The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Blaze POV:

Amaris Pov:

I sat on the sofa with Blaze with my arm around his muscular arm, my leg is on top of his I am surprised that I am not on top of him, he messages my leg it felt very relaxing so soothing. He grabbed the TV controller and put on doctor who, we just sat and watching Doctor who, which felt for hours Cinder was peacefully sleeping next to me this is First time Cinder and I felt happy and Safe.


“Bang” three bangs rang

Through my ears I looked up and saw a figure at the door, I stood up Blaze looked at me and stood up with me saw figure he walked over towards the door and opened the door as soon as we did this Cinder started to growl and felt Ala stir up.

My Father and my mother were at the door, my mum looking more piss than ever while my dad read no facial expressions.

Blaze Pov:

I saw Amaris’s mood change to a shitty mood when she saw this old couple: as they stare at each other for what seemed like forever.

“Why the hell fuck are you here” As Ala starting to come out and pushing Amaris down.

“Nice to meet you Ala, may we come in?” Spoke to her mother in a very spiteful tone

Ala rolled her eyes and replied with “No you can’t now fuck, off my property. Mother”

She shut the door in front of her mother and then said “Verbannen Karen (Amaris’s mum) and Aston (Amaris’s dad).”

Ala disappeared.

Amaris came back and fainted...

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