Torn Between Two

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Chapter 28

The next day, Jessica was sitting up in the bed. The doctor was there running some tests on her legs to see if she could feel them.

“I can feel my legs, doc, so I just need to get up to start walking around to get my mobility back so I can walk down the aisle to this handsome man sitting here with me when the big day comes,” Jessica said. Nick smiled as he sat on the bed beside her. She leaned against him.

“Well, since both legs were broken and healed, we will have to take it slow, a little physical therapy might do it,” the doctor said.

“Whatever it takes,” Jessica said.

“Let’s get to work on getting you back on your feet,” the doctor said. The doctor got her unhooked from the machines and she sat on the side of the bed. Nick got her a robe and helped her stand up on her feet. She felt weak but Nick kept her steady.

“My legs feel like jelly,” Jessica said.

“They will, they healed up nice and you have been off of them since before you got hit by the car,” the doctor said.

“Let’s do this,” Jessica said. They slowly went for a walk after she put the robe on and they walked around the floor.

“How are you feeling?” Nick asked.

“I’m feeling okay, glad to be walking, I’m started to get the feeling back,” Jessica said.

“You look like you are walking normal,” Nick said.

“I don’t feel any pain,” Jessica said.

“Let’s get back to the room and talk with the doc,” Nick said. They went back to the room where the doctor was waiting.

“So, Jessica, how do you feel?” the doctor asked.

“I feel like I’m ready to go home,” Jessica said.

“No mishaps while walking?” the doctor asked.

“Nope, she did good, like normal,” Nick said.

“Okay, then I will get the discharge papers ready,” the doctor said. He left the room and Karly got on the bed. Nick sat down.

“I can’t wait to go home,” Karly said.

“Which home?” Nick asked.

“Oh, we live together don’t we?” Jessica asked.

“Yes,” Nick said.

“Okay, we go home and I will want to take a shower,” Jessica said. Nick smiled as the doctor came in and she signed the papers and he went over what she needs to do.

“Thanks doc,” Nick said.

“Thank you, doc,” Jessica said.

“Take care and get lots of rest,” the doctor said. He left the room. She slowly changed clothes and they wheeled her out to the car and Nick helped her in and he drove them home.

“Nick?” Jessica asked.

“Yes?” Nick asked.

“How far have we gone?” Jessica asked.

“What do you mean?” Nick asked.

“Have we gone all the way?” Jessica asked.

“You mean have we made love, yes we have,” Nick said.

“So you have seen me naked,” Jessica said.

“Yes I have, we are engaged,” Nick said.

“I just didn’t know if we were waiting until marriage to take that step,” Jessica said.

“No we weren’t,” Nick said.

“So when we get home, I guess you will have to shower with me so I won’t fall,” Jessica said.

“Or you could take a bath and soak in the water,” Nick said.

“As long as you are there with me,” Jessica said.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere else,” Nick said. They arrived at the house and Nick helped her in. He locked up and helped her up the stairs to the bedroom.

“I’ll get the bath ready,” Nick said.

“Okay,” Jessica said. Nick walked into the bathroom and started the bath and he came out and helped her out of her clothes and he smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

“Join me?” Jessica asked. He removed his clothes and she looked at him and he led her into the bathroom and he checked the tub and got in and sat down. He helped her in and helped her sit down and she moved back and laid against him and he wrapped his arms around her.

“This feels nice,” Jessica said.

“Feels good,” Nick said.

“I feel so content in your arms,” Jessica said.

“I like having you in my arms,” Nick said.

“I hope my memories come back soon, even if they don’t, I’m starting to fall for you, I feel safe and loved in your arms,” Jessica said.

“I would never let anything happen to you,” Nick said. He got her washed and they sat there relaxed in each other’s arms.

“Let’s get out of here and get you comfortable in bed,” Nick said. He helped her stand up and he got up and got out and lifted her out and he grabbed towels and dried her off and wrapped it around her and he dried off and wrapped it around him and they went out and he helped her get dressed and he put a pair of boxers on and they got settled into bed and he held her close as she went to sleep. He sent a quick text to everyone telling them that Jessica was home and to let her rest before coming to see her.

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