Torn Between Two

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Chapter 5

Monday morning, Jessica went to work and walked into her office and sat down and went through her papers on her desk. She heard a knock at the door and she looked up and saw Brian standing there smiling.

“Morning,” Brian said.

“Morning,” Jessica said.

“How are you?” Brian asked.

“I’m fine and you?” Jessica asked.

“I’m good, Alex told us about Friday night, we’ll be there, and we will wait patiently for your choice,” Brian said.

“Thank you,” Jessica said.

“Shall we work on the project?” Brian asked.

“Yeah, probably should, can you keep it professional?” Jessica asked.

“Yes, of course, Jess, I don’t want to pressure you on making a choice and I know you want it to be fair so that’s what it’s going to be, I’m not going behind Nick’s back and he won’t go behind mine, we talked about it yesterday, we are going to follow your rules,” Brian said. Jessica smiled.

“Thank you for that,” Jessica said. They went to work on the project and it became five o’clock.

“Do you need a ride home?” Brian asked.

“No, I got my car back from Melanie since she got hers back from the shop so I’m good, thanks though,” Jessica said. He walked her to her car and waited until she pulled out before going to his car. She headed home and went in and saw Melanie and Kyle watching TV in the living room.

“Hey guys,” Jessica said.

“Hey, how was work?” Melanie asked.

“It was fine,” Jessica said.

“Was it weird being around Brian after the date?” Melanie asked.

“It was fine, they are following my rules,” Jessica said. The house phone rang. Jessica picked it up.

“Hello?” Jessica asked.

“Hello, this is Nurse Gina from Atlanta Regional Hospital, we have a patient here by the name of Ashley Harris, this number was listed as her emergency contact, are you her sister?” the nurse asked.

“Um, no, I’m one of her best friends, she lives here with me and our other best friend, is she okay?” Jessica asked.

“She was in a car accident, does she have any family to be called?” the nurse asked.

“Her parents passed away a few years ago, she has an older brother, I’ll let him know,” Jessica said.

“Thank you,” the nurse said.

“Was she alone?” Jessica asked.

“Yes she was,” the nurse said.

“Okay, we’ll be right there,” Jessica said. She hung up.

“Jess?” Melanie asked.

“Ashley was in a car accident, call Brent, I need to call Alex,” Jessica said. She got out her phone and called Brian.

“Hey Jess what’s up?” Brian asked.

“Is Alex with you guys?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, he’s here why?” Brian asked.

“Ashley was in a car accident and is at Atlanta Regional Hospital,” Jessica said.

“Oh no, Alex!” Brian said.

“What’s up,” Alex said.

“Ashley’s in the hospital, Atlanta Regional,” Brian said.

“Oh no!” Alex said. She heard the door slam.

“He’s heading there now, I’ll get Nick and we’ll meet you guys there,” Brian said.

“Okay, thanks,” Jessica said. She hung up.

“I’ll drive you guys,” Kyle said. They locked up and went to the hospital.

“Brent’s on his way,” Melanie said. They arrived at the hospital and ran in and found the floor she was on and they saw Alex talking with a nurse at the desk with Brian and Nick with him.

“I’m sorry I can’t tell you, immediate family only,” the nurse said.

“So boyfriend doesn’t count?” Alex asked.

“I’m sorry sir, any guy can come in saying he’s her boyfriend,” the nurse said.

“Hello, nurse, I’m Jessica Parker, I’m Ashley’s best friend, Nurse Gina called me and told me she was here and he is her boyfriend,” Jessica said.

“We can all vouch for that, I’m Melanie Thomas, the other best friend as well, we all are Ashley’s friends, her brother is on his way and he’s the only immediate family she has but we are her family as well,” Melanie said.

“Nurse, she’s right, they are family,” Brent said coming up to them. Melanie hugged Brent. Kyle shook his hand. Jessica hugged Brent. He looked at the nurse.

“How is my sister?” Brent asked.

“She’s in a coma, swelling in her brain, a broken arm and a leg,” the nurse said.

“Can we go see her?” Brent asked.

“Two at a time,” the nurse said.

“I’m Alex, her boyfriend,” Alex said. Brent shook his hand.

“Let’s go,” Brent said. They went to her room. Jessica sat down. Melanie and Kyle sat down together. Brian and Nick sat down with Jessica.

“Hey, she’ll be okay,” Nick said.

“I know, I’m just mad about the hospital policy, wouldn’t tell Alex anything, she would only say something when Ashley’s brother came in,” Jessica said.

“They are just trying to cover their butts if something goes wrong or if something bad happened to her or someone was after her and they let them in to finish the job or something, even though it was just a car accident, they have to be safe,” Brian said.

“I know, you’re right, I’m just worried,” Jessica said.

“We are here for you, Jess, for all of you,” Nick said. Jessica nodded and leaned forward and rested her forehead on her hands and her elbows on her knees. Brian and Nick rubbed her back in support. They looked up and saw Brent and Alex coming out.

“Hey,” Brent said.

“She’s awake and she wants to talk with Brian and Nick,” Alex said. Brian and Nick looked at each other and stood up and went to her room. Twenty minutes later, they came out and sat down. Jessica and Melanie went to her room.

“Hey guys,” Ashley said.

“What did you talk with them about?” Jessica asked.

“Just wanted to make sure they would follow your rules and give you space so you can make your choice, I mean, make sure they don’t pressure you,” Ashley said.

“Brian said they wouldn’t pressure me and they would follow the rules,” Jessica said.

“That I didn’t know, sorry,” Ashley said.

“It’s okay, you are a great friend,” Jessica said.

“We are glad you’re okay,” Melanie said.

“Yeah, just a broken leg and arm,” Ashley said.

“Yeah, and you have a strong guy to help you recover,” Melanie said. Ashley smiled.

“Yeah, he might be moving in for awhile,” Ashley said.

“It’s fine,” Jessica said.

“Yeah, I might stay at Kyle’s more,” Melanie said.

“Gee thanks, leave me alone with them,” Jessica said.

“Brian and Nick might be over a lot since Alex is their best friend,” Melanie said.

“ Oh geez, that will make my choice harder,” Jessica said.

“Oh Jess,” Melanie said.

“I wish I could just pick them both, I wish I didn’t have to choose,” Jessica said. They didn’t know that Brian and Nick heard what she said. They looked at each other and went back to the waiting room.

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