The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Amaris POV:

I tried to find ways to escape this current situation I am in but only one way is biting my tongue and apologizing.

So, I look at my shoes and say, “Sorry for bumping into you.”

As I said that I tried to move past, but I felt something tugging my arm I look what it is, and it was Blaze how can I not guess that it was him.

“Can you let my arm go?” I said with bitterness

“Let me think about that... No so, short stack what is your name” he said with his flattening grin

I replied with “I’m only 5’3 I’m not that small”

He laughed and said, “And I’m 6’2 so your small spitfire and I will not repeat myself what. Is. Your. Name.”

Gulp I gulped okay think of something that will distract him. Then it hit me.

“Oh my god is that a Lady Gaga,” I said with so much conviction.

Dumb, but don’t judge me it works okay he lets me go to see what I was talking about I didn’t wait around, and I ran to my first class which was English, I waltz in and pick my favorite chair by the window I love watching the outside when the teacher talks about what adjectives or adverbs are? Finally, the first lesson ended but I have to go to my second lesson which is sociology which is not bad, I walk in and pick a similar seat and pray he is not in this lesson.

An hour later

“DING. DONG” Bell rang

I arrive at lunch and my friends Calypso and Sapphire are twins who are waiting for me at our usual table. around with them. I walked to the table with a Smilie on my face I lifted my hand and waved at them they waved back.

“Hey girls,” I say

“Hey,” The twins say back at the same time not creepy at all.

“How was the lesson?” I asked finally, calming my nerves.

Calypso answered first “It was okay, but Ms. Jones is a bitch she hates my guts I’m telling you this.”

I laughed.

Sapphire replied, “She only hates you because you called her weird cat lady and took the mimic of her cats.”

“That was you that explained why we had learned how to appreciate cats for the whole hour thanks for that,” I said while a shiver went down my spine.

“What! I had to okay they were the naked cats and they looked creepy looking I mean who puts a picture of them on the desks and does not expect someone to take the mimic. Also, I mean come on school complains about a student being half-naked or showing some skin but not complain about those cats being naked.” She spoke

I laughed while Sapphire shrugged her shoulders at how her sister trying to defend herself. We talked and ate for most of the lunch period until we all heard the bell's dreaded sound.

While walking to my third lesson, I felt something tugging my arm and pulled me into an empty classroom. It was pitch black I cannot see a thing I should eat more carrots.


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