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Hookup Culture.

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Angel Lived one of the most conservative lives because of her parents, to the point where she had her virginity at 23. so her last year of college she transfers schools Meets Trent the Towns 'bad Boy'. Second book Is On wattpad: its called ( Dating Culture) under VansbTv. *** The Dj did a mix play, changing the song to an old 2000s song 'Got somebody she is a beauty' The songs balsted exciting everyone again 'Very special really and trulayy" "Excuse me?" Looking to my right I caught eyes with the most handsomest guy ive seen in ... well ever. Our eyes locked creating a gravitational pull with strong electrical waves. He had a freash cut with a white polo t shirt, some light washed jeans, paired with Black timberland boots. "Uh excuse me beautiful... you here alone?" He asked smiling at me. My heart accelerated, 'this is my chance, remember he wont ever see you again... give it your all' 'Gon be right by my side...night and day'

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Since I could Remember my parents have always been down My ass About Who, What, When Where an why!
Who?- Because My Mother Wanted to always make sure I wasn't with no guys, What?- because As My Mother would say "what Do I get About going out when I can Be perfecting My Life? When?- for When Was This 'situation' going to happen an Would it have gotten in the way Of my many Classes My father an Her forced me to take, Like Football, Soccer, Track, Learning To Cook & Clean, sewing... it was Endless list Of things I would wake up an Do every single Day. Where?- Because Lord Knows My Momma Couldn't live with out feeling My heat radiating off of her. An Why For ... Why Couldn't I just Live my own life? I was A woman Now! Ready to spread My wings an Explore the Beautiful things in life with out them! So Not to Long ago I applied for a Different College a bit aways from our small town, but Of course My Mom made that about her Also.
Everyday with My parents Lately Has been A drag. Times been moving Slower an the more they Thought they could control me as I got older The more annoyed I Came with my whole Life.

"Do this Angel- You'll be a pro."

"Not like that Angel."

"You need all the extra Credits you can get."

Sentences I heard repeatedly throughout my entire space of existence, I was Tired. Tired of listening, an doing whatever they ask for when they asked for it.

Getting Out my blank stare Regaining my thoughts I turned over to My Mom.

"Yes Ma'am?" I asked wondering why she was staring at me from the Door with her hands On Her hips.

"Girl You ain't Hear me? I said Ms.joyces daughter was wondering if you could help her with her homework." She says.

I sighed rolling my eyes, Not that I didn't want to Ive just been on edge the last few days waiting for some sort of acceptance letter From HSCU. A college that was Basically on the other side of the state maybe an Hour or so away. I applied a Month ago secretly an at this point I don't even Think they are gunna get back to me. "Ma, Im doing My Homework." I said Clicking through my Gmail Instead chewing on my lip.

"Ok." She walked back to the house phone leaving me be with a wearily expression on her face as if she was tired of me. An that was My issue! I couldn't make one decision with out her down the crack of my ass.

"Evangeline Be a dear an go get the mail for me." My Mother called from the kitchen.

Giving the wall In-between us a cold stare I tossed my laptop off of me huffing to my feet while I stormed out the door. The country roads fresh air filled my nostrils as I did a big ass inhale letting my breath out. The sun was dimmed beautifully this afternoon, shadowing the Trees perfectly, while the leaves blew in the breezes an No matter how annoyed I was I still took just a brief moment before rolling my eyes at my inner thoughts.

"Angel- can you .... Blahzay Blah- will you do this- like Dang it man Im fricking 23 Years Old NOT a Child."I huffed to myself kicking at the ground.

"Would a 23 year old Kick that rock an Pout like you just did?" Snapping my neck towards my father who was coming from the back yard I relaxed slightly.

"You know what I Mean." I rolled my eyes Opening the mailbox grabbing what Was In There. Looking through the names On the envelopes I couldn't help but feel disappointment when I didn't find anything for me.

Walking back into the house I put the mail On the Mail stand sitting back at my seat On the couch putting my laptop back in my lap.

Seeing I Had A New Gmail From just A Minute ago I scrolled up only for my heart to start pounding with Anticipation.

