Diary of Choices

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The Beginning

Mum and dad went out immediately after breakfast, they were so secretive about where they were headed to but it didn’t bother anyone of us as we had plans to go to a party ourselves.

My room was spacious and airy, I especially loved the curtains drawn so as to allow the sun stream in. I was trying on different dresses obviously confused as to what to wear. I really hoped to get a second opinion on the dress I should wear, as I picked up another and decided to try it on. Alfred’s footsteps was heard coming towards my room. He knocked on my door

“Come in” I shouted.

“Hey Katie, can u do me a favour and hurry up with whatever you’ve been doing since morning. Out of sheer curiosity, what have you been doing?” he said as he entered “Why must you use all morning to shower and dress. I mean, what’s the big deal?"

I quickly fastened the zip of the gown and turned to look at him as his eyes went round the room and finally settled on me
“Okay, I’m ready. What do you think?”

I slowly turned around .Alfred’s eyes raked me from head to toe and his eyes were glued to me and as I stopped spinning our eyes met. I waited for him to say something but he didn’t say a word. In reality, he looked stunned, he looked at me from head to toe again. Naturally I am a very attractive lady, out of all of my siblings, I am the only one with a glowing yet darker skin tone, and the most adorable deep brown eyes. I also maintain my shoulder length black hair. I’m not on the slim side, however I wouldn’t consider myself to be one of the huge or big ladies. Yes I am quite different from the women in my family. I’m definitely curvy or should I say bootylicious.

Alfred helped with my wardrobe crisis, I finally decided on a simple, fitted, knee length, glittering black gown that showed off my beautiful shape, flattered my very attractive legs, and teased the eyes of onlookers with a little bit of cleavage. I accessorized with jungle red high heeled sandals and a matching red purse. I wore my favourite silver necklace with an oval emerald as a pendant and accompanied it with wonderful stud emerald earrings and wore my hair in a high bun to showcase the earrings better.

“I’m speechless; I don’t know what to say that would describe how you look” Alfred commented when I was done with my cosmetics and dressing

“So, is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I replied with a raised eyebrow and obvious uncertainty in my voice.I did not like to sound so unsure but this is Alfred we are talking about. If I couldn't be vulnerable with him, then who will I ever be vulnerable with.

“Yes, it’s a wonderful thing. If you weren’t my sister, I would have asked you out.”

I laughed at Alfred’s comment and soon after, Alfred joined me and laughed twice as hard as I did. He took my left hand, and like a proper gentleman led me out of the room, down the stairs.

At the foot of the stairs, I saw that Elizabeth, Daniel and Brian were so deep in conversation that they hardly noticed me and for the first time in my entire invisible existence, I felt infuriated that they didn’t notice me. Normally, people don’t notice me and it had never bothered me, I even loved to blend into the background. Which is what made this whole thing completely perplexing. Why exactly was I so bothered that I was not noticed. Why do I care to be noticed all of a sudden? It must have something to do with these two men. Their presence seemed to have an effect on me or maybe I was just overthinking things. It might be because I had not slept well in a long time. In that moment, all I could think about was that something was terribly wrong with me. I know and had always known that my sister was and had always been the main attraction of the Alexander household.

Even now, all attention was focused on Elizabeth. Both men wore serious expressions and were completely engrossed in whatever they were discussing with her. Knowing Elizabeth as much as I know my dearest sister, they were definitely talking about her royal majesty, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was laughing and holding both Brian and Daniel’s hand; greedy girl wouldn’t just pick one and put the other out of his misery quickly and that was always Elizabeth’s way. I leaned in to eavesdrop on whatever it was they were saying to confirm my conclusion

“Elizabeth, you really look like a damsel today. It feels like I am seeing you for the first time today and if it wouldn’t be a bother, I would most certainly love to behold this beauty every day”. Brian said apparently besotted by my sister’s feminine wiles.

“Thanks Brian, that is so sweet of you and sure you can see me every day, if that is what you would love” she giggled coyly, such a little minx

“A million thanks to you, my beautiful maiden. Are you insinuating that no one has complimented you on being such a beauty before?” Brian countered with another compliment, I got to give it to him, the man knew how to employ words

“Not to brag but a lot of people tell me that almost every hour of the day but no one has ever said it with such accent, such astonishing words and in such a captivating manner way”

“Then my gentle and sweet lady, I am highly honoured and privileged to be the first, may I place a gentle kiss on the back of this soft, delicate and beautiful hand”

“Of course you may, my dearest sir”

“My lady, I would greatly appreciate it if you refrained from calling me sir” Brain kissed her hands

“Anyway, Dan would you love to come to a party with me”

“Sure, I would love to, Lizzy” Daniel said and held her hand in his

I just shook my head and gave a knowing smile to Alfred who tried so hard to pretend like he wasn’t eavesdropping on the conversation between the trio as well. Elizabeth really knew how to put a man on a pedestal and bring him crashing down seconds later.

