The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Blaze POV:

Amaris POV:

Finally, I had a sleep without seeing Ash's horrible face my head currently on top of Blaze's chest I carefully lifted myself off him and said “Cinder” three times.

Cinder jumped on the bed and licked my face wagging her tail, sniffing Blaze, and cozying up to him.

Cinder put her head on my lap, and I said “I missed you to Cinder “

I stroke her on fluffy grey fur while Blaze stirs up and looks very, very confused look he had.

Blaze POV:

I woke up to something soft and fluffy I wake up to a dog that looks like a wolf with my beloved staring at me trying to hold her laughed in.

“Just because I am human does not mean you can invite wolves into my home” I spoke in a stern voice

So, what did I do I stroked her knowing that I have no fucking clue who it was and of course my love found that funny.

“Blaze this Cinder my familiar but don’t worry two dogs are only I need” She spoke while snickering.

It took me a second to get what she said, when I realized what she says I took a pillow and chucked at her face. I stroke Cinder I did not realize what lovely shade grey her fur was. I stretched my left arm while my right arm stroked Cinder, my left arm grabbed my phone to check the time it was only 8:30 am.

“Baby what do you want to eat for breakfast?” I spoke in a waking-up voice.

She replies with “Pancakes and so you have any raw meat so I can feed Cinder here before she eats us” she says as a joke.

That made me get up, I grabbed two of my hoodies for my wardrobe put one on, and gave one to Amaris hinting to put it on and I must say she looks good in my hoodie I must get her to wear my clothes more often.

“It looks like a dress on me” She complains

I laugh while I stole a kiss from her and ran downstairs before she could react while of course, Cinder was hot on my tail.

“Bubba” My little sister Indigo spoke in an unsure voice

Pumpkin what is wrong” I replied

“There is a wolf behind you and looking at me funny” She replies with a smile and a look says what the fuck

This made everyone look at me while I laughed

“I know sweetie her name is Cinder, and she is my girlfriend's pet,” I say unsure to say familiar.

Cinder proudly came from behind my leg and walked to Indigo licked her arm and did that to the rest of my family and you should have seen my family's looks when Cinder did that it was funny as fuck. The triplets finish eating and started to pet Cinder, she was on her belly her tail wagging furiously but stopped when she saw her breakfast, she at once started eating it.

“I did not know what Cinder liked so I gave raw beef” My Mum replies. Surprisingly comfortable to a wolf in her home actually so was everyone.

“Don’t worry Cinder eats any type of meat, Hi Mrs. Dalton I am Amaris Nora I am Blaze’s girlfriend and I do apologize for Cinder and me we did not mean to interrupt you.” My lovely beloved spoke in a posh, apologizing tone.

My mum smiled and replied, “Nonsense sweetie, you are welcome here as much as Cinder which I didn’t expect to be so calm around the triplets.”

“She is used to little children going up to and stroking her fur.” Amaris said.

Amaris and my mum carried on talking, Cinder was lying on her back getting belly rubs, I walked into the kitchen said hi to dad, and grabbed pancakes for Amaris and me. Walked towards the table putting it on the table that got Amaris looked at me and started the walk to me and started to eat while I tried to.

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