Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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12: Better for me

Chapter 12: Better for me


I sat there and listened to Adam and Lily talk about their son. Neither of them realized I was awake so I wasn’t going to ruin their lovely moment. Even if every second of it was killing me inside. How could I be so stupid to think of me and Adam as a couple? I heard the door open and saw a nurse walk in she looked at them then looked at me.

“You’re awake?” She said.

Adam spun around and looked at me; he looked like he just saw a ghost.

“Vikky?” He never called me that.

“Nurse can you call my mom I want to see her.” I asked and the nurse left.

Adam was still looking at me as I looked down at my finger tips. My left arm was in a cast and my right leg was in one too. I was banged up pretty bad, but I was alive so that was all good.

“Hey Lily. Glad to see you’re back.” I was going to be nice. She did make Adam happy when they used to date so why not. I’ll put aside my feelings for him to be happy with her and his son. I wasn’t going to ruin a family.

She smiled and walked over and hugged me lightly trying not to hurt me. She clearly hasn’t any clue of Adam and me. Adam and Me? What am I kidding there wasn’t ever an Adam and Me.

“How was Oklahoma?” I asked.

“Eventful. How are you feeling?” She asked.

“Pretty banged up but I’ll live. So I heard you had a baby. Where is he I’d love to meet him.”

“He won’t be here until tomorrow. He’s flying in with my parents. I wanted come and tell Adam before they got here.”

“Oh that’s good. Can’t wait to meet him. Do you have any pictures with you I’d love to see them?” I asked.

“I have tons.” She said sitting next to me showing me all the pictures on her phone.

Adam stood there watching us from where he was when I woke up. He hasn’t moved.

A few minutes later and about 100 pictures later Ty walked into the room and saw me sitting with Lily looking at pictures.

“Thank god you’re awake. Lily your back?”

She nodded and I smiled then held up her phone, “She’s showing me pictures of her and Adam’s son.”

Ty’s eyes went wide and he walked over to me and hugged me then looked at Adam and questioned, “Son? Since when?”

“About 2 years ago before I left I got pregnant and well yeah 9 months later I had our son Luke. He arrives tomorrow with my parents.” Lily explained

Ty nodded then looked back at me and sighed, “What were you thinking Vikky?”

“Bryan called and left me a message and I just I don’t I got upset and I had to get away and when I was driving I missed a sharp turn sign and by the time I realized it was too late and the truck flipped and rolled. I called 911 after then everything went black and I woke up to these two love birds talking about their son.” I smiled at the ending.

Adam rubbed the back of his neck he finally moved.

“I’ll pay for the repairs Adam. I’m so sorry I ruined your truck.” I said.

“It’s okay Victoria. At least you’re okay. That’s all that matters.” He was back to calling me Victoria.

A few minutes later my mom and dad walked into the room. My dad?

“What are you doing here?” I said looking at the man who was supposed to be my father.

My mom walked over to me and hugged me then sat down next to my legs and sighed, “Victoria you’re going to go stay with your dad for a while. That way you can get away from here for a while and spend time with your dad that you haven’t been able to.”

“I thought he was supposed to get here tomorrow?” Adam asked.

So he knew.

“I took an earlier flight so I could be here before the moving started.”

“Do I get a say in all this?” I asked looking at all them. Lily moved from my bed and walked over to Adam who was standing there looking at my father. She whispered something in his ear then looked at me and smiled, “I’m going to go. I’ll stop by tomorrow with Luke so you can meet him. Feel better. Bye everyone.”

I smiled then said bye and looked at everyone again. My mom was sitting next to my legs while my dad stood behind her and Ty sat next to me in the chair and Adam was still in the same place.

“Victoria you’re mother told me this isn’t the first time you tried killing yourself. You need time away from here. So that’s that.”

“Sorry last time I checked Clint. You have no say in anything I do anymore. You haven’t for 10 years. So you can’t come in here and say that’s that when you have no idea what’s been going on.” I looked at my mom after I said that and she sighed.

“Mom how can you just make me go stay with him after he left us?”

“Vikky I don’t know. But I’m not going to let this keep happening. This is the second time in a week that you’ve been back here because of the things going on. And I’m not going to lose my daughter to this shit. I’m sorry sweetheart but you’re going to stay with him. I’m going to stay for a little while when we move you there but you are going to stay there until everything here is fixed.”

I sighed and shook my head and she put her hand behind the back of my head and kissed my forehead then left with my dad to go ask the doctor when I could leave. I looked at Ty and he was looking at the ground.

“Ty?” I asked.

He looked up at me and smiled but when he saw that I was ready to cry he got up and sat next to me and held onto me.

“I don’t want to go and stay with him.”

“I know Vikky. I know.”

“Vikky?” Adam said.

I looked at him and he frowned, “How much did you hear?”


With those words his eyes fell and he nodded then left the room. Ty looked at me and I started to cry into his arms. He pulled me slowly close to him and held me there as I cried.

My parents soon came back into the room after I had calmed down and after I was lying on Ty’s chest sleepy.

“The doctor’s said you can leave whenever you’re up for it. They said you’ll need to check in with the doctor’s in Italy but you weren’t in a coma long enough for it to do anything to your brain so they aren’t worried.” I nodded.

My mom kissed my head and my dad walked over and I put my hand up so he stopped in his tracks and my mom sighed. She knew I wouldn’t forgive him that easily so I don’t know why he thought I would. They left and I laid there on Ty’s chest as he slept.

I didn’t want to wake him so I grabbed the crutches that the nurse put there for when I would want to get up and move around. I crutched to the bathroom and looked my face. I had a few cuts on my face and everything and you couldn’t really notice any of the marks Bryan had left me before. They were finally going away. I crutched back to the bed and got back into the bed. I lay onto Ty’s chest and went to sleep.

I didn’t want to realize that I would be leaving the one place that’s been my home since I was born. But maybe my mom was right. Maybe it was for the best, this way Bryan wouldn’t be able to get to me and hurt me. This way Adam could have a happy family and this way I wouldn’t have to watch my heart break every time I would see them together or see him. Yeah moving to Italy with my dad will be better for me.
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