"Its HSCU." I mumbled to myself going to click on the link.

'No.' I thought stopping myself. 'What if it's a rejection?' I furrowed contemplating Why they would decide to Email Me first an not just send me My Congratulations Packet.

'Oh my god- If I got rejected I will be a 40 year old virgin!'

Taking Three deep Breaths I clicked on the Email reading Immediately.



'Oh my lord this is it' I began smiling so big feeling like I was graduating high school again.

You have been accepted into Harveys Staggs College Universities A Home For not only others but now You!

I read the whole things ecstatic with what I was Receiving.

You're 2020 fall season will start on August 20th –

"What?" I say Looking at the date. It was the 18th! That means I only had Tomorrow to get ready.

"MA!" I yelled out Jumping Up an Over the couch running to my room.

"Yeah?" She called back her head showing briefly from the entrance of the door way.

"I got accepted into HSCU!" I yelled out heading to my closet.

"What?" She said confused walking from the kitchen to my room standing at my door.
"You said what Now Girl?" She asked again her lips turned up.

Tossing a heap load of clothes from the hangers On to my bed I turned to my Mom Smileing.

"I got accepted Into HSCU." I said again this time more Calmly sounding sure of my words.

We did the stare game for what felt like a Moment an a half an Soon she cut her eyes from me sucking her teeth.

"No the hell You didn't." She shook her head now 'shaking' in anger. "I know damn well You did not apply to that Big Ole popular College thats Way over damn Yonder!" She half yelled coming into my room Waving her hands.

"I did Ma! An Nothing You or daddy say will stop me from leaving." I smiled Not holding back any sympathy since I was Passionate about finding my own Life without their say or them towering over my shower waiting for me to just mess Up.

"You aint got no Car EVANGELINE!" She yelled turning calling for my Dad. " JACKSON!" She yelled loud while I turned from her grabbing my travel bags opening them up.

"JACKSON ! Bring yo ass in here yo daughter done lost her mind!" She exaggeratedly said huffing, watching as I kept packing up My bags.

I honestly didn't care anymore. I was Past the point of anyone saying I couldn't love my life the way I wanted to.

"What about the community college here Angel?" She turned back to me pointing her fingers in my space.

"You mean the same community college- You have all the teachers convinced that I should do my work online Since you personally know everyone?!" I snapped at her. Our town was small an pretty isolated from the rest of the world so really everyone knew everyone.

My moms face soften an she went to open her mouth to say something quickly closing it again. "Angel-." She started off to say.

"Whats Going on?" My Dad asked showing up wiping his hands on his shirt.

"You're daughter is trying to leave to HSCU!" She exclaimed.
"What?" he snapped his neck my way.

"Dad." I stood up straight. "Tell Mom I'm A growing woman an I can do what I want." I squinted at him testing him to see whose side he was on.
He took in a deep breath Looking from my Mom to me. He looked conflicted looking from my mothers hard face to my soft one both of us just waiting to hear what he was About to say.

"Gina-." He began to say an instantly my mom smacked her teeth shaking her head.

"NO!" My mom shook her head trying to walk away.

"You cant tell me No ma! Im Going! An Either you can Drop me Off, Or watch me Leave the house in A taxi." I shrugged going back to my clothes.

"Are You out your mind girl Talking to me like that?!" She exclaimed pointing her finger at me again.

I just rolled my eyes at her. "I ain't even Say nothing!"

"Gina." My dad looked over to her, an As if knowing i wouldn't have backe down he just lowered his head a small frown placed on his lips.

"Just Let her go." He spoke all of us standing in our spots.

"How could you say that?!" She argued trying to make the whole situation about her per usual.

"What do you mean Ma Im 23 years old." I say rolling my eyes stuffing shit in my suitcase prepared to just to a hotel room an stay there until I have to leave, I have my own money from my scholarship I don't need theres; an I can maybe try an find a job or something-.

"And your still My damn daughter living under my damn roof who needs to live by my damn rules!" She huffed walking closer to me Taking about two steps forwards.

