Torn Between Two

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Chapter 19

They woke up a few hours later and ordered dinner from room service and they ate when it came and went back to bed and made love again.

“I don’t think I will get enough of you, baby, I want you 24/7,” Nick said.

“You are addicted,” Jessica said.

“Only to you, baby,” Nick said. They got up and showered and went back to bed and made love one more time before going to sleep. They woke up the next day and got up and got dressed and went to the beach and Jessica laid on a blanket and watched Nick swim in the ocean. She saw a couple of girls watching him as well. She noticed a couple guys watching her. She pretended not to notice as she had dark sunglasses on and no one could see her eyes or what she was looking at. She watched Nick walk out of the ocean and she saw the girls start to get up and go towards him. He saw them coming to him and he shook his head and came to her and sat down on the blanket after drying off and kissed her softly.

“You have a fan club,” Jessica said. Nick smiled.

“I only have eyes for you, baby, you have your own fan club,” Nick said.

“I was too busy watching you,” Jessica said.

“Oh you were, huh, let’s go back to our room,” Nick said. They got up and grabbed their things and went back to the hotel and went to their suite and they removed each other’s clothing and got into the shower and he made love to her. They washed off and got out and dried off and he picked her up and carried her to the bed and laid her on the it and got on top of her and they made love again. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day, they packed up everything and headed home. He held her hand the whole way back to Atlanta. He pulled up in the driveway and they saw Brian’s car parked there. They looked at each other.

“He still has a key?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah,” Nick said. They got out and got their bags.

“Does he know I moved in?” Jessica asked.

“No,” Nick said. They walked in and found Brian sitting on the couch. He looked and saw them with their bags.

“Hey,” Brian said.

“Hey, what brings you by?” Nick asked.

“I wanted to talk to you both,” Brian said.

“I’ll take these upstairs,” Jessica said. She took her bags up along with his.

“Where were you guys?” Brian asked.

“We took a trip to Miami for the weekend,” Nick said.

“Oh, is she staying here with you?” Brian asked.

“No, she’s living here now, she and Alex switched houses, he moved there to be with Ashley and Jess moved in with me here, it only seemed fitting since Alex was always there and Jess was always here,” Nick said.

“I moved out of my parents and found me an apartment near work,” Brian said.

“How are you holding up?” Nick asked.

“I’m getting better every day, I wanted to talk to you about Jess and the things I said, I’m sorry for all that, man, I need to move on, I know you two belong together, we shouldn’t have agreed to share her, she should have been allowed to pick one of us instead of us making the choice for her,” Brian said.

“But we don’t know who she would have picked to begin with, the choice was hard for her,” Nick said.

“We should have gave her more time to decide, maybe the choice would have been easy if we gave her enough time to the point where Rachel came back and the choice would have been clear, she would have picked you if we let her have the time to decide,” Brian said. Nick sat down.

“So what do you want, man?” Nick asked.

“My friends back, all of you, I will do anything to get my friends back, I promise you that I will not be a threat to you and Jess, she’s yours, and I know she loves you and you love her and I will not do anything to come between you two again, I have a date tonight, with a girl I met at grief counseling, she lost her boyfriend in a car accident three years ago and she’s ready to move on and we got to talking and became friends and I asked her out,” Brian said.

“That’s great man, and about being friends, I forgive you, we are brothers, man,” Nick said. Brian nodded and they hugged.

“Awww,” Jessica said. They saw her smiling at them.

“Jess,” Brian said.

“I forgive you, too, Brian, just don’t cross the boundary of friendship,” Jessica said.

“I won’t, I promise,” Brian said. An hour later, he left and Nick locked up the house and saw Jessica gone and he went upstairs and found her sitting on the bed in lingerie. He growled and stripped off his clothes and came to her and removed the lingerie and crawled up on top of her and they made love off and on throughout the night.

The next morning, she woke up and saw him still asleep. She got up and went to the bathroom and showered and got ready for work. She came out and saw Nick sitting up in bed.

“Morning baby,” Nick said.

“Morning, you better get ready for work,” Jessica said.

“I know, baby, can I get a kiss?” Nick asked. She smiled and leaned down and kissed him softly.

“I gotta go, see you later!” Jessica said. She went out the door and went to work. She walked into her office and sat down and went through the paperwork on her desk. There was a knock at the door and she looked up and saw Brian.

“Hey Jess,” Brian said.

“Hey welcome back,” Jessica said.

“Thanks,” Brian said.

“Nothing has changed around here, so I hope it feels like you never left,” Jessica said.

“It really doesn’t feel that way, we never finished that project we were working on,” Brian said.

“I finished it while you were gone, boss has it now,” Jessica said.

“Oh okay, what did he think?” Brian asked.

“Haven’t heard anything yet, I turned it in Thursday before I left for the weekend,” Jessica said.

“Okay, and he was okay with you finishing it on your own?” Brian asked.

“Yeah, he understood,” Jessica said. Their boss came to the door and smiled.

“Good work you two, the project was a hit, I might have you two working on more projects together soon,” Charles said.

“Thank you,” Jessica said.

“Thank you, I’m sorry I didn’t finish it with her,” Brian said.

“It’s okay, Brian, I understood what you were going through, you needed the time off and you look like you are doing better,” Charles said.

“I am better, thank you,” Brian said.

“I will have a project for you guys soon,” Charles said.

“Okay,” Jessica said. He left the office.

“Do you think we could do a project together without any issues?” Brian asked.

“Do you think there would be issues?” Jessica asked.

“I was thinking of Nick and if he would have a problem with it,” Brian said.

“I’ll talk to him later about it,” Jessica said.

“All right, I better get back to work,” Brian said.

“Okay,” Jessica said. He left her office and went back to his. Her phone beeped and she looked and saw it was from Nick.

“Lunch baby?” Nick texted.

“Are we eating real food?” Jessica texted.

“Yes, baby, I can’t be away for long, we got a guy out sick so we are shorthanded,” Nick texted.

“Okay, pick me up?” Jessica texted.

“See you soon, I love you?” Nick texted.

“I love you too,” Jessica texted. She smiled and put her phone down and thought about the weekend they had in Miami and the times they spent in bed. She could still feel his lips on her skin. She thought about how many times they made love and how much he wanted her. She hoped he never stopped wanting her.

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