Torn Between Two

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Chapter 4

Their food came and they ate and talked about their lives and families. After they were done and Nick paid the bill. They went to the movies and then for a walk to talk more. Nick took her home and walked her up to the door.

“I had a good time tonight,” Jessica said.

“Me too,” Nick said. He took her hands in his and leaned in and their lips met. They kissed softly. They pulled back and smiled.

“Goodnight,” Jessica said.

“Goodnight,” Nick said. She went into the house and closed the door and leaned against it and touched her lips and smiled. She saw Ashley and Melanie standing there.

“Well?” Ashley asked.

“It was amazing,” Jessica said. She told them everything about the date.

“Now you have to go with Brian and then decide who you want to continue dating,” Melanie said.

“I know, I think it’s going to be hard,” Jessica said. They hugged her and they locked up and went to their rooms and went to bed. The next evening she got ready for her date with Brian. She came downstairs. Ashley, Alex, Melanie, and Kyle were in the living room.

“You look great, Jess!” Ashley said.

“Yep!” Alex said.

“You really do,” Melanie said.

“Yep!” Kyle said.

“Thanks,” Jessica said. There was a knock at the door. Jessica opened and saw Brian standing there smiling.

“You look amazing,” Brian said.

“Thanks, so do you,” Jessica said.

“Thank you, shall we?” Brian said. They got into the car and went to a restaurant and sat down and ordered and talked about life and their families. Brian told her stories about his childhood and she did the same. Their food came and they ate and then they had dessert and he paid the bill and they headed out and they went for a walk through Atlanta Botanical Garden. Then they went to a show at Fox Theatre. After the show was over, Brian took her home.

“I had an great night,” Jessica said.

“Me, too,” Brian said. He leaned in and they kissed softly. He pulled back and smiled. She smiled.

“I’ll see you Monday,” Jessica said.

“See you Monday, goodnight, Jess,” Brian said.

“Goodnight,” Jessica said. She squeezed his hands and went in and closed the door and leaned against it. She saw Ashley, Alex, Melanie, and Kyle standing there.

“Well?” Melanie asked.

“Amazing as well,” Jessica said.

“Uh-oh,” Ashley said.

“Yep,” Alex said.

“Tough decision,” Melanie said.

“Sounds like it,” Kyle said.

“Goodnight guys,” Jessica said. She went upstairs and took a shower and laid in bed and stared at the ceiling. How was she going to make the choice between them. They were both amazing and she felt sparks in both kisses. She could see herself with both of them. She closed her eyes and went to sleep. The next day, she sat in her room reading and thinking. She looked over at her bookcase and saw the item she cherished most and remembered why she received it. No one but Ashley and Melanie knew the truth. She finally got past the heartbreak and ready to move on with her life. She decided to do something and sat down and wrote a song to sing. She was always told that she could become a professional singer but she decided to pursue a career in interior design. She finished it and left the house and met up with a music producer she knew and told him about her song and showed it to him and he helped her come up with the music for the song and how it should be sung and they hugged and she found out the coffee shop where she met Nick had open mike nights for anyone who wanted to sing on Friday nights and she added her name to the list. The list was long so she wasn’t the only one singing that night. She went back home and told Ashley, Alex, Melanie, and Kyle about open mike night.

“When are you going to tell the guys your choice?” Alex asked.

“When I decide, it’s going to take me awhile, but do tell them they are welcome to come hear me sing,” Jessica said.

“I will, I’ll head home now and talk to them, see you baby,” Alex said kissing Ashley and headed out the door. Kyle kissed Melanie and headed out. Jessica sat down.

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