Torn Between Two

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Chapter 23

Three weeks later, Nick hasn’t spoken to his parents and they have tried to contact him but he refuses to speak to them until they accept Jessica as his girl. Nick sat in his office at work going over applications to hire people to work there. They were short staffed and he advertised for jobs and got some applicants and the first interview was soon. There was a knock at the door. He looked up and saw a guy there.

“Hello,” he said.

“Jake Richards?” Nick asked.

“Yes, you the boss?” Jake said.

“One of them, have a seat,” Nick said.

“Thanks,” Jake said sitting down.

“I’m Nick, I’ve gone over your application here and it says you don’t have any previous jobs,” Nick said.

“Well, the truth is I can’t remember them, I was in an accident and I woke up after not knowing who I was, and I can’t remember anything from my past so I don’t know about any jobs, they couldn’t find any family for me and no one has come forward so I’m kind of on my own, I’m trying to start my life over,” Jake said.

“Okay, you are hired, we will get you trained, and this will be your fresh start,” Nick said.

“Thanks man, I appreciate it,” Jake said as they shook hands. They went over everything that needed to be done and he left. Nick got out his phone and sent a text to Jessica.

“Hey baby, I miss you,” Nick texted.

“I miss you too, babe, you okay?” Jessica texted. Nick looked up and saw his parents standing in the doorway of his office.

“I was until now, my parents are here,” Nick texted.

“Do you need me to come there?” Jessica texted.

“No, baby, I’ll be okay, I love you,” Nick texted.

“I love you too, see you at home,” Jessica texted.

“See you at home, and I want to see another sexy outfit,” Nick texted.

“Of course you do,” Jessica texted. Nick put his phone down and looked at his parents.

“What are you two doing here,” Nick said.

“Son, we really need to talk to you,” James said.

“If you can’t accept Jessica as a part of my life, we have nothing to talk about, I am not breaking up with her, I love her,” Nick said.

“We aren’t asking you to,” Bonnie said.

“You think she’s lying to me, she doesn’t know anything more than what she was told, she has been honest with me, we have come up with some theories of our own, maybe he’s not dead, maybe he’s out there somewhere and there was a case of mistaken identity and he’s got amnesia and living a life somewhere else, who knows, all she knows is that two officers came and told her that he died in a roadside bomb and she mourned him, there was a funeral and all that, that’s all she knows, okay,” Nick said.

“We realize that now, you are our son, we didn’t want you to get hurt, we talked more about it and we realized that she doesn’t know anymore than she’s been told,” Bonnie said.

“I did more checking, they did send two officers to her house to inform her about Jacob and there was a funeral and there is a grave with his name on it, but there is no record of him being killed in a roadside bomb, unless it was someone else and it is a case of mistaken identity, they are going to dig up his grave and run some tests on the body in the casket to see who the soldier really is,” James said. Nick looked at his father and then at his mother.

“Can they do that without her permission?” Nick asked. Jessica came running in crying. She saw his parents and she ran to Nick and threw her arms around him.

“Baby, what happened?” Nick asked.

“I got a call from the commander of the unit that Jacob was in, they are digging up his grave, to see if it’s him in there,” Jessica said.

“My dad just got done telling me,” Nick said.

“Jessica, we are sorry for what happened in your office, we know you don’t know more than what you were told,” James said.

“We accept you as a part of our son’s life and ours, we know you love our son,” Bonnie said.

“I do love him,” Jessica said as Nick sat down and pulled her in his lap. James’s phone rang. He left to answer it.

“Baby, what is it,” Nick said.

“They said they did it yesterday and put a rush on the results,” Jessica said. Nick kissed her forehead and held her to him. James came back in and looked at them.

“Jessica, it’s not him in the casket, it is someone who was in his unit, they are contacting his family now, they had labeled him MIA, now they will have closure,” James said.

“Oh god!” Jessica said.

“That means either Jacob is alive or he’s the one MIA,” Nick said. Jessica held onto him as she cried.

“Jessica, I hope one day you will accept our apology, we only wanted the best for our son and he’s got it with you, you are part of the family now, you have been since you walked into our home with him,” Bonnie said.

“I do, I know you love your son, but I couldn’t hurt him, it would break me,” Jessica said.

“Mom, Dad, Jessica lost her parents in a house fire when she was eight, she was adopted by Melanie’s parents,” Nick said.

“Jessica, call us Mom and Dad, okay, you are one of ours now,” Bonnie said.

“Okay, Mom, Dad,” Jessica said.

“Friday night is open mic night again?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, they decided to do it every Friday now,” Jessica said.

“You singing?” James asked.

“Of course,” Jessica said.

“I hired a new guy, he starts tomorrow, I might invite him to come listen,” Nick said.

“What’s his name?” Jessica asked.

“Jake Richards, he’s trying to start his life over again, he can’t remember his previous jobs because he was in an accident and lost his memory,” Nick said.

“What does he look like?” Jessica asked.

“Do you have a pic of Jacob?” Nick asked. Jessica got out her phone and showed it to him and Nick shook his head.

“Nope, not him,” Nick said.

“I will get in contact with my sources and see about what happened to your husband, so we can know the truth once and for all,” James said.

“Thanks Dad,” Jessica said. James and Bonnie left. Jessica snuggled against Nick as he held her close.

“I love you,” Jessica said.

“I love you too baby,” Nick said. There was a knock at the door. Nick looked up and saw Jake.

“Hi Jake, come in, this is my girlfriend, Jessica, baby this is Jake,” Nick said. Jessica looked at him and smiled.

“Hi, nice to meet you, thanks for applying to help him out, I know he’s been swamped here,” Jessica said.

“Thanks, nice to meet you too, I’m glad to have gotten the job, it’s not easy having to start over,” Jake said.

“I’m sure you will be fine, you got a great guy here to train you, he’s the best, I better get back to work, Brian’s holding down the fort so I better go before Charles has a fit,” Jessica said.

“See you at home, baby,” Nick said. Jessica kissed him and went out the door. Jake looked at Nick.

“Lucky guy, she’s nice,” Jake said.

“I know I’m lucky, and yes she is, she’s been through a lot, lost her parents when she was eight and lost her husband three years ago,” Nick said.

“Oh man, that bites, how did her husband die?” Jake asked.

“Well, that is another story, they told her he died in a roadside bomb while he was deployed in the military, but someone else is buried in his casket so we don’t know if he’s still alive or just MIA,” Nick said.

“Is there anything fun to do in the city?” Jake asked.

“There are plenty of things to do, if you aren’t busy Friday night, there is a coffee shop down the street that has open mic night, Jessica sings there, she writes songs and sings them there, one of her songs is sung by Carrie Underwood, the country singer,” Nick said.

“Friday night, I’ll come listen,” Jake said.

“Okay, man, see you tomorrow bright and early,” Nick said.

“Bye and thanks again for hiring me,” Jake said.

“Just come in ready to work,” Nick said.

An hour later, Nick went home and found Jessica sitting on the couch in one of her lingerie. He locked up the house and came over and picked her up and carried her upstairs where he removed it and his clothes and he made love to her off and on throughout the night. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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