Torn Between Two

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Chapter 3

The next day, Jessica went to work and sat down in her office and got settled in. There was a knock at the door and she looked up and saw Brian there.

“Morning,” Brian said.

“Morning,” Jessica said.

“How are you this morning?” Brian asked.

“Good how about you?” Jessica asked.

“Good, shall we get to work on the project?” Brian asked.

“Yeah but first there is something we need to talk about,” Jessica said.

“What’s up?” Brian asked.

“Call Nick and put him on speaker so I can talk to both of you,” Jessica said. He came in and sat down and called Nick. He put it on speaker.

“What’s up, B, forget something?” Nick asked.

“I’m here in Jessica’s office with her, she wanted to talk to us about something,” Brian said.

“Hey Jessica,” Nick said.

“Hey this is the only time I’ll speak about the dates this weekend so listen carefully, if you guys haven’t plan the dates, don’t’ make them the same, have the dates be whatever you want them to be, just the typical first date, dinner, move or a walk, end with a simple kiss, nothing further than a simple kiss,” Jessica said.

“Got it,” Nick said.

“Got it,” Brian said.

“Okay then, have a good day, Nick,” Jessica said.

“You too,” Nick said.

“See ya later bud,” Brian said. He hung up the phone and they went to work on the project. They both were interior designers for the top design company in the city of Atlanta. They worked all day. They called it a day around five o’clock and left the office. Nick arrived to pick up Brian and once again they took her home. She thanked them and went into the house and took a shower and ate some dinner and sat down in the recliner in her room and was reading a book when Melanie came in.

“Hey Jess, I’m going out with Kyle and probably staying the night so I won’t be home to take you to work,” Melanie said.

“Okay I’ll figure something out,” Jessica said.

“Okay Ashley said she’s going with Alex so you have the house to yourself,” Melanie said.

“Be careful and have fun,” Jessica said. Melanie hugged her and left. Jessica got out her phone and called Brian.

“Jess what’s up?” Brian asked.

“Hey um would it be possible if you guys could take me to work tomorrow, Melanie will be with her boyfriend and Ashley will be with Alex so I won’t have a way to work in the morning,” Jessica said.

“Yep, I’ll text you when we are there,” Brian said.

“Thank you see you then,” Jessica said.

“Bye Jess,” Brian said. She hung up and went back to reading. She read for an hour before locking up the house and went to bed. A few days later, it was Friday and she was getting ready for her date with Nick. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Melanie came in with Ashley.

“Perfect,” Melanie said.

“Yep perfect,” Ashley said.

“They said casual,” Jessica said. There was a knock at the door. Jessica opened the door and Nick stood there.

“You look beautiful,” Nick said.

“Thanks you look great,” Jessica said.

“Thanks ready?” Nick asked.

“Yep,” Jessica said. They left and went to eat at a restaurant and both ordered steak dishes.

“Jess, I want to say thank you for going out with me tonight, I know this might be a hard choice for you,” Nick said.

“Yes it will,” Nick said.

“But we both promise to support your choice,” Nick said.

“Good,” Jessica said.

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