Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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10: It's best for her

Chapter 10: It’s best for her


I sat on my bike watching the boys ride around the track doing as many tricks as they could. I used to love riding with the guys when we were younger until Bryan decided to make me his girl then everything changed.

My phone started to ring so I got off my bike and walked over to the truck where Adam had put my phone. I picked it up and saw that my mom had called me an hour ago when me and the boys were racing. And that Bryan had left me a message. I sighed. I knew if I didn’t listen to it when he called me later and questioned me about it there would be problems.

“Vikky. Vikky. Vikky. How stupid are you? You really think that I’m going to let you just be with Adam like that. You must be stupid to think I would do that. Your mine. You’re carrying my baby. And you’ll always be mine. Remember that. Now have fun with Adam, Ty and Tori cuz when you get back you won’t be seeing them for a long long time. Love you. Bye baby.”

I looked at my phone and the sound of his voice made me cringe, I should have known he wouldn’t let me go like that. He never had before. And me being here with the guys and Tori was making everything so much worse. I sighed and sat down on the footstep of Adam’s truck and looked at the keys sitting on top of the seat where he left them and left the truck unlocked. That’s when I got the idea.

I walked over to the bed of the truck and shut it then got into the driver’s seat and drove away from the track where Tori’s head turned and looked at me. She looked confused. I sped away and drove towards my house.

I parked out front leaving the trunk on and ran inside grabbing my suitcase and throwing clothes into it then zippering it and running out to the truck. I threw it into the passenger seat and drove away from the house. I couldn’t stay in this city anymore I couldn’t be here. I had to get away, from Bryan, from Adam, from everyone. Because I knew if I tried being with Adam Bryan would kill him and if I stayed with Bryan he’d kill me sooner or later. I wouldn’t let that happen. I wouldn’t get hurt and I wouldn’t let anyone else get hurt.

I was driving fast when I didn’t see the sharp right turn sign until I passed it but it was already too late. I stepped on the gas and the trunk spun and rolled over the barrier and rolled down the hill until it stopped flipping and stopped rolling. Everything was hurting and I was able to move my right arm still. But I was caught. I moved my arm so I could grab my phone and called 911. The lady talked to me until the rescue squad got there but once they got me out of the truck everything went black.


I heard screaming when I turned my head I saw Tori racing over to the hill on the track and both Ty and I stopped our bikes and dropped them. We ran over to her and she was crying.

“Babe what’s wrong?” Ty asked her.

“It’s Vikky.”

I looked around and didn’t see Vikky and I didn’t see my truck either. I looked at Tori and she was telling Ty how Vikky took my truck and how she answered Ty’s phone when Vikky’s mom called and told her that Vikky was in my truck and was speeding and the truck flipped over a barrier and rolled down a hill.

“Where is she?” I said running past them to Ty’s car.

“Journey Hospital” I nodded then kept running.

“Adam she’s in a coma.”

I stopped in my tracks, turned and looked at Tori. I felt my legs going weak and I almost fell to the ground but Ty grabbed my arm and brought me to his car and drove to the hospital. When we got there Ty parked the car and we ran inside and to the front desk.

“Is Victoria Montgomery here?” Ty asked looking at the lady behind the front desk. She looked at the three of us. Which I don’t blame her since me and Ty were both still in our riding clothes and Tori’s face was all red from crying. She checked her computer and nodded then gave us the room number and we ran up the stairs and to the room where they put Victoria.

We walked into the room and there laid Victoria hooked up to machines keeping her alive, her face was all cut up and she had a cast on her left arm and her right leg. She was banged up real bad. Her mom was sitting there holding her hand when she looked up and saw us. She stood up and walked over to us and Ty held his aunt in her arms and rubbed her back. Tori stood there and watched her old best friend lay there on the bed motionless. When Ty and Victoria’s mom stopped hugging she hugged Tori then came and hugged me. When she pulled away she looked at the three of us.

“The doctor said that from the accident she lost the baby. Ty she was pregnant?”

Ty nodded then explained how it was Bryan’s but didn’t tell her about the rape. She already had so much to worry about.

“I don’t want him anywhere near my daughter. I think that it’s time I call her father and have him take her for a while. At least until Bryan graduates anyways.”

I looked from Victoria to Misses M. and I didn’t say anything I just nodded, that was the last thing I wanted but I know that her being with her dad would be the best thing for her. I stood up against the wall while Ty sat on the chair with Tori on his lap.

Misses M. went to make the call to Victoria’s dad. I don’t really remember him seeing as that he left when we were all still kids. I still remember how bad that affected Victoria. She didn’t go to school for a month because she thought it was her fault that he left. I still remember the day she came back she was a totally different person. She wasn’t full of life anymore she was always alone and always sad.

Until me and Ty took her riding with us one day and that’s when she started to be the happy Victoria we all loved and cared about. Misses M. walked back into the room and looked at us and sighed then walked over and kissed her daughters head.

“He’ll be here tomorrow to get her things and bring them to his house. Ty and Adam do you boys mind helping him move her things with him seeing as how he can’t get everything to the airport alone?”

“Sure auntie.”

“Sure. Where does he live anyways?”


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