Torn Between Two

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Chapter 27

Three months later, Jessica was still in a coma. Nick hasn’t left her side. Jake has been covering for him at work. Brian and Alex have been bringing him clothes and food. He refuses to leave her. His parents have come by to visit along with everyone else. Her legs and arm have healed and the swelling in her brain has gone down. He sat there watching her. He had put her ring back on her left hand. She started stirring. He pushed the button for the nurse who came in and saw her and called for the doctor who came in and checked her. Nick stood back.

“She’s waking up, Jessica, can you open your eyes?” the doctor asked. Jessica’s eyes opened and she looked and saw the doctor.

“Where am I?” Jessica asked.

“You are in the hospital, you were hit by a car and you’ve been in a coma,” the doctor said.

“Hit by a car, where I was going?” Jessica asked.

“You were at lunch and you were crossing the street heading back to work,” the doctor said.

“Work, I don’t have a job, my husband is in the military, he said I didn’t need to work, have you called him, is he still deployed?” Jessica asked. Nick’s heart sank and he slipped out of the room just as Brian, Alex, and Ashley came down the hall.

“Nick?” Ashley said. He looked up at them with tears in his eyes. Brian hugged him.

“What happened?” Brian asked.

“She’s awake, she woke up, but she’s looking for Jacob, she has amnesia,” Nick said crying. He broke down in Brian’s arms. Ashley covered her mouth and Alex hugged her.

“Oh god Nick, man,” Brian said.

“The doctor told her what happened, she said she didn’t have a job, that her husband was in the military and she didn’t have to work, she was asking if he was still deployed, I knew she wouldn’t remember me, I slipped out of the room,” Nick said.

“She’ll know me,” Ashley said. She went in. Nick leaned against the wall.

“Oh god, this can’t be happening, the woman I love is gone, she won’t know me,” Nick said.

“It will come back to her, man, sometimes when something like this happens, the memories come flooding back,” Brian said.

“Don’t give up hope, man, don’t give up on the woman you love,” Alex said. Nick sighed.

“I don’t want to, but she won’t know who I am, I can’t go in there because all I want to do is take her in my arms and never let go, I don’t know if I can do that, I don’t want to confuse her or anything, I need to go,” Nick said.

“Nick, don’t, just come in and I’ll introduce you as a friend, and you can leave, you should see her,” Alex said. He nodded and they went in. Jessica looked at them.

“Hello, who are you guys?” Jessica said. Nick felt his heart break but he did his best not to show it.

“Hi there, I’m Alex, I just started dating Ashley, and this is my best friends, Nick and Brian, we were with Ashley when they called to tell her you were here, we came with her to be here for her, to show our support and we wanted to meet you,” Alex said.

“Nice to meet you guys, thanks for being here for Ashley, and I hope you are treating her good, Alex,” Jessica said.

“I am, I’m falling for her more and more every day,” Alex said.

The door opened and Jake came in. Jessica saw him and got confused.

“Is this another friend?” Jessica asked.

“This is Jake,” Nick said.

“Hi Jessica,” Jake said.

“I know that voice,” Jessica said.

“I know he looks different but Jake is Jacob,” Nick said.

“Oh god, Jacob!” Jessica said reaching for him. Jake looked at Nick who nodded. Jake went to her bedside and sat down and she hugged him.

“I can’t believe it’s you, what happened, why do you look different?” Jessica asked.

“It’s a long story, Jess, but it’s me,” Jake said. Nick slowly walked out the door and leaned against the wall and slid down against it. Brian came out and sat with him.

“I know you are hurting right now, man,” Brian said.

“More like my heart is breaking,” Nick said.

“Her memory will come back, I know it,” Brian said.

“Who knows when that will happen,” Nick said.

“Sometimes not long,” Brian said. Nick got up and Brian stood up with him.

“I can’t go back in so can you see if Ash or Alex can get my stuff, I need to get out of here,” Nick said.

“Nick,” Brian said.

“I can’t stay any longer, I can’t go back in there,” Nick said. The door opened and Alex came out.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked.

“He’s leaving, he can’t go back in there,” Brian said.

“Jake told her everything,” Alex said.

“What?” Brian said.

“He told her everything that she was missing from her memory, that they are divorcing and she’s engaged to Nick, she knew she was missing something so he told her all she was missing, she wants to see you, Nick,” Alex said. Nick nodded and went back in and walked to her bedside and she grabbed his hand.

“Jacob told me you are my fiancé,” Jessica said.

“Yeah, you are wearing my grandmother’s ring,” Nick said. She looked at her hand and saw it.

“It’s beautiful,” Jessica said.

“Just like you are,” Nick said.

“So how did we meet?” Jessica asked.

“We met at a coffee shop, while we were waiting in line for coffee, I saw you and I had to talk to you, I asked you out on a date right there,” Nick said.

“How long have we been together?” Jessica asked.

“Four and a half months when we got engaged, seven and a half months total, you were in a coma for three months,” Nick said.

“And we are engaged already?” Jessica said.

“I know it seems a little early, but I knew in my heart that I wanted forever with you, I know you aren’t feeling that way right now, but hopefully you will sometime, I don’t want to force your feelings or anything,” Nick said.

“I want to work on this, I have this feeling that we have a strong connection, that we are meant to be, I want to try it,” Jessica said.

“I will be patient, okay, we will go at your pace,” Nick said.

“Jacob, are you sticking around?” Jessica asked.

“I actually work for Nick, so I’ll be in town,” Jake said.

“All right, let me know when the divorce is final,” Jessica said.

“I believe next month,” Jake said.

“Okay, let me know for sure,” Jessica said.

“What’s the hurry?” Nick asked.

“We have a wedding to plan,” Jessica said.

“Jess, we don’t have to be in a hurry to get married, you need to recover and work on your memory,” Nick said.

“I know, but something inside me is telling me that we should get married soon,” Jessica said.

“I’m not going to stop you from marrying him, Jess, if that’s what you are worried about, no one here is lying to you, everyone is being honest, you have time to plan your wedding to Nick how you would want it, even though you can’t remember, you will plan the wedding you want and it will be better than ours was,” Jake said.

“Okay, Nick, let’s plan for three months from now, that should give me time to recover from what happened to me, hopefully I will have my memory back, I could easily just fall for you all over again,” Jessica said. They all smiled and Nick sat down and took her hand in his.

“I will be there with you every step of the way,” Nick said.

“I hope you will be,” Jessica said. Everyone left the room leaving them alone. Jessica held his hand.

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