Torn Between Two

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Chapter 26

Three weeks later, Jessica and Jake signed the divorce papers and filed them and they said it would take six months for the divorce to be final. Nick was at work. Jake came in.

“Hey man,” Jake said.

“Hey, what’s up?” Nick asked.

“I just now listened to the song that Jessica wrote, the one that Carrie Underwood sings now, I have to say that song is amazing, Jess wrote that?” Jake said.

“Yes she did, most of the songs she sang were written by her,” Nick said. His phone beeped.

“Hello,” Nick said.

“Nick get to the hospital now, it’s Jessica, she was hit by a car!” Ashley said.

“Oh god no, I’m on the way,” Nick said. He hung up.

“What is it?” Jake asked.

“It’s Jess, she was hit by a car,” Nick said

“I’ll drive,” Jake said. They went out the door and went to the hospital and found Ashley, Alex, Melanie, Kyle, and Brian there.

“What happened?” Nick asked.

“She was coming back from lunch, crossing the street, the car hit her, the driver was having a seizure,” Brian said.

“How bad?” Nick asked.

“They are working on her right now,” Alex said. Nick walked up to the nurses station.

“May I help you sir?” the nurse asked.

“I need info on a patient?” Nick said.

“Name?” the nurse asked.

“Jessica Parker,” Nick said.

“Are you family?” the nurse asked.

“I’m her fiancé,” Nick said.

“Are you her only family?” the nurse asked.

“No, the group over there, we are all family, one is her soon to be ex husband, one of the girls is her adopted sister, can you tell me anything about her condition?” Nick asked.

“They are working on her now, finding out what is all wrong and the doctor will be out soon,” the nurse said. Nick sighed and nodded and came back over.

“Well?” Ashley asked.

“They are working on her, trying to find all that is wrong and the doctor will be out shortly,” Nick said.

“That’s all they would tell you?” Melanie asked.

“They asked if I was family, I said yes, I’m her fiancé, you guys are family, one is her soon-to-be ex-husband, I told her you were her adopted sister, Melanie,” Nick said.

“That is the truth,” Melanie said.

“Jessica Parker family?” a doctor said. Nick walked up to the doctor with everyone behind him.

“Yes,” Nick said.

“Are you her husband?” the doctor asked.

“I’m her fiancé,” Nick said. Jake stood beside him.

“I’m her husband, well soon to be ex husband, but he is going to be her husband after the divorce is final, you tell him anything,” Jake said.

“Very well, your fiancée suffered serious injuries from getting hit by the car, both of her legs are broken and her left arm, she is in a coma, there is significant swelling in her brain, she might have injuries to her spinal cord, there is swelling there as well, we won’t know the extent of that until she wakes up which we have no way of knowing when or if she’ll wake up,” the doctor said.

“Doc, are you saying she could be in the coma indefinitely?” Nick asked.

“I’m saying that is a possibility, yes, but we won’t know for sure until the swelling goes down in her brain, and I am assuming you have been intimate with her?” the doctor asked.

“Yes, we are engaged,” Nick said.

“I just assumed with her husband here,” the doctor said.

“Look, Doc, here is the story, I was in the military, there was a roadside bomb, it went off, I got thrown and knocked out and lost my memory for three years, they told her I was dead, I only came back into her life three and a half weeks ago, I got my memory back, by that time she was already engaged to him, she had moved on with her life so we agreed to divorce so they can be together, okay, I’m her past, he is her present and future,” Jake said.

“Doc?” Nick asked.

“Okay then, I’m sorry to say that she was pregnant, she was four weeks along, the baby didn’t make it,” the doctor said. Nick sank down onto a chair. Brian and Alex moved to him and sat with him.

“Can he go be with her?” Jake asked.

“We are getting her settled into one of the ICU rooms, we will have a nurse come for him when they are done,” the doctor said.

“Thank you,” Jake said. Nick held his head in his hands as tears ran down his cheeks.

“Oh god!” Nick said as he broke down crying. Brian and Alex hugged him. Kyle hugged Melanie and Ashley as they sobbed.

“Nick, I’ll call your parents,” Brian said. Nick nodded.

“You can go be with her now, sir,” a nurse said. Nick wiped his face and went back with her and walked into the room and her lying there. He went to her bedside and pulled a chair up and sat down and took her right hand in his hands.

“I’m here, baby, I’m not going anywhere, come back to me, fight baby,” Nick said.

“Sir, we took this off, it didn’t get damaged from the looks of it, I thought you would want to keep it safe,” the nurse said handing him her engagement ring. He smiled.

“Thanks, it was my grandmother’s,” Nick said. The nurse left the room. Nick put the ring on her right hand for the time being. He kissed her hand.

“Baby you have to wake up, fight your way back to me, I need you, I can’t live without you,” Nick said. He sat there watching her. He swore he wasn’t leaving until she was released from the hospital.

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