The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Amaris POV:

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The light turned on. I saw his face and it was my dad, not looking at this conversation.

“Hi Dad,” I said

“Daughter of mine I heard that you found your beloved” He replied

I spoke with some attitude in my voice “Yes, I did and choosing to avoid him and not build a bond”

“Daughter I can see you got your mothers stubborn” I irrupted him and said, “Don’t you dare mention her ever again I may be your daughter but never mention her again” He continued ”Daughter do not raise your voice at me, and you did not let me finish, I was going to say you do have my wit I just hope you are using that soon because daughter you can’t ignore the bond forever fate has a cruel way of making you have a bond.”

As He said that he vanished, I know he is right that I cannot avoid him forever but I’m going to try. I exit the room and check the time and it reads 14:45 great missed a whole lesson. I ahead home I walked past Blaze’s bike and his friends, I heard them say something but chose to ignore them.

Then I heard someone say, “So short stack I was wondering when I see you again.”

“Fuck” I whispered underneath my breath

I turned around on my heels and face him and say “Well you shouldn’t be wondering anything about me”

He walked towards me and replied, “Nah you intrigued me by distracting me to leave you alone Also why you are avoiding me.”

I started to walk back and say, “I’m not avoiding I’m pretty sure avoiding someone is when you see someone you want to avoid, and I did not see today so.”

He followed my steps, “Okay smarty-pants.”

Now my back was on his car “Really smart pants how old are you? Seven.”

He bends down so his face was covering my face he smelt like cigarettes and cookies, I took my time to look at his looks he looks really good he has deep blue eyes curly brunette with blond streaks and muscles for days.

I was interrupted by a cute laugh “Like what you see?”

I scoffed and said “Nope, now let me go again”

He replied, “Nope, and don’t dare you can pull the Ladt Gaga bullshit again.”

“How about you this I tell my name and you let me go deal.”

He nodded.

“My name is Amaris now can you go now,” I said quickly hoping he lets me go.


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