The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Blaze POV:

Blaze POV

As I lay holding my nuts grunting and groaning my friends laughing at me. While I wished I had her back in my arms, funny how that works this makes confusing me like how I can feel this way when I have just met her it doesn’t make any sense. Ever since I met her investigated her garnet eyes and felt my heart cry for her and that I knew that she must be mine to stop this pain. Every time she brushes against its soothes the pain only for a few minutes.

I stand up flip my friends the bird and shrug it off I walked to them and said, “Shut it.”

My best friend Lycas replied, “Aw don’t be angry that you got beat up by a girl.”

I rolled my eyes and looked round to see anyone saw that I got a reputation to keep, luckily no one was here.

“Stop laughing for heaven’s sake and we can talk about how you guys did not warn me and save me a whole of pain.” I spoke in a stern voice, gave the death stare, and made all my friends shut up.

I started to walk to my car and drove to my house where my dad and my mum with my sisters I have Alessia are twenty-four years old and work as a stylist, Alexia she is twenty-two years old and works as a pilot for the richest airport. Then there is me aged 18 and goes to school and can choose wherever I want to do my dad’s business (which is a gang business). My little sisters are triplets and are called Indigo, Ruby, and Olive. They are aged 10 being homeschooled.

“Hi Dad and Mum, may I ask you a question?” I speak

Mum replies with “Yes son you can”

“Well how do I phase this okay here I go, I found a girl” I spoke but couldn’t continue because my mum interrupted me.

Mum instantly smiled and clapped and said, “where is she coming here?”

“Mum,” I said

“When are you getting married? “Mum”. “When am I am going to get my grandbabies.” she stopped

“MUM” I shouted

“Mum we are not dating, and I just met her I don’t know what to do dad help me please”

My dad turned around and faced me and spoke in his manly voice and said, “Follow me, son.”

I followed him into the basement which was fucking cold and ancient the brick was growing personality. Finally, he stopped, and he opened a door the creaked and screeched, I enter, and dad starts talking.

“Son, what does the girl look like”

“Why,” I asked confused

“It’s important” he replied

“Fine she has gannet eyes, raven-black silky smooth hair, rosy red lips so plump.”

As soon as I said that the Internation started he asked questions about Amaris, and I answered. I still don’t know why he is asking me these questions.

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