Torn Between Two

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Chapter 14

Nick came into the house and saw them sitting on the couch and came over and pulled Jessica up and hugged her.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

“Alex called, he found Brian, he was talking like he had no will to live,” Nick said.

“What,” Ashley said.

“Brian wanted to kill himself?” Jessica asked.

“He told Alex that he had no reason to live anymore, Alex told him he did, he had all his friends, Jess, he told Alex he hates me because I took you away from him,” Nick said.

“What, that’s crazy, I ended things because of Rachel, she was having his baby and I didn’t want to be in the way,” Jessica said.

“I know, and he knows that, he broke down crying and realized that he needed help, Alex took him to see someone about grief counseling,” Nick said.

“Okay, good, how long did he stay home when you got him there?” Jessica asked.

“Maybe an hour,” Nick said.

“He needs all of us,” Ashley said.

“Yeah, he does,” Nick said.

Three weeks later, Jessica was in her office working when there was a knock at the door. She looked up and saw Brian.

“Hey Brian, how are you?” Jessica asked.

“I’m doing a little better, I still am going to grief counseling and I’m in a group with other people grieving, I’m hanging in there,” Brian said.

“Good,” Jessica said.

“I’m sorry about what I said to Nick, about hating him for taking you away from me, I had no right to say that, he didn’t steal you away, you ended things because of Rachel and the baby and you didn’t want to be in the way of that,” Brian said.

“Yeah, I’m glad you realized that,” Jessica said.

“Jess, I still like you, I wish we could go back,” Brian said.

“I know you do, Brian, but I care about you as a friend, Nick and I have said I love yous to each other,” Jessica said.

“Oh, I see, I’m too late,” Brian said.

“I’m sorry, Brian, we can only be friends,” Jessica said.

“I wish things were different, maybe if Rachel hadn’t come back into my life, we would still be a happy threesome,” Brian said.

“Probably, who knows, but it happened and we have to move on,” Jessica said.

“Yeah, I better get to work,” Brian said. He went to his office. Jessica went back to work. Soon it was lunch time and she saw a text from Nick saying he was waiting for her out front. She headed out and got into the car.

“Hey handsome,” Jessica said.

“Hey baby,” Nick said kissing her cheek. They went to a small cafe and sat down and ate lunch. Nick paid and took her back to work. She kissed him.

“See you later?” Jessica asked.

“You bet, see you later, love you,” Nick said.

“Love you too,” Jessica said. She went to her office and sat down and went back to work. After work she went home. Melanie and Kyle were sitting at the table planning their wedding.

“Three weeks!” Melanie said smiling.

“Yep, almost done?” Jessica said.

“Almost, just finished the seating chart and got to get the flowers delivered and write our vows,” Melanie said.

“I got mine done,” Kyle said.

“Can I see them?” Jessica asked. Kyle handed them to her and she read them and smiled.

“Perfect,” Jessica said.

“What did it say?” Melanie asked.

“You will have to wait until the wedding, don’t worry, you will love them, don’t bother getting them out of me, I’ve already forgot what they said,” Jessica said.

“And if you try to get a look, I will have to redo them and that will take awhile to come up with something new,” Kyle said.

“Just wait until you are standing up at the altar,” Jessica said.

“Okay, you’re right, I can wait,” Melanie said. The front door opened and closed.

“Jessica!” Nick called. She came out of the kitchen.

“Hey, what’s up,” Jessica said.

“You tell me, Brian told me you guys are getting back together,” Nick said.

“What, I didn’t say that, he’s wrong, I told him I’m with you and I moved on, that I love you,” Jessica said.

“He’s saying something a whole lot different,” Nick said.

“He told me he still liked me and wished we could go back, I told him I cared about him as a friend but that’s how it’s going to be, that we can’t go back, that I’m with you and only you,” Jessica said.

“Do you still like him?” Nick asked.

“What does it matter, Nick, I’m with you, I love you, that’s where I want to be,” Jessica said.

“Answer the question, Jess,” Nick said.

“I like him as a friend, Nick, that’s all,” Jessica said.

“Jess, are you sure about that?” Nick asked.

“Why are you doubting me, I have never lied to you, or anyone, I have been completely honest!” Jessica said.

“I don’t know, I think we should take a break from all this, have some space, some time apart,” Nick said.

“Nick,” Jessica said.

“I got to go, Jess, I’m sorry,” Nick said. He went out the door. Melanie got up and hugged Jessica. Kyle stood with them.

“I’m going to bed,” Jessica said. She went upstairs and showered and laid down in bed and got out her phone and turned it off and closed her eyes.

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