Torn Between Two

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Chapter 2

It was Monday morning and Jessica walked into work and went to her office and saw two vases of flowers on her desk. She looked at one card and it was from Nick. She looked and saw the other was from Brian.

“Morning,” Brian said.

“Morning, what’s this?” Jessica asked.

“Well, you want us to play fair so we both got you flowers as a way of saying thank you for agreeing to go on the dates with us,” Brian said.

“I thought I said it was to be professional here and no mention of the dates,” Jessica said.

“Sorry if you read the card, there isn’t, the real reason behind those could be anything,” Brian said.

“Well thank you both for the flowers,” Jessica said.

“You’re welcome, have a good day,” Brian said. She put the vases in certain spots of the office and sat down and got to work. Her boss came in and told her she would be working on a project for two weeks and she saw him at the doorway smiling as they listened to their boss. She nodded and the boss left her office.

“It was not my idea, I swear,” Brian said.

“I know,” Jessica said.

“I know you don’t want to talk about this at work but I have to say that if we don’t work out, we can still be friends and co-workers, I know this must be hard for you to choose between me and Nick but I just wanted you to know that we can be friends always,” Brian said.

“I hope so,” Jessica said.

“Let’s get started on this project and no more talk of the dates this weekend, let’s be professional about this,” Brian said.

“That’s what we need to do,” Jessica said. They went to work on the project.

“Wow, it’s past time to go home,” Jessica said.

“Yeah it is, we worked hard today,” Brian said.

“Hey guys,” Nick said.

“Hey man, I’ll get my stuff from my office,” Brian said.

“Hi Nick, what brings you by?” Jessica asked.

“Brian’s car is in the shop so I’m his ride until it’s fixed,” Nick said.

“Could you guys give me a lift home, would save me cab fare,” Jessica said.

“No problem, that way we can know where to pick you up this weekend,” Nick said.

“Okay let me get my stuff,” Jessica said. She got her stuff from her office and came back. Brian came out of his office.

“Hey man, we are giving her a lift to save her getting a cab,” Nick said.

“Okay,” Brian said.

“Thanks again for the flowers, they were pretty,” Jessica said.

“You’re welcome,” Nick said.

“Yep,” Brian said. They went down to Nick’s car and she got in the back and the guys got in and she told them the address and they headed to her place. Nick pulled up in front and Jessica got out.

“Thanks guys,” Jessica said.

“No problem,” Nick said.

“Do you need a ride in the morning?” Brian asked.

“No, Ashley or Melanie usually take me and they don’t work as long as I do and they both are taking college classes to get their master’s so they are at school now,” Jessica said.

“So you here alone?” Nick asked.

“I can take care of myself, Kyle just pulled up so I’m not alone,” Jessica said.

“Hey guys, Jess,” Kyle said.

“Hey man,” Brian said.

“Hey,” Nick said.

“How long before Mel gets home?” Jessica asked.

“She texted me as she was leaving so anytime now,” Kyle said.

“Okay see I’m fine, see you tomorrow Brian, see you Friday Nick,” Jessica said.

“Okay see ya,” Nick said.

“See you tomorrow,” Brian said. They drove off. Jessica walked with Kyle inside.

“You okay Jess?” Kyle asked.

“Things just got more difficult,” Jessica said.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“I have a date with Nick on Friday and one with Brian on Saturday and on top of that, my boss put me and Brian on a project together,” Jessica said.

“Oh boy and that means you will be working closely with Brian and if you don’t chose him, it will be awkward,” Kyle said.

“Yep,” Jessica said. Ashley and Melanie came in. Melanie gave Kyle a kiss.

“What’s going on?” Melanie asked.

“My boss put me and Brian on a project together,” Jessica said.

“Oh boy,” Ashley said.

“That will not be good after Saturday if you don’t pick him,” Melanie said.

“I told them both my rules and one of them was friendship,” Jessica said.

“Let’s hope they honor it, sorry to cut out but I have a date with Alex,” Ashley said.

“Could he be the one?” Jessica asked.

“I believe so, we really connected last night, we have loads in common,” Ashley said. She went to get ready. Jessica sat down on a stool and let out a frustrated groan.

“I hate this, why did I agree to two dates with two guys who are best friends and if I pick one, I break the other’s heart and probably hurt their friendship,” Jessica said.

“But didn’t you tell them that one rule was about friendship, that whoever you picked is to be happy for the other and remain friends?” Melanie asked.

“Yeah but who knows if they will honor it,” Jessica said.

“They have to, it’s a rule,” Melanie said.

“I could become friends with them and keep them from ending the friendship,” Kyle said.

“Do it baby,” Melanie said. Jessica gave him their numbers and he went to call them. Melanie hugged Jessica.

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