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Biker's Princess (MC #3)

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Ruby is a young woman who finds herself in big trouble thanks to her boyfriend. She ends up challenging the one and only Ghost in order to stay safe, but the queen of the Cage has other plans and decides to help the woman. She introduces her to the Shadow Warriors... 🚨Warning: MATURE/TRIGGERING CONTENT🚨 Read at your own discretion

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1


I can’t deal with this shit anymore. It’s getting worse every day… With a heavy sigh, I turn to my boyfriend of five years, getting increasingly irritated by his loud snores. How did I manage to sleep beside this man?!

“Eli, wake up. - I shake my boyfriend lightly - You need to go to work… You’ll be late.” I tell him, even though I know it’s probably useless.

“Fuck off…” Eli grumbles in annoyance, simply turning over in the bed.

“Eli, you can’t get fired again! - I whine pleadingly - We’re about to be evicted, there’s nothing to eat… I can’t be the only one working.” I try to explain, but all I get is a glare over Eli’s shoulder before he groggily gets up from bed.

“You’re so fucking annoying.” He snarls as he stumbles to the bathroom, hopefully to get ready for work. He really needs to keep this one. The pay from my job at the store barely covers our bills; we’re behind on rent and I can’t ask the landlord for another extension… He’s already mad at us as it is, mostly because of the constant fights, yelling and Eli’s drunken antics. The man is surely going to evict us if we don’t pay him this month.

I sigh in relief when Eli comes out of the bathroom dressed in his uniform, knowing that now he will go to work. I just pray he won’t do anything foolish there.

“Have a nice day, babe.” I smile at him, happy to have the usual Eli back and not the drunk angry version of him.

My boyfriend only smiles evilly then stomps towards me before grabbing my head and forcing me to my knees in front of him. “Make it good, then.” He orders, unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out of the confines of his briefs.

I only manage to give him a brief pleading look before my jaw is pried open and Eli’s dick slams into my throat without giving me a chance to back away. Eli uses my mouth like some common whore, not even caring about my gagging or choking, interested solely in relieving himself with my body. There’s no emotion, no feeling, no pleasure in this. My mouth is just another hole for Eli to shove his member into. A cumbucket.

“Fuck, I’m coming! Swallow it all.” He sneers with a harsh glare, thrusting into my mouth with more force before his dick releases the thick sperm into my throat. Eli keeps my head pressed into his crotch so I have no choice but to swallow his load to avoid choking on it. “Now you won’t be hungry, will you?” He taunts as he watches me struggle to get his thick cum down my throat and into my stomach.


Even though the word is loud and clear in my mind, I don’t dare say that out loud. I can’t take another beating. People at my work are already suspicious of my bruises. I don’t think they’ll believe it again if I say I’m clumsy.

Because I’m not.

I’m a fighter. I’ve trained jiu jitsu for seven years, since I was twelve. I’ve always been more athletic than other kids, mostly because my father was a trainer at a martial arts club. He wanted me to take it over, so he taught me all he knew, but then he died unexpectedly and the club was shut down. I was too young to manage it, so there was nothing I could do to save it. All I could to was train. Train hard.

So I did.

I’m not a weak woman, so how the hell did I end up in such a relationship? I never thought myself to be stupid, so how the fuck did I let myself get manipulated by someone as cruel as Eli? He must’ve brainwashed me. He charmed me with his prince-like looks then, when I was successfully manipulated, he showed his true self. But by then it was too late for me to leave. I fell too deeply.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror for what feels like hours, taking in the faint bruise on my cheek, the cum dripping from my mouth onto my chin, the cut on my collarbone, the dark bruise on my stomach that I got from Eli’s kick… What have I become? How did I end here?

Hating the sight and taste of Eli’s sperm, I furiously wash my face and brush my teeth, trying to erase all traces of Eli’s abuse. I really stooped low to let him treat me like this… I’m supposed to be his girlfriend, not a set of warm holes he can use for his pleasure whenever he wants.

It’s time to change this. I won’t let Eli keep me as his cocksleeve anymore.

While Eli is out, I tidy up our small apartment, pack my bags then write a note to Eli to tell him I’m leaving. I can’t keep living like this.

‘I’ve had enough, Elijah. I’m leaving. Look for someone else to be your whore.’ I look at the note in pure disbelief that I managed to be so… bitter. I’ve never spoken to Eli like this. And I probably never will, but writing a note is much less scary.

It’s time to leave him behind… Let’s leave all this behind.

I don’t bother packing too many things, since they don’t have any value to me, neither monetary nor sentimental.

As I grab my things, Eli unexpectedly barges into the apartment, dragging a struggling girl behind him. What the hell is happening?!

“The fuck is this? - Eli snarls, pointing at my bag with - You going somewhere?” He smirks evilly. Oh god, I’m in trouble.

“I… I thought I’d go visit my aunt for a while…”

“Yeah, right!” Eli shouts angrily, his breath stinking of smoke. He’s high. “You’re not fucking leaving! Now get your ass here and help me with this bitch before I lose it!” He yells at me, the threat clear in his voice. Goddamn it, I should’ve left sooner! Now he’ll beat me again!

I reluctantly help Eli take the girl to the armchair in the living room where we tied her up with a couple of belts. She seems really shaken up but even though I want to release her and help her, I can’t. Eli will kill me.

“Come with me.” Eli grabs my arm harshly and takes me to the bedroom. Oh god, please save me. Please.

“So you thought you could leave, huh?! - he snarls after locking the door - I guess you thought you can just screw me over like this… Well, you’re wrong. You belong to me. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t even be here, do you get that?”

“I’m sorry, Eli. I didn’t mean it to be like this. I just wanted to get a break, to have a day off and get some rest…” I try to placate my angry boyfriend, but he’s absolutely mad. It’s terrifying!

“Get some rest? From what? It’s not like you do much…” Eli scoffs, sending a harsh slap to my face. “Don’t make a sound or it’ll get worse, understand?” He orders darkly, his gaze so cold and sinister it sends chills down my spine. What happened to him to become like this?!

Eli makes sure to show me how angry he is with my actions, and how wrong it was of me to think I could leave him. He keeps punching and kicking me even after I pass out, evidence of which I find in the morning when I see the bruises all over my body. They’re everywhere.

After washing off the dried blood from my body, I decide to go to the kitchen to make something to eat. Eli will be angry if he doesn’t get breakfast. I can’t help but wince at the sight of the poor girl in our living room. I have no idea why she’s here or even who she is, but I know better than to ask Eli. He effectively broke my resistance and made me realize it’s better to not defy him. I can never win against him.

“Um… - I start tentatively, unable to even look at the dark-haired girl sitting in the armchair - C-can you tell me… who are you?” I ask hesitantly, getting a shocked look from the girl before it turns sympathetic when she notices my state. Realizing she can’t talk with the tape on her mouth, I gently peel it off, trying my best to not hurt her any more.

“I’m Quinn. - the girl reveals quietly - I don’t know what that man wants from me, but this won’t end well. M-my dad will come for me. You should run while you can, save yourself. I can tell this guy is no good for you. He’ll get what he’s owed, but you’re not like him… Leave. Leave before it’s too late.” She rambles, seemingly more worried about me than herself.

“I’ll be fine. It’ll be worse if I leave. H-He won’t forgive me that.” I stammer, fearing the consequences of my defiance. Eli will kill me if I go against him again.

“So I’m guessing you won’t help me.” Quinn sighs softly. I can’t help but feel bad for her. She’s held captive for some unknown reason, tied to a piece of furniture and unaware of what her future holds…

“I’m sorry.”

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