The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Amaris POV:

Amaris POV:

I started to tell my past to Blaze “I was 10 years old when I first got the powers I was surprised as my powers were not as normal as the others, see my demon side lets me control the brain so I can make someone do or say whatever I please I can control the brain to stop working, however, my witch side is the complete opposite to my demon side. My witch side helps me heal anything I touch so I can heal a broken bone but not cancer doesn’t work like that sadly, I trained all day, days turned into months, months into years six to be exact. When I finally mastered my powers, I turned 16 that is when I got my familiar wolf a fluffy, warm-heartened, friendly, grey, blue-eyed wolf. I named her Cinder because of her coat we were best of friends until my aunt came to visit with, she brought a man in his Lates 20s named Ash the guy you saw he was her friend. My aunt was a cruel old woman she hated me for some reason I will get to the reason soon one day my aunt and I were home alone I begged my parents not to leave but they did anyway. I was peacefully in my room reading a book with Cinder asleep my aunt came in screaming and shouting with Ash standing behind her while licking his lips at me I felt extremely confused and uncomfortable, so I screamed back saying “Leave me the fuck alone and take your friend the perv away from me” she did not leave. However, she slapped me across the face Cinder bit her, my aunt did not like so she thought it best to try and kill Cinder if a familiar die you lose a part of your soul, so I defended my familiar but using my powers on my aunt to leave Cinder alone it worked but when she re what I have done.” I stood and sat on the bed Blaze looked at me offend.

I spoke “my back was hurting me are you comfortable while I finish my story” He nodded.

I resumed the story “So My aunt said “Ash she is all yours” after she said that I got chills and scared my aunt dragged Cinder out and put a collar on my leg this stops me use the powers my mum created I know horrible right stop your daughter to use her powers. Ash walked towards and yanked me close to him and whispered “You are my fiancé” I was shocked, but it all started to click my mum sold me to his bastard that is why he was he and acting as he owned me I felt a new type of emotion anger this emotion was not new to me, but this type of anger was new to me, betrayal, sadness, angry it felt like my demon was get out and kill everyone who has ever mistreated me.


Before I could allow my demon to take over, Ash kissed me roughly all over my body touching me all over, tears flooded my eyes as they ran down my face the first kiss, I was saving for you it was taking away I heard a zipper noise I looked at him he was undressing as he took clothing off, he took an item off clothing off me soon I was in my underwear with marks where his hands where and Bruises as he would kiss me roughly I could hear Cinder howl cry scratching the door as she could feel my pain, my demon Ala hated every minute of it she crawling her way out and cannot wait to strangle him. So, I relaxed to give Ala room to take control as my eyes went from garnet to a Firey red, horns grow out my head and Ash got off me and stumbled backward and looked in fear. Ala was in full control I don’t remember anything that happened that night all I remember was I was on the sofa with Cinder asleep next to me Ash and my aunt was sitting and staring at the floor as we waited for mum and dad to come home while Ala was waiting impatiently, My dad walked in mum following him behind they both walked in the living room while my dad came to me asking if I am okay my mum went straight to her sister and Ash apologies for my behave then waited for me to say sorry like hell I was going to do that so. I said and I quote “You bitch how dare you to sell me to the bastard what did I ever do to you huh what did I fucking do?” My aunt answered for mum she said “You were born, you are a disgrace to this family you power, you familiar.” She just started to blame everything about me I believe that my familiar is not an ordinary wolf see when Ala comes out Cinder turns into a hellhound so Ala has familiar as will does me. I looked at my dad and got nothing I went to my room and started to pack, and I was planning on leaving Ash deiced it would the best idea to follow to my room and scream “Bitch you and your powers are mine got it I will rain terror until you are mine your mum promised that you mine so get that in your head.”

Before I could respond Conder bit him and growled until he left. I whispered to Cinder “Girl you cannot come with me but here” I put a necklace enchanted I can summon her when I need to. I explain that to Cinder as well. I picked up my suitcase and backpack and headed out ignoring my family, ignoring Ash, ignoring the screams of my mother, ignoring the Raws of Ash, hugged Cinder, and whispered “Run I will call you when I am ready for your go Cinder RUN.” Cinder ran fast as she can I strap my motorcycle on my truck and headed to the farthest town.”

I finish telling my past and looked at Blaze as he had tears running down his face.

“I am okay baby I promise, to finish answering the questions I ran from you because I thought you would run, and I cannot take that rejection I got scared I grew up with people telling me my soulmate will run away from me and baby Ash is just a weak ass shifter he can shift into a dear like I said a weak ass shifter.”

He nodded.

Let’s gets some sleep you can meet my familiar and Ala tomorrow okay”

He put his head on the pillow and pulled me to his chest and whispered “I will never leave you, my queen”

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