The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Amaris POV:

Amaris POV:

I huffed and puffed and groaned and he still holds me down staring at my eyes like he was looking for answers.

I spoke first to break the silence “So, you just going stare at me and not say anything.”

It took him a while to respond and said “Sorry I was mesmerized by garnet eyes”

I replied with “Flattery will not get you anywhere”

“It got me here.” He commented back

As I rolled my eyes and slowly raised my knee, not letting my eyes off him, not letting him get the hint, I hear his friends laugh as they watch my movements. In one swift movement. Kicked. He went down. Groaning. Cuddling his manhood. I ran and ran and headed for my motorcycle I put my helmet on, drive off to my flat that 5 miles away from my house. Look behind me he is not following me I slowed down, I took a deep breath.

I arrived at my small but comfortable house, I entered the door, entered my bedroom strip out my clothes I dressed into my PJs.


“I seriously can’t get a minute alone”

I walked downstairs opened the door and that is when I saw her.


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