The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Amaris POV;

Chapter 15:

5hours later Blaze is sound asleep but I can’t go to sleep because my brain is going crazy.

I know the plan I made was perfect, it cannot go wrong, there is only one problem what the fuck am I going to say to Blaze. That I have figured out yet.

All I need to figure out is to do this on my own without my soulmate knowing it will be all fine...

“Oh, you shh Cinder, you know it is the only way to do this,” I whispered

I looked to my right and see my mate Blaze sleeping peacefully, smiling nicely knowing that as soon I started this mission it would break him, so I did the most cliché thing write him a letter explaining to him why I need to do this alone and pray he forgives me fingers crossed.

I care to stand up to make sure the bed doesn’t creak, grab the nearest clothes grabbed a pen and notepad and wrote a letter, and left. I got outside the door with Cinder whining and begging me to wake him up I know I can’t because he wouldn’t let me do this, but I need to do this.

I closed my eyes and imagined the perfect battlefield and simply teleporting there.

And here I am in the woods waiting for Ash to come out to play.

“There is my beautiful mate how is she doing?” Ash spoke in an eww tone

“Oh, but I am starting to want to play with you if you want to.”

Ah smiled I take it he has happy with what I said.

He walked out of the shadows and simply said “I happy to see you have come to your senses and left them powerless, weak and nothing good of man” he crept closer and, coming in for a hug and maybe a kiss as well which’d he lips look sloppy like sloppy joes.

Ash came closer.

Amris brought out my dagger.

Ash was inches from my face.

The dagger was by my side.

Ash closed his eyes and was going for a sloppy kiss.

Amaris brought my dagger out and quickly shifted into Ala.

He sensed it, and flinched, he almost looked hurt.

“Oh no sweets you are not going nowhere, Amaris promised your blood on my hands, so let's play.” Amaris laughed.

Ash shuddered and, in his eyes, there was a fear genuine fear that only fed Ala to torture him. She pushed to his ground ad began her torture, let’s just say it was not pleasing to watch or hear but the job was done he was gone dead and now it was time to go back to Blaze before he woke up and found she was missing.

Ala let Amaris have control back, she burnt the body or the piece of the body, she teleported back to Blaze, had a shower to wash off the blood and the dirt, put blazes t-shirt, and crept back into bed with cinder wagging her tail he feels asleep on her.

Amris rested her head on blazes chest and went asleep knowing she was safe, and no one could hurt her mate.

Author notes:

I am so sorry for the long-ass wait I was struggling with life right now and I kind of lost how to finish a story let me know if you want an epilogue.

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