The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Amaris POV:

Amaris Pov:

After she left, at once the atmosphere turned positive god I hate her, ever since she tried to kill me, kill my familiar and the reason she gave was pathetic then apologize for the nerve of her seriously I thought two Quiam was stupid. The death of a familiar can harm the soul you instantly become soulless but lucky I healed my familiar before she dies.

I walked towards the kitchen and started to make my dinnerTilapia and Crab Roulade with Long Grain & Wild Rice with ordinary vegetables. Once it was done, I started to eat it in front of my TV and watched my favorite show Shadow bone on Netflix. I love that show.

I look up and see the clock ticking away as the hour hand hits 23:30 I get up and walk towards my bedroom and do my night-time routine, brush teeth, wash my face, brush hair and heal old scars then go to bed as my bed hit the pillow, I fell into a deep asleep fearing what awaits me in the dreamland.

Five hours later my alarm goes off and stops my repeating nightmare thankfully I was getting bored of the same nightmare. I got two hours to go to school I’m just glad it is a Friday.

I get up and get dress, in a midnight Black howling wolf t-shirt with a hoodie and ripped jeans with some vans. I opened my makeup kit and thought why not so I did a deep green smokey eye with a nude lip, went downstairs and into my cozy and warm kitchen, and started to make my breakfast and my bag already for school for learning.

I begin to arrive at school, park my bike grab my helmet and take it off put it in my backpack.

“Oh shit!” I said underneath my breath of course not looking weird.

What I saw was Blaze playing football without his fucking shirt off I was happily staring without him noticing me that was until his best mate thought it is a good idea to let him know, and when he found out he looked straight at me and gave me his knowing smirk and started to walk to me all slow you know like in movies like how the hot people walk with their muscles going up and down that is exactly how he is walking oh god.

He walked up to me and said, “You know staring is rude”

I laughed and replied with “Well it is kind of your fault if you want to be to stare at” I moved my head to a side to show his giggling and glaring at him if looks can kill I will be burned to crisp

I shook my head as he stares and says “Looks like they are not happy with me talking to you”

“Maybe it is because you f....” Before I could reply he grabbed my neck, pulled me by my neck, planted his lips on mine and fucking kissed me but what I did next suspired me.


Familiar - An animal which is partners up with a supernatural creature if that animal dies the person’s souls goes and dies very slowly.

Quiam - Is a very dumb animal it is mixed with a sloth and a rattlesnake a wired combination for animals to merge but they are very stupid animals.

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