Torn Between Two

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Chapter 29

Three weeks later, Nick was at work in his office when his phone rang. He picked it up.

“Hello?” Nick said.

“Nick, man, get over here, Jess needs you!” Brian said.

“What happened?” Nick asked.

“I don’t know, she grabbed her head and held it and started crying and wanted you,” Brian said.

“I’m on my way!” Nick said. He ran out the door and got into his car and went to where they worked and ran in and ran to Jessica’s office and saw her sitting at her desk. Brian was kneeling in front of her. He moved and Nick knelt in front of her.

“Jess?” Nick asked. She moved her hands and saw him and dove into his arms and buried her face in his neck.

“I remember everything!” Jessica said. Nick held her tighter and looked at Brian who was smiling. He left the office and Nick pulled back and cupped her face in his hands.

“You remember everything?” Nick asked.

“Yes, I was coming back from lunch and felt something hit me and everything went black and then everything was fuzzy after that, thank you for not giving up on me,” Jessica said.

“I never would give up on you, baby,” Nick said.

“Oh god, Nick, I found out that I was pregnant, I lost it didn’t I,” Jessica said.

“Yes, baby,” Nick said. She hugged him and he held her close.

“I’m so sorry!” Jessica said crying.

“It’s okay, baby, the doc said you could have more children, it’s not the end of the world, you are back to normal, we can plan our wedding,” Nick said. She smiled and kissed him softly. The kiss deepened as he held her close. He rested his forehead against hers.

“I love you,” Jessica said.

“I love you too, baby,” Nick said

“I should let you get back to work, you brought me to work, right?” Jessica asked.

“Yes, baby, I’ll pick you up at five,” Nick said. She smiled and kissed him and he left and went back to work. He sat down and did some paperwork.

“Hey man,” Jake said coming in.

“Hey,” Nick said.

“How’s Jess?” Jake asked.

“She’s fine, she’s back to normal, I just came from there, she was having headaches, but it was her memory coming back,” Nick said.

“That’s great,” Jake said.

“Yeah, she knew about her pregnancy, I guess she found out before she got hit by the car,” Nick said.

“So everything is back to normal,” Jake said.

“Yep,” Nick said.

“I got a call from the lawyer, the divorce is final, she’s free to marry you,” Jake said.

“Thanks man, I’ll tell her,” Nick said.

“Okay, I better get back to work,” Jake said.

“Thanks again for covering for me while I was gone,” Nick said. Jake nodded and left the office. Nick worked until close to five and he and everyone left the building and he locked up and he went to pick up Jessica. She got in and kissed him and they went home. They got home and went in and he closed the door and locked it and turned and she threw herself in his arms and kissed him deeply. He held her close.

“Mmm, baby,” Nick said.

“I need you,” Jessica said. He lifted her up and carried her upstairs to their bedroom and removed their clothes and laid on the bed with her and they kissed deeply. They made love off and on throughout the night. They laid there after the fifth time.

“Um, am I on the pill?” Jessica asked.

“You were, I don’t know if you still are, where would you keep them?” Nick asked.

“In the bathroom in the medicine cabinet,” Jessica said. Nick got up and went into the bathroom and checked and he came out.

“Baby, I don’t see any,” Nick said.

“And we didn’t use condoms either,” Jessica said.

“You were on the pill before and got pregnant,” Nick said.

“Oh well, whatever happens, happens, we are getting married, I want a family with you, I want everything with you,” Jessica said.

“I want that too, baby, I love you so much,” Nick said. They kissed and made love again before finally falling asleep in each other’s arms. They woke up the next morning and got up and got ready for work and they left and he pulled up in front of her building and she kissed him.

“Lunch?” Jessica asked.

“I’ll bring Chinese and we can eat in your office,” Nick said.

“Sounds good, love you,” Jessica said.

“Love you baby,” Nick said. He kissed her and she got out and went in and he drove off to work. She went to her office and sat down and got to work on some paperwork. Brian came in and sat down and smiled.

“Jess,” Brian said.

“Hey what’s up,” Jessica said.

“I had an idea, well me and Melanie had an idea, a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, at the coffee shop, tonight, we have it all set up, open mic night, the girls said they will sing a couple songs with you, me and Alex will sing with Nick, I just got off the phone with Nick, he’s for it and I told him I would talk to you,” Brian said.

“Okay that’s fine,” Jessica said.

“Okay then, I’ll be back with the next project that Charles wants us to work on,” Brian said.

“I’m sorry you had to finish the last one by yourself,” Jessica said.

“It’s okay, I owed you for the one you had to finish by yourself,” Brian said.

“Oh how are things with Tracy?” Jessica asked.

“Going great, we are official, I think I’m falling in love with her, she’ll be there tonight, if that’s okay,” Brian said.

“Of course, I want to get to know her,” Jessica said.

“Okay, be right back,” Brian said. He left the office and came back and they sat down and went to work on the project.

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