"As A Grown Woman Trying to Leave I beg to differ ma, you're acting a bit fricking crazy." I shook my head Sitting on the edge of my bed sighing hard. "Y'all have taught me All I know... but I don't want to live Under the shadow of an Hardcore CO of a company an A Famous House wife that went viral a few times!" I huffed, my words just coming out with ease since I've been holding in how I been feeling About This Situation basically my whole life; Not adding in the fact My father use to be an Drunk, drugged out abusive person Who thankfully changed over the years, I was Just Ready to Go.

"This is Crazy ! I cant believe we are having this conversation!" She exclaimed tossing her hands in the air again. "You've Been In Cambridge Since a Little girl! We know Everyone Here! If anything was to happen You would have people to rely on! Your Whole dads side of the family Lives here! What About your Grandmother-!" She rambled on her eyes watching as I moved from my closet to my dressers then back to my travel bags, packing whatever I thought Was Needed.

"That's Exactly why Ma! Im tired of you treating me Like a Child! Im not a child! An thats what everyone Treats me Like! A damn Child!" I said. "I mean I cant even Go to the grocery store with out you attached to my Hip Making Sure Guys Stay Away From me!" I said.

"Your Virginity is Sacred Evangeline! I just wanna keep you pure!"

"You can keep me pure with out Trapping me!" I snapped back Braking My neck at her.

"I think this is getting a Bit out of control -." My dad tried to say.

"Oh shut up Jackson! You haven't at all!" She looked back at him swatting her hand in a 'shoo' motion.

"Gina The Girl Isn't a Girl Anymore!" He pointed at Her now Walking fully into my room. It wasn't a Huge room So we all had are arms space standing in a triangle looking at each other.

"Shes My Damn Girl!" My mom Cried stomping her foot. "I gave birth to You! I provide for you! All I Ask is You listen to my advise!" She blubbered.

"What advise is that Ma? to marry a Guy is dad's company so I don't have to work ever again Just Like You!" I stared hard cutting my eyes from my dad to my mother

"Hush Yo Mouth Girl!" She said slowly.

"Why! Because You Know Its true Ma?! I mean what type of goal is that? I wanna be a Interior designer, have a blog- or Influencer! Something someone would be able to look up to an say 'dang I wanna be like Her!'" I knew I was Hitting Low, but what choice was she leaving me with? If I said High she'll say Low, if I say fast She say slow! It was Impossible winning with her, but I wasn't wasn't backing out this time This was my life, if she gave it to me or not I was Going to do with what I wanted to.

"If you Leave Evangeline I swear Ill-." She began to say.

"You'll what?" I raise a Brow to her.

My mother crossed her arms an both of us just looked at each other daring the other to say something.

"We wont be taking You." She said.

"I am." My dad said firmly My Mom Snapping her neck towards Him.
"Jackson don't Play with me!" She snapped.

"I ain't woman! This My damn daughter too an if she says she wants to Go she should be able to-" he paused looking away from my Mothers gaze to the floor, back Up again an to me. "We've done Enough Gina, she Deserves this."

"But." She looked over to me tears in her eyes. "This is my baby Girl." She finally cried.
Walking over to Her I gave my Mom a Hug giving a tight squeeze.

"An Ill Happily keep that Title if You Let me live ma." I pulled back a bit looking at her.

"Shes right." My daddy modded. "We're holding on too tight."

"This is to much." My mom sighed wiping her face. "But I Guess If you Really want to do this then You can." She gave up her shoulders slumping in defeat.

"Yes!" I hugged her again hoping Up an Down. "Im so glad your accepting because I didn't really wanna Argue." I shrugged rocking us.

My mom just pulled back looking down.

"Yeah I get it, just give me a Few." She turned away walking out my door with out looking back up.

I looked over to my father a shocked expression on my face an He just rubbed the back of his head.
"Just let her be for right now Angel we can talking about it in the morning- You are staying until morning right?" He asked raising a brow to me.
"Yeah dad I dont leave Until The day After." I pulled my lips up giving him a 'mhm' face.

His eyes went wide for a second "wow Ok," he blinked hard. "You can Tell your mom that Tomorrow." He turned from me walking away.

"But - dad!"

