, that was a very satisfying breakfast. Thanks dad, that was an interesting conversation. Calmstorm has an appointment with her Vet doctor in 40 minutes. I better go now. From there I’ll be heading to Charlotte’s place. After which we might go out. I also have to finish the preparation for Miss Bridgette’s wedding. Please do not wait up for me or make me dinner. I might not come home early or maybe not at all seeing as I have a lot of stops to make and a lot of things to take care of. I’ll be very busy so if you can’t get me on my cell, you can get across to me through my office or call Charlotte’s home or office and you can be sure that I’ll get the message. I’ll take my car so as not to make anybody immobile. Bye.” I stood up and went over to give everyone a kiss on the cheek except Lizzy.
Just another little thing to annoy her with this morning. I do love getting under her skin.

“I never envy you for a single second of your ‘very busy’ life, you are a workaholic” Lizzy said, with a note of sadness in her voice.

“Oh my Gosh!!! I can’t believe you just said that. You accurately described me. One could even argue that you just paid me a compliment. We might be sisters after all. See you all later. If I don’t make it home, I’ll let you know and I’ll crash at Charlotte’s place for the night. Calmstorm darling, let’s go girl. Bye.”

I rushed out, got into my car, waved at the security guard while driving out and got on with the day. It was going to be a very long day.
At this point, I had completely forgotten the uneasy feeling I had since I got out of bed that day. I don't know if I should classify that to be a good thing or a bad thing.
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