Torn Between Two

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Chapter 8

They sat there talking and planning things out. Nick and Brian both held her hands.

“Okay so tomorrow you and I will spend the day together and then tomorrow night, you and Brian will spend the evening together,” Nick said.

“Okay, that sounds good,” Jessica said.

“We can make this work, Jess, we can do this,” Nick said.

“We knew it would be impossible to make a choice between us and we didn’t want you to have to do that,” Brian said.

“Thank you, guys, for making this easier for me,” Jessica said.

“Anything for you, Jess,” Nick said kissing her hand. Brian kissed the hand he was holding. They got up and she walked them to the door and they hugged her and left. Jessica leaned against the door and smiled. She said goodnight to the others and went upstairs and showered and got ready for bed. She laid down and got her phone and saw text message from them both.

“Goodnight beautiful, see you tomorrow,” Nick texted.

“Goodnight Jess, see you tomorrow night,” Brian texted.

“Goodnight guys,” Jessica texted. She put her phone on her nightstand and went to bed. The next morning, she got up and sat down at her desk and wrote a song to sing at the next open mic night. She smiled as she read through it and felt tears run down her cheeks as she thought of who she wrote about. Her late husband wasn’t the only person she had lost in her life. She got ready to meet Nick for their day together. She came downstairs and saw Ashley on the couch with Alex.

“Hey guys,” Jessica said.

“Hey Jess, ready for your dates today?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah, I am,” Jessica said. The doorbell rang. She opened the door and saw Nick standing there with a bouquet of lilies.

“Wow, you look amazing, for you, beautiful,” Nick said.

“Wow, they are beautiful, thank you,” Jessica said. Nick smiled and kissed her cheek. She put them in some water and got her purse and phone while Nick talked with Alex.

“Ready?” Jessica asked.

“Yep,” Nick said. They left and spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium. They went for a walk afterwards and he turned and faced her. She smiled at him. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly. The kiss deepened and their tongues explored each other’s mouths. He held her close.

“Mmm,” Jessica moaned. He pulled back biting her bottom lip softly and resting his forehead against hers.

“Wow,” Nick said.

“Yeah, wow,” Jessica said. He took her back to his house where Brian was waiting. She and Brian went out to dinner and went to a movie where they started kissing and it turned into a makeout session. They left the theater and he took her home and walked her up to the door. He kissed her softly.

“See you Monday,” Brian said.

“See you then,” Jessica said. He kissed her forehead and she went inside and went to her room and took a shower and laid in bed and smiled thinking of her day with the guys.

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