"Uh uh." He shook his finger closing my room door.

Turning back to my stuff I smiled. A Fresh start! A chance to make New friends an meet nee faces!
I didn't to much click with anyone from my hometown, not that they were rude or ugly towards each other but We all basically grew up together so most of the town is either family Or married into family. An We all just did are own things, sure my cousins an I would try to sneak me out so I could go an Live life But I got caught every time an Just eventually just gave up giving into the whole 'you're not missing anything from a Party' speech.

But what did they know when it came to my life?

The rest of the night I finished packing leaving only three outfits out for myself for tomorrow.

*knock knock* I heard from my door, turning up I looked over to my mom seeing her all fussed up about something.

"Your dad told me you're leaving after tomorrow." She shakily said humming to herself afterwards being dramatic as hell.

"Well I don't know why He would do That." I shrugged getting up from my bed. "He told me I needed to." I say standing in front of her now.

"Angel Before you go Could you at Least walk on down to the community collage an say goodbye to everyone." She blinked back her tears Ready to cry again.

"Ma-." I tried to protest against her.

"Please Angel." She tilted her head at me putting her hand on her heart.

"Fine Ma." I slouched my shoulders. "If thats the case Ima go to bed now.... cos I want daddy to take me shopping I need some stuff before I go."

"Thank You." She nodded at me. "We gon' go on an head to bed too, Night Baby." She turned away.

"Night Ma." I smiled at her walking back to my bed to lay down.

The next Morning I got Up around 7, just use to being On a regular schedule year round with my parents. I got ready to go taking My shower an Getting dressed. A simple solid color shirt was good enough with some skinny jeans an my Pumps. Walking out the front door I locked it behind me starting the beautiful walk towards the college. It was Only about A 15 minute walk since our town wasn't that big. The walk was beautiful, full of birds chirping an A beautiful breeze that felt like You were standing On the rails of a boat with your arms spread open soaking in the fresh smell. I honestly didn't mind walking, since Ive played in so many sports Walking had become one of my favorite hobbies since thats what it always boils down to. Getting to The School I pressed the buzzer for the school an soon after the door unlocked to let me in. I walked into the office smiling at the desk ladies since one was My Aunt.

"Morning Angel! We Just Got Your Request For your transcripts from HSCU! " my aunt an Mrs.Greene Looked up to me her teeth a pearl white, she got them done a while back; use to have really big buck teeth all around, so I Feel her.
"We are so Happy For you!" Mrs.Greene said.

"Seriously, Good for you Angel... My in law a Little - well you know." My Aunt joked.

"Controlling?" I said back happily chuckling "an Thanks Mrs.Green... you guys Mind if I?" I finished my question pointing to the main halls of the college.

"No Hunny! An Say Good bye to your cousin they should be switching classes any second an he's On the 3rd floor." She said.

"Ok!" I waved them off As I made my way to the elevator. Going Up I waited in the main foyer of the floor waiting for the bell to ring just looking around. This place was home, but I was Ready to go.

The bell dismissed the classes an After a Minute of so Kids began to come out. I said hey as a Few people recognize me, but smiled happily seeing My knuckle headed cousin come from out the doors with his friends.

"Fliex!" I called over to him. He turned to me an waved coming over.
"Whats up cuzo!" He pulled me into a hug his homeboys standing behind him.

"Hey! I just came to say See ya Later! Im taking My Last semester at HSCU!" I grabbed his arm excitedly.

"Alright Good for you!" He high five me. "but Aint they already start classes though?"

I nodded smirking. "Sure did, but they had this Contest where 10 students could come in on a full ride with a a 100,000 scholarship... An I happened to win a spot!" I gave him a charming face blinking my eyes jokingly.
"Did it behind my momma back an
all." I rolled my eyes.

"Dang Girl thats-."
"Impressive?" I cut him off giving him A pointed look.

"Hell yeah, Better give them a hell of a show too!." My cousin shook his head bumping My arm with his. "But let me catch you later I gotta interview an Then another new Introduction Class." He gave me a hug.

"Ok Ill see you later!" I waved him off Going to see some other teachers
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