Torn Between Two

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Chapter 15

Jessica woke up the next morning and turned on her phone and saw no messages and she got up and got dressed and went to work. She closed the door to her office and locked it and sat down and went to work. She heard someone knock at her door. She looked up and saw Brian standing there. She shook her head and went back to work. She skipped lunch and continued working. Brian tried again by knocking at her door. She ignored him. She finished up and walked out the door.

“Jess!” Brian called.

“Fuck off Brian!” Jessica said.

“Jess please!” Brian said.

“No, don’t bother, I never want to speak to you again, you and I are no longer friends, you are nothing to me, just stay away from me, you asshole!” Jessica said before going out the door and she drove home. She went inside and saw Ashley and Alex.

“Hey Jess, how was work?” Ashley said.

“Just dandy,” Jessica said.

“Brian?” Alex asked.

“I locked myself in my office and he tried to talk to me but I refused to open the door and when I left, I told him to fuck off, that I never wanted to speak to him again and that he was nothing to me, I told him we were no longer friends, called him an asshole and left,” Jessica said.

“Wow,” Ashley said.

“Yeah, he brought it on himself, he deserved that,” Alex said.

“How are you friends with him?” Jessica asked.

“I don’t know anymore, Nick’s been staying at his parents, he can’t be in the same house as him right now, I’ve been staying here so Brian has the house to himself,” Alex said.

“Good, he deserves to be lonely after what he did,” Jessica said.

“How are you holding up?” Ashley said.

“Just barely, just pushing myself to make it through the day, I’m going to get a bite to eat and go to bed,” Jessica said. She went into the kitchen and ate something and went up to bed.


Ashley and Alex left the house and went to Nick’s workplace and found Nick in his office.

“Hey man,” Alex said.

“Hey,” Nick said.

“How are you doing?” Ashley asked.

“I’m okay, I guess, just trying to make it through the day,” Nick said. Ashley sat down.

“That makes two of you,” Ashley said.

“What,” Nick said.

“Jess said the same thing,” Ashley said.

“Ash,” Nick said.

“She’s not doing good, Nick, after you left yesterday she went to bed and didn’t come out until this morning to leave for work, she came home and ate something and went straight to bed, she is barely hanging in there, she’s pushing herself through the day, she told us she went to work, locked herself in her office, dumbass knocked and she didn’t bother opening the door, he tried again and she ignored him,” Ashley said.

“He tried to talk to her when she left her office, she told him to fuck off, that she never wanted to speak to him again, that he was nothing to her, that they were no longer friends, to stay away from her and she called him an asshole,” Alex said.

“Really?” Nick asked.

“Nick, she loves you, Brian had his chance and he blew it when Rachel came back into the picture, she wants to be with you,” Ashley said.

“I don’t know how I can face her after leaving like that yesterday, believing his lies,” Nick said.

“She will forgive you, I know it,” Ashley said.

“I need to think,” Nick said.

“Okay, just don’t take too long, she needs you,” Ashley said. She and Alex left and went home. She checked on Jessica and found her asleep in her room. The doorbell rang. Alex opened it and saw Brian standing there.

“You need to leave, man,” Alex said.

“Please I just need to talk to her,” Brian said.

“Why, man, why did you tell Nick that you and Jess were getting back together when that didn’t happen, she never said that and you know it,” Alex said.

“I was wrong and I wanted to apologize for everything,” Brian said.

“It’s too late, man, you did your damage, Nick pulled away from her, said he needed space and time,” Alex said.

“How is she?” Brian asked.

“Pissed at you, upset and barely holding it together, you need to back off and leave her alone,” Alex said. Brian hung his head.

“I screwed up,” Brian said.

“Big time, you lost two friends because of it, maybe more if you don’t pull your head out of your ass,” Alex said.

“I get it,” Brian said. He left. Alex closed the door.

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