“Alfred, when you return from your party, we’ll go through the accounts. My secretary send over some documents for our review” Brian said sounding a little bit miffed.

“You mean when we come back”

“Now, I’m lost. Where are we going to?”

“We are going to a party, the host is also one of the key land owners in this town and he has an influence on some other key leaders. I was thinking that we could show up, introduce ourselves and try to convince him to sell the requested lands to us as against the initial agreement to lease them to us. I know how invested you are in this project so I thought you will love to have a chat with him personally. Besides, who is better at communication and negotiation than you”

“Well, that is very correct but your timing is a little bit odd, don’t you think, you are informing me at the very last minute. Where would I get a date?”

“Hey guys, when you are done convincing our defeated partner to come, you’ll meet both of us outside by the car.” Daniel said quite rudely and led Elizabeth out of the house toward Alfred’s car. The thing that shocked me the most about the whole encounter was that these were supposed to be new friends starting a business together and yet Daniel was taking japs at Brian like that. The more confusing thing was that Daniel did not seem to be speaking with an angry, mocking, mischievous or conceited tone. His tone could be classified to be a strange, matter-of-fact and crazy kind of cool indifference. It was fascinating and a bit scary. I feared for this new friendship between the trio

“About dates, I can arrange Charlotte for you just for the occasion.” After Alfred made that statement, all thoughts in my mind flew out the window and I immediately stood between Alfred and Brain and gave them a piece of my mind, I felt like hitting both their heads together in that very moment

“ALFRED HENRY ALEXANDER” I said with my voice raised. “How can you make such an absurd suggestion? In case you have forgotten, let me help to refresh your memory. Charlotte is my best friend and I would not have my brother matchmaking her with his friend. I wouldn’t stand and watch this happen, no way mister, I’m putting my foot down on this one. I’m shutting the whole operation down.”

“So, if I comprehend all that you are irked about and working up unnecessary sweat for. You are saying that you don’t want me to be your dearest friend’s date” I knew that Brian was teasing me but I was still too pissed to care.

“No, I do not. As long as she didn’t accept your invitation or ask you on a date herself”

“Are you certain?”

“Yes, I am.”

I was already beyond angry, I would not have my friend match made with anyone, not by my brother or anybody else and not with a pauper or millionaire or billionaire, and I most certainly wouldn’t stand for it. It did not matter how handsome a man he was or how cute his smile was or how his biceps and chest were so sexy in that shirt

“So, would you be my date then?”

“Yes. What!” Brian and Alfred erupted in laughter

“Good one” Alfred was laughing like a maniac

“What did you just say? What did I just say?”

“Well, let me recall; I asked you to be my date and you agreed. That’s what just occurred”

“No, I didn’t say yes”

“Now that is untrue because even Alfred can bear me witness. Right Alfred”

“Sorry sis but you just accepted a date from a handsome gentleman”

“Thank you very much for the support Alfred. My lady, shall we go now. Of course after you”

“Ok, fine. But don’t dare think of charming me”

“I wouldn’t even dream of it. Do you mind if I tell you something I just couldn’t restrain myself from saying ever since I really looked at you during your sister’s birthday party? You are always looking radiantly beautiful and your simplicity is enchanting. Can we go now, my lady?”

“Certainly, we can”

If I am being very honest with myself, I did like being charmed a little. It had been quite a while. I kept my hands on his elbow and followed him out as he left the house. I couldn’t stop myself from admiring him and stealing glances. For the first time, I could feel his strength, he had a kind of aura that captured attention and held your attention. His smile was a very lazy and sexy smile that can captivate a nun, especially when he curved his lips up his right cheek. When he put one of his hands on my back, I felt drawn to his masculine strength and authority. He looked like a guy who worked out a lot. He had excellently strong looking muscles. I could just melt in his arms, I was like butter exposed to hot flames. We all decided to go to the event in one vehicle, Alfred was driving, Lizzy, Daniel and Brian sat at the back seat while I sat in the front seat with my brother, Alfred. This was so we could discuss things that concerned, well everyone and everything. We were such gossips. Lizzy, as usual, gave her full attention to Daniel and Brian was busy making calls and ticking off names from a piece of paper in his hands, I had to stop myself countless of times during the short trip from stealing glances at Brian. I finally admitted that he was indeed a specimen of a man
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