Torn Between Two

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Chapter 20

Jessica looked at the time and saw it was lunch time and her phone beeped and it was Nick saying he was waiting for her. She got her purse and went out and got into the car.

“Hey babe,” Jessica said. He smiled and leaned over and kissed her softly.

“Hey baby,” Nick said. They went to a small cafe and sat down and ordered food. They ate. He noticed her staring at her plate.

“Baby you okay?” Nick asked.

“There is something we need to talk about,” Jessica said.

“Okay, talk,” Nick said.

“Brian came to talk to me at the office, and our boss came in and said that the project that Brian and I had worked on was a hit and he said he might have more projects for me and Brian to work on,” Jessica said.

“Okay, and?” Nick asked.

“I wanted to talk to you about it to see if you had any issues about me working that close with Brian on projects,” Jessica said.

“Jess, if it is for work, I shouldn’t have any issues, Brian knows not to cross the line and if you feel uncomfortable then pull back from it, I trust you, baby, I know you love your job,” Nick said.

“I love you,” Jessica said.

“I love you too,” Nick said. They paid and he took her back to work and he pulled up and she smiled at him.

“See you at home,” Jessica said.

“Okay, baby, see you then,” Nick said. He kissed her and she got out and went into the building and went back to her office and sat down and went back to work. She was sitting there working when her phone beeped and she saw a message from Nick.

“Hey baby, I forgot to tell you that my parents want to meet you, would tonight be okay?” Nick texted.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Jessica texted.

“Okay, see you after work baby,” Nick texted.

“Love you,” Jessica texted.

“Love you more,” Nick texted. Jessica put her phone down and rubbed her temples.

“Jess?” Brian asked.

“Hey Brian,” Jessica said.

“What’s wrong?” Brian asked.

“Nick said his parents want to meet me tonight,” Jessica said.

“Oh, well, you will be fine, they will love you,” Brian said.

“Are they nice?” Jessica asked.

“They treat me like a son, and that was three weeks after me and Nick became best friends, even with my issues that I had, they had my back along with my parents, they are like parents to me, they will love you, okay, don’t worry or stress,” Brian said.

“I hope you’re right,” Jessica said.

“Jess, I wouldn’t lie to you, it will be okay, Nick loves you, his parents will love you, too, they want Nick to be happy and he is and that’s all they want for him, for someone to make him happy and he is the happiest they have ever seen him, I know this because when I came home from my parents, I stopped to visit with them, we talked about everything, I told them everything, how me and Nick both asked you out, that you couldn’t choose, so we both decided to share you, Rachel coming back pregnant, you ending things, losing her and the baby, the lie I told Nick, how he pushed you away, but got you back, that you two love each other, they know it all and they want to meet you, they will love you,” Brian said.

“If you are wrong, I’m kicking your ass,” Jessica said.

“And I will not stop you, I deserve it after all I’ve done,” Brian said. Jessica nodded. They went back to work. After work, Jessica walked out and went home and changed for the dinner with Nick’s parents. He came in and saw her and smiled. He pulled her close.

“You look amazing,” Nick said kissing her neck.

“Thank you, handsome, you should get ready,” Jessica said. He smiled and kissed her and changed and they headed out to his parents house. She got nervous. Nick took her hand in his.

“Baby, they will love you, they know everything,” Nick said.

“Brian told me that he told them everything,” Jessica said.

“They want to meet you because you are my girl and you make me happy and they want to get to know you, relax baby, nothing will keep me from leaving you, nothing and no one, you are stuck with me,” Nick said. Jessica took a deep breath as they pulled up to his parents house. They got out of the car and walked hand in hand up to the door and Nick knocked and they went in.

“We’re here!” Nick called. His parents came out of the kitchen.

“Hi honey,” his mother said hugging him.

“Hello son,” his father said as they hugged.

“Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend, Jessica, baby, my mom and dad, James and Bonnie,” Nick said.

“Nice to meet you both,” Jessica said holding out her hand. Bonnie shook her head and pulled her into a hug.

“Jessica, honey, it’s so nice to meet you,” Bonnie said.

“You are right son, she’s beautiful,” James said.

“I know she is, and she’s mine,” Nick said.

“I know son, I have my own beautiful woman right here,” James said kissing Bonnie’s cheek.

“You have a lovely home,” Jessica said.

“Thank you dear, you are certainly welcome to come by anytime, with and without my son,” Bonnie said.

“Ma!” Nick said.

“What, honey, you don’t think I want to get to know the woman who has my son’s heart, and could possibly be my future daughter-in-law and mother of my grandkids,” Bonnie said.

“Yeah, what she said,” Jessica said as she joined his mother on the couch and they began talking and getting to know each other. Nick stood there in shock.

“Son?” James asked.

“Mom is talking marriage and kids already,” Nick said.

“She is looking into the future, son, you did good here, you have a keeper, don’t let this one go,” James said.

“I don’t plan on it, I am so in love with her, Dad,” Nick said.

“When the time comes, I have your grandmother’s ring to give to you for her, your grandmother wanted you to have it to give to the girl you intend to marry,” James said.

“Can I have it now?” Nick asked.

“Nick, are you ready for it already?” James asked.

“Possibly, I love her, Dad, more than anything, I never want to let her go,” Nick said. James smiled and went to his study and came back with the box and Nick put it in his pocket. They go in and eat dinner and they went back and talked some more. They stay for another hour before they get ready to head home.

“Hey Mom, Dad, Friday night at the coffee shop, it’s open mic night, Jess sings there, come check it out,” Nick said.

“We will, honey,” Bonnie said hugging him. James hugged his son. They hugged Jessica before Nick takes her hand and leads her out the door. They went home and locked up the house and changed and went to bed.

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