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Tied Together

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Elena Rossie, a sweet and simple girl. A seventeen year old who lacks the ability to make decisions. But very confident and strong willed. She believes her crush, Alex Winters likes her back. But what happens when after giving her hope for a relationship Alex admits having feelings for her little sister? What happens when Elena becomes insecure? Will she be able to believe people close to her again.? " Sorry Lena, but I have feelings for her. I cannot lead you on anymore. Let's finish it here. I am happy with her. NOT WITH YOU" " I slid down to the ground and cry out loud. Because I still love him" Facing this humiliation she moves on. But what happens when her sister Alison and her love Alex break up after 2 years. Can she give another chance? Is there any hope? Or will be there someone else who will love her to the core. Read to find out the story of Elena. Her journey of broken love life and hope. ( Note :- Hey readers. This is my first story. My native language is not English. I am improving. If you can tolerate few grammar errors, I am thankful to you for reading.) ..............................................................................................................................

Romance / Drama
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1. I Am Best For Myself

It is a nice summer day.. Recently I turned 17, and honestly, I feel as if nothing has changed.. I am still the same girl for my parents.
My name is Elena Rossie, name taken from my great grandmother.. My mother used to tell a lot of stories about her. She was my mom's role model.. Unfortunately, she died due to heart attack.
I look a lot like my father . Ebony black eyes framed with long thick lases. Almond like eyes.. A straight nose and my lower lip is fuller than the upper one.. I have jet black, tumbly hair with strands of purple highlighter, which reaches a little above my waist .. I am recently very fond of these hair dyes and piercings. After asking almost for an eternity, my mother allowed me to have a belly piercing.
Here I would like to say that my family is a little conservative. And it was never a problem for me. Growing up with both my parents and a little sister who was 1 year younger than me, was fun. My parents are wealthy. They never had to struggle for anything, but they did not spoil us. My mother is very kind and always taught us to serve others before self.
My dad is CEO of the most famous entertainment company, while my mother, she is a film director.
Our world revolves around media, and we have managed to hide from the spotlight. My parents belive that media involvement will spoil our little family.

Alison Rossie, my younger sister, is very outgoing. Unlike me, I am not introverted but then again..I am unpredictable.
I have always been very shy. But I was never insecure. But these teen days are really different from childhood. Everything was good, until I reached my puberty. Hormones affect the most in this stage, and privacy is what we all need. So I started distancing myself from my family more.
My sister started getting more attention from my parents, the kind of attention where she got valuable advice, was never scolded for being the elder sibling and setting inspiration for the younger ones. If I say that I am not jealous, it would be a lie for sure. But not to an extreme level. I loved my alone time.

Ali is very cute and took after my mother. She has forest green eyes and long lashes. She has big doe like eyes and full pouty pink lips. With auburn hair she looks even more enchanting, her long slender legs are the most beautiful part of hers.
While me, duh, had really big boobs, which I learnt to love despite of the little pain. Made me look more feminine. I wasn't exactly fit, but had nice curvaceous waist with deliciously flared hips and bouncy ass.. My legs weren't as long and slender like ali's, but still I loved them.
Problem was I was very curvy while she was just fit like a model..

I was often bullied and fat shamed about my body, and the one who's support I really wanted, gave me a cold shoulder.
I understand living with an older sister. Alison did not like me much, and I knew this from a very long time.
Every sibling have a little grudge, and our problem never reached our parents.

While she got all the attention she wanted, I wasn't wallowing in self-pity.. I learnt to love myself. I loved every inch of me. I loved my confidence, my shyness, my lack of insecurity, and most importantly, my soul...

I know everyone has a beautiful soul inside, and loved every small things which made me happy..

I loved books, a lot of novels. As every girl, I desired to have a soulmate. I loved to go for Shopping and dressing up.
I loved my dusky skin tone and was always appreciated for my sense of style..

Overall, I am a happy little girl, with good self-esteem and full on energy..

I belive best friends are those special people who are meant to bring happiness. I have a few friends, and I love all of them to the moon and back. Except for one. I like him more.

Alex Winter.
I always had a soft spot for him. I will not say that I am in love with him.. But this desire of being with him is really getting more and more. We are friends for almost 3 years, not even best friends. And this is good thing though. If as best friends we start dating, we may not end up being together. Because best friends are known as friends for a reason. I also did not want him to find any weird stuffs about me..

But I really like him ..

And my bestie Aubry, a second sister to me, knew about it..
Told me many times to confess, but being a shy one, doesn't help much..
But enough time is wasted already.

He recently broke up with that little clingy girlfriend of his, also known as the "oh so most popular and confident and arrogant cheerleader"..

I don't doubt about his feelings for me.. I know it's friendly for now. But I am sure those feelings will be replaced by pure love only for me..

Alex's parents are very wealthy. His dad, Paul, is the co-owner of the biggest law firm in our country while his mother, Emilia, is a international fashion designer. Emilia has been like a second mother to me. She is good to everyone. And Alex looks a lot more like his mother. Gorgeous and kind..

Thinking about Alex, I forgot that my school is starting from tomorrow. And like everyone else, I am very much excited.

I just hope, this phase of life brings a new chapter in my life.
Where, Alex and I could get a little closer...

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