The bad-boy who is a softie underneath

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Blaze POV:

Blaze POV:

After that conversation I had with my dad I had to see if he was correct, to see if she was my soulmate something like that I kind of in a state of disbelief when he said magic creatures the ones you find in children’s books, they are really not in your imagination. My dad told me how I can see if I am her soulmate by a kiss on lips that kiss can make me feel like fireworks are exploding or butterflies have entered my stomach and I should I see her past or what she is and she would see mine. Believe it or not, there is a kiss that is that powerful.

So, I did what I needed to do I kissed her and waited for a slap or her to pull her away from me but what surprise is when she pulled me in lock my lips and kissed me back.

As soon as she kissed me back, butterflies entered my stomach I started to get flashbacks of her past of all traumas she went through everything, and what shocked me was that she is half a demon and half-witch the powers she has, and she is all mine.

After what felt like hours, we stopped our full make-out session, we pull away from each other and at the same time, we take a deep breath in.

Amaris looks at me and says, “Wow fuck that is better than I thought it would be” She covers her mouth, and her face turns red then a flipping tomato and says “That was supposed to not come out”.

Amaris POV:

That kiss was amazing, those memories I saw made me like him more than ever but now know that he knows I am a demon witch hybrid and currently running away from my psycho ex.

“Blaze,” I say

“Yes soulmate” He laughed as he said that

I rolled my eyes.

“Next time you rolled your eyes I will drag your ass to my house and teach some manners” He winked as said that.

My cheeks are so hot right now.

I replied with *Cough* “Do you hate me because of what I am”

Blaze commented with “Baby I love you no matter what species you are to be truth I kind of feel it to be sexy I also got some questions to ask you.”

“Thank you I guess we are dating now,” I said as I put my two index fingers together

“Duh I. Am. Not. Letting. You. Go.”

I pulled him to me and kissed him and say “Blaze do you want to go some quieter so you can ask me questions”

Blaze replies with “No more calling me blaze I go by Baby or Hubby but when in private calling me Daddy” After that he laughed so much

I went on my tip toes and whispered “Daddy”

Then ran for my life and waited for him to run after me, he grabbed his shirt and his hoodies put them on, and ran after me he grabbed me by my waist and attack me neck kissing. Finally, stopped attacking me and walked me to his car and we drove to his house, and we entered. As soon as we entered, I got greeted by his Father I shook his hand and we talked for a while.

“Blaze do you mind if I speak to Amaris alone for 3 minutes” His father spoke

Blaze nodded and said “Dad please don’t say anything wrong”

His dad nodded and said “Amaris follow me”

And I did we entered his work place He sat his desk I sat on the chair across him.

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