Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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9: The race began

Chapter 9: The race began!


I waited for Victoria to get out of the bathroom where she was talking to Bryan on the phone. I could hear her pleading with him not to come here. She was more scared of him then she was scared of anything else. I knew she wouldn’t ever ask for help though. She had too much pride for that type of thing.

I laid there looking at the door waiting and finally it opened she had red teary eyes but tried hiding the fact that she had been crying. My face suddenly dropped and I got out of bed and walked over to her and pulled her slowly into me not trying to hurt her. She stayed in my arms and cried when I’m guessing she felt better she looked up and smiled one of her beautiful smiles that was full of life at me.

I let go of her and she walked over to the bed and sat down with her legs crossed. I walked over and sat across from her and looked at her.

“So I’m scared to ask.” I said rubbing the back of my neck.

“He said that since I was here with you that I’m a whore and no good and that everyone at school is going to know about the baby. And he just said that if I show my face at school he’ll make it hell and said to go die. And that everything he’s done to be has been my fault and I’ve deserved every minute of it. Then he broke up with me.”

“So what now?” I asked hoping she would have the answer since I didn’t.

“Well now we go riding.” She said with a smile and hoping off the bed grabbing my hand.

I chuckled then we walked out of the bedroom and out the house to my car. She wanted to go home and get dressed first and since she would take the most time I agreed. I pulled away from Ty’s house and she started messing with my radio system flipping through all the songs. Finally she came to a song that she liked and started blasting it. Where’d you go by Fort Minor. She began to follow along to it, and I can honestly say she was pretty good. We got to her house and hopped out of my car and went into her house. It’s been forever since I’ve been here. We walked up to her bedroom and she went into her closet so she could grab her riding clothes. I sat down on her bed while she went to take her shirt off forgetting I was sitting there.

She turned around and covered her now exposed chest. She blushed a bright pink on her cheeks and I chuckled.

“Um. Sorry about that. I’m used to just changing.”

I chuckled and held my hand up, “Victoria I’ve known you for years you act like you never used to flash me when you were younger.”

She rolled her eyes then turned around and got redressed but went into her bathroom and put her pants on. When she was done she came out and if she wasn’t like a little sister to me I would say she looked extremely sexy but I won’t say that seeing that she’s Ty’s cousin and she’s like a little sister.

She looked at me and then looked down at herself and realized she didn’t look like she was going riding.

“I have your riding clothes at my house. From the last time we went.”

She nodded then we left the house and I drove to my house where we both got dressed and ready to go. I grabbed my truck and loaded the bikes and off we were to the tracks that we used to go to when we would ride.

When we got to the track she hopped out of the truck and tried unloading her bike but it almost fell on top of her. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the sound of her squeal.

“What’s so funny?” She said with a pout on her face.

I chuckled and walked over then took her face in my hands and said, “You’re such a girl.”

Her mouth dropped and she pushed me away, “We’ll see about that when your coughing up my dust.”

“So it’s a race is it?” I asked unloading my bike.

“Isn’t it always?” She said winking at me.

“Well that wages?”

“Same as always?”

“Victoria we haven’t ridden in years I don’t remember our old wages.”

She shook her head then we walked our bikes to where the beginning would be and she said, “I win you’re my bitch for a week.”

“Those weren’t the wages.”


“Weren’t they if I won you had to go on a date with me and if I won you’d get to use my car for a week?”


“And how come neither of those things ever happened?”

“Because I beat both of your asses every time.”

We both turned around and saw Ty standing there all suited up with his bike next to him.

“Now this should be fun.” I said rolling my eyes smiling.

“I’m kicking both your asses.” Ty said.

“Can we just race already?” Victoria said mounting her bike

Tori stood in front of us three and me and Ty mounted our bikes and Tori signaled to go.

The race began!!
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