The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Amaris POV:

Amaris Point of view

“I’m going find you can run but you can’t hide” He, said

“No” I repeated at him.

“You and your powers are mine, don’t forget that little bitch” he said with venom in his voice.

“No, they do not leave me alone” I screamed matching his venom

I woke up all sweating great another nightmare, I had the same nightmare every single night, the same word, same actions, same secrecy everything fucking the same.

Great now I got get ready for school. I hate school the only reason is that I can see my female friends that is it, I avoid every male because one of them has the potential to become my beloved which I can’t have.

I put wear a charcoal hoodie with a pair of Demin blue jeans and simple Nike shoes and grab my bag and head to school.

I arrive at my school big building greets me with the doors were wide open to say hello, I enter ignore everyone all I need to do is find my friends and avoid eye contact with anyone.

However, it seems luck was not on my side I bumped into someone it felt like wall god someone has been working out. I look up and saw Blaze Dalton standing there not looking happy, that was until I knew I fucked up.



Beloved like a soulmate but someone that can only love you and can get impregnated by.

Sorry for the short chapter please like and comment it will help to see if where I can improve.

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