Torn Between Two

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Chapter 11

Jessica walked into the house and saw Ashley sitting on the couch with Alex.

“Hey you’re home early,” Ashley said.

“Yeah,” Jessica said.

“What happened?” Ashley asked.

“I ended things with Brian, his ex showed back up pregnant with his child and I didn’t want to be responsible of him not being there for his child and her,” Jessica said.

“Oh Jess,” Ashley said.

“I still have Nick though,” Jessica said.

“So you and Nick are official,” Alex said.

“Yeah, Alex, unless I shouldn’t be?” Jessica asked.

“Jess, of course you should, Nick cares about you a lot, he wants to be with you, he’s a great guy,” Alex said.

“Okay, good, I don’t know if I can handle losing him too,” Jessica said.

“You won’t, Jess, he is your guy, when he’s with a girl he wants, it’s only her for him, that’s you,” Alex said. Jessica smiled and went upstairs and laid on the bed and got out her phone and saw a text from Brian.

“I’m so sorry for everything, please say we can be friends, I want you in my life, Jess, I know we can’t be more than friends so can we be friends?” Brian texted. She laid there. She sent a text to Nick.

“Hey, Brian texted me and asked me if he and I could be friends, what should I do?” Jessica texted.

“If you want to be friends with him, it’s fine with me, I don’t want you two avoiding each other because you’re my girl, he’s still my best friend, you do work with him still, you will need to face him every day at work,” Nick texted.

“I know, it’s just going to be weird but I should just be friends, I just wanted your opinion since you are my guy,” Jessica texted.

“You will be fine, baby, I’ll come by after work, okay,” Nick texted.

“Okay,” Jessica texted. She sent a text back to Brian.

“Yes, we can be friends, that’s all we can be,” Jessica texted.

“Friends and co-workers, we need to get working on the project tomorrow, you’ll be in tomorrow, right?” Brian texted.

“Yes, I’m sorry for leaving work today, I just needed some space,” Jessica texted.

“It’s understandable, Jess, get some rest, we’ll be okay as friends and co-workers, I know Nick will take care of you,” Brian texted.

Jessica put her phone down and closed her eyes and went to sleep. She woke up to someone stroking her cheek. She opened her eyes and saw Nick sitting on the bed beside her smiling.

“Hey sleeping beauty,” Nick said.

“Hey, what time is it?” Jessica asked.

“It’s after five, I guess you got a good nap,” Nick said.

“Yeah, I guess,” Jessica said.

“So what did you decide about Brian?” Nick asked.

“Friends and co-workers,” Jessica said.

“Okay, want some dinner, I can order takeout,” Nick asked.

“Burgers and fries?” Jessica asked.

“You got it, baby,” Nick said. He called for takeout. He ordered some for Ashley, Alex, Kyle, and Melanie. They heard yelling downstairs. They went downstairs and saw Melanie standing there glaring at Kyle.

“I don’t understand it, Kyle, you are being so secretive, are you cheating?” Melanie asked.

“God no, I would never do that to you, Mel, I love you with everything in me, I couldn’t go on without you,” Kyle said.

“Kyle, I think you better do it now,” Alex said.

“Yeah, man,” Nick said.

“You guys know something?” Jessica asked.

“What is it,” Ashley said. Kyle got up and took a deep breath and sat Melanie down in the chair and got on one knee and got out a ring box from his pocket and opened it. She saw the ring and gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. She had tears in her eyes.

“Melanie, will you marry me?” Kyle asked.

“Yes!” Melanie said. He slid the ring on her finger and kissed her and picked her up and spun her around. Jessica wrapped her arms around Nick as he held her close.

“Oh my gosh!” Ashley said.

“This is why you’ve been secretive?!” Melanie said.

“Yes, I was nervous and trying to plan it perfect, I wanted to take you out to dinner and go for a walk and propose at our favorite spot,” Kyle said.

“Well, we can go out to dinner as an engaged couple, I’m sorry baby, I ruined your plans,” Melanie said.

“It’s okay, baby, I love you,” Kyle said. They went out the door. Jessica looked up at Nick.

“You guys knew,” Jessica said.

“We helped him pick the ring last week,” Nick said.

“You guys are great friends to him,” Ashley said.

“He is a great guy, and it would be good to triple date sometime,” Alex said.

“We should get that set up,” Nick said.

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