Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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13: Final goodbye

Chapter 13: My final goodbye

Two days later


I crutched out of my house and looked at my dad and mom putting boxes into the car. My dad said something to my mom and she laughed then held up her middle finger and he chuckled along with her. It was fun to see my parents laughing together since the last time they were together all they did was fight. I crutched over to the car and handed my dad another small box that I was able to carry while being on stupid crutches. He put it into the van and smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes I still wasn’t happy with how he left us but I was forgiving slowly since I was going to be staying with him. Ty walked out of the house with a donut in his hand and he was chewing down on it. I chuckled and crutched over and grabbed it from his hand before he could bite into it.

“Hey give me that back!” He yelled and cashed me around the yard for his donut which wasn’t pretty fast since I was on crutches. I heard my parents laughing and saw Tori come out of the house and sat on the porch watching us run around like weirdoes and a cripple.

“Vikky we’re going to miss the flight just give him the donut so we can finish getting everything in here so we can go.” My dad said and I stopped crutching around the yard and Ty was about to bump into me when I moved out of the way and he fell onto the ground.

“How you’re so quick on those things is beyond me and you have a broken hand.” My mom said.

“It’s because I’m not a baby and will go to any length to have fun.” I said smiling handing Ty his donut when he stood up brushing his legs off. He took his donut proudly and walked over and sat down next to Tori.

“That’s all the boxes I’m brining. I’ll come back and get the rest when ­­­ I come back for winter break.”

“Hey I said we’d talk about that. I never said it was a yes yet.”

“You never said it was a no.” I said sticking out my tongue at my father who was standing next to the van.

“She’s just like you. You have to remember that.” My mom said to my dad. He rolled his eyes and then looked at the car pulling into the driveway.

It was Lilly and Adam coming to say bye with Luke. They got out of the car and walked over to me. Adam still hadn’t talked to me but told Ty he would come and say bye. Lily walked over and gave me a hug. After we pulled away she picked up Luke and I smiled and waved at him. He reached out and hugged me still being held in Lily’s arms. When I pulled away from him I looked at Adam. He was standing a few feet away. I gave him a small smile and he crutched over and hugged me.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in my ear. I nodded then we pulled away and he went and stood next to his family.

Ty and Tori got up and walked towards me, Tori hugged me first and then when she pulled away said, “I’m sorry about everything we’ve been through I was just making sure you didn’t end up like my cousin.”

I smiled and nodded, “I forgive you.”

She smiled, “Make sure you Skype me whenever you get the chance I want to know all about Italy.” I nodded and chuckled.

Ty looked like he was hit by a truck when he had to hug me. “You call me whenever. I’ll answer my phone regardless. I don’t care if it’s 3am here. Call if you need me.”

“I’ll call but not with everything and I’ll text you so I know if I should call because I don’t want to call when you and Tori are having sex.” I said winking at Tori who went red. I loved doing that when she and I were close and she knew it.

“Thanks Vikky.” She said.

“Anytime dollface.”

Ty hugged me close to him and then let go and went to hug my parents. I got into the van and waved bye to them. I was going to miss my friends but I had to do this. I had to. We pulled away from the house and drove to the airport. I sat in the back and watched as my home city was going by in the windows.

When we past the beach I saw Bryan’s car sitting there. I knew I didn’t want to see him so I didn’t say anything. We got to the airport and unloaded the van and my dad left the van, we went and checked in then waited for our flight to be called. Once it did we boarded the plane, I sat next to the window and watched as the plane took off. I looked down on the city and said my final goodbye.

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