Diary of Choices

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The Stage II

I waved to Lizzy and left her in the car. I went back into the house and met Brian dancing with Charlotte and others were already paired up.
I was a bit sad that I missed it so I just sat alone for a while and watched the dance. After a very short while, I got terribly bored. I remembered I brought a novel along with me and that was the perfect distraction.
I started reading. I knew it was a party and I really shouldn’t have been reading but this book was a part of a trilogy series. I had read the first two, I just couldn’t stop myself, I had to know how it ended.

I heard footsteps coming towards my direction but I was too engrossed in the story to care

“You have changed but yet still remain the same. For instance, I never remembered you to be so rude but you are still an ever changing mystery”

“What do you want?” I said without looking up, Andrew just liked to irritate me. He loved getting under my skin.

“I expected you to be a little bit more receptive but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering the way you greeted me after such a very long time”

“How am I expected to greet you? Am I supposed to give you a big hug or a kiss?”

“Now, that isn’t wouldn't have been a bad approach but if you greeted me like that I would have been suspicious that you had an ulterior motive. Baby, can we go somewhere to talk”

“No, I’m totally enjoying this book and I have no plans of leaving it. A piece of advice for your own sake, I would refrain from baby-ing me if I were you”

“Come on; shy Kat, what happened to you? What happened to us?”

“What happened? You left without saying goodbye, you left without saying anything for that matter and you waltz back and think I’ll welcome you with open hands? Sorry to disappoint you but think again because that would never happen”

“Would ‘I’m sorry’ help?”

“You know that it wouldn’t so don’t even try to say something that you don’t mean because I definitely don’t need your sorry”

“Yeah, I know that you don’t. I’m inviting Alfred over to breakfast with me tomorrow and I was wondering if you could come for dinner. The truth is we need to talk and don’t tell me that it is not necessary because you know as well as I do that we need to discuss things and we need to discuss them alone. Please come over for dinner, I’m cooking something special and I am sure that you’ll love it. Do you want to dance?” I thought about the dinner offer and then my mind wondered back to what Lizzy said. I really needed to talk to him, to ask him some questions, to get closure. No matter which way I looked at it, the conversation was very necessary. Despite how much he irritated me or pissed me off, he was right. We needed to have a serious, deep and honest conversation.

“No, thanks but I really want to go out and get some air”

“Should I take your silence as a yes?”

“But only for dinner. Please excuse me”

“Sure. Catch you later. Got to go dance but I’m glad that I saw you again”

He left me alone, I was so grateful for that but I couldn’t stop my eyes from straying towards Brian who was still enjoying himself dancing with Charlotte. My brother came to meet me and bent low to talk to me. Apparently, it was everyone’s joint agenda to stop me from finishing even a chapter of the book at that party.

“Hey, let’s get out of here. You know, let’s go anywhere. Have you seen Lizzy?”

“Yeah, we’ve settled our cat fight. She’s in the car. I think she said she wanted time to think but I think she is just hiding. If we go, you know that we might not come back here so what happens to Daniel and Brian? Do we just abandon them here?”

“I’m not that mean, okay. I’ve told Daniel that I want to have a little sibling time with my sisters and he agreed with me that we all need it. He called his personal assistant to help him bring his car to this address and he told me not to worry about Brian, he promised to personally take Brian home. Are you satisfied now? Can we go now?”

“I don’t see why not?”

I smiled and my sweet handsome brother returned my smile, Alfred and I had been close for as long as I can remember. We did everything together, we told each other everything, and we were basically inseparable. Sometimes we had our fallouts but we always found our way back to each other. We both disappeared to the car. In the parking lot, as a boost, we consumed two glasses of champagne each and escaped with an unopened bottle of white wine. We met Lizzy still looking at her legs and ‘thinking’. We entered the car and drove off laughing hard and playing a rock song. We were both crazily happy or would you say a little tipsy went to sit at the back sit of the jeep so I could have a conversation with her.

“Come on sis, you’re missing all the fun. It’s not cool just sitting in the back and looking so dull. Please, I miss all your teasing and youthful vibrancy, it is fun and you need to forget things that need to be forgotten and take life easy.”

“You know what?”

“No, you tell me.”

“You are the best big sister anyone can ever have”

“Thank God for that. Are you coming to join us to have a little bit of fun?”

“Sure. I can definitely think when we get home but why miss a perfectly good opportunity to have fun to the fullest when you can? Life is too short to waste it feeling unhappy, right?”

“Now, you’re getting the message. Come and join us, the boot is ‘very unladylike’” I said in my most stern Zoe Alexander voice

“‘girls have you forgotten your manners’ like as if she taught us any” we laughed so hard, our bellies started to hurt, Alfred joins in the laughter but he had to control himself as he was handling the steering wheel of the car. God help us if he lost control

After a while of driving, singing and drinking the alcohol we took from Andrew’s party, our next great idea hit me right in the face

“How about shopping? Lots and lots of shopping”

I suggested as we drove pass my favourite place which is the only mall in the whole city, we all agreed it was a good idea so Alfred parked the car at the mall’s parking lot. Being bullied by me for so long had made him get used to going shopping; he used to com
plain after a while but as usual it will fall on deaf ears. we got out of the car and entered the mall, since we were not drunk or smelling of alcohol, we could definitely think clearly and shop for real things but don’t let me speak for everyone, but I know Alfred like the back of my hands and we were both not drunk, I honestly cannot say the same about Lizzy, she seemed extremely happy, there was her normal chirpy self and there was this circus of joy, I went to the jeweller and bought a set of golden earrings, neck chain, pendant, bracelet, ankle chain and an exquisite ring but most importantly, I took a lot of dresses, some I really didn’t need, all fitted and perfect with purses and shoes to pair. Alfred bought some shirts, shorts, trousers and a lot of feminine dresses for Kyle, his sweet daughter, my niece and he bought a wrist watch and a chain, he also got a feminine bracelet and an ankle chain while Elizabeth bought a number of dresses although the dresses were not as much as mine (just felt I needed to state same), Lizzy also got purses, shoes, hair ruffles, lip stick and eye accessories to go with the dresses which she picked. We all got our bought items packed and taken to the car for us.

That wasn’t still the end of our siblings hang out, we decided to leave town so we went to a spa in a neighbouring city to have 2 hours of fun and relaxation; we had the mud baths, the facial scrubs, the massages and the sauna, after which we all felt refreshed and relaxed, as blueberries on pancakes. We went to the beach in the cool of the evening, to relax, drink a bit more, dance and just have fun out of town. We drove back into town pretty late, and crashed at Alfred’s house, we called our parents to let them know of our whereabouts so they don’t get worried, they were honestly surprised that we all spent the day together and no one is in the hospital, mother had to have a private chat with Lizzy, they seemed to talk for a whole lot longer than anticipated. After the elongated call, to commensurate the day, Alfred opened a bottle of vintage wine, then played some classic songs over his stereo.

We talked and danced for close to 3 hours or maybe even more, we weren’t so time conscious, we were just enjoying each other’s company. Before we could blink, it was a few minutes past two in the morning, we all agreed that the dance floor was closed for the night and it was time to call it a night. Alfred and I sat on the couch, my head on his right shoulder and a blanket over our legs while Elizabeth laid down on the settee and we voted on the movie to watch to help us all sleep. We agreed on the one Alfred and I picked, pride and prejudice, we were so tired that we didn’t even realise when we slept off. I was resting my head on my brother’s lap and Alfred resting his head on the back rest of the couch while Elizabeth had enough space for herself on the settee.

This was the perfect way to end the day. I was confident that we were all content. It was a memorable day. One none of us will forget in a hurry.
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