Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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14: True colors show

Chapter 14: True colors show


I sat at my computer doing a stupid research paper for my college class. I really hated writing these things they were pointless. I was half way through when Skype messenger showed up. I saw Vikky’s name and picture and smiled. I accepted and then a few seconds later I saw Vikky’s face. She was tan from always being in the sun.


“Hey. What’s up?”

“Writing this stupid research paper.”

“That sucks how far are you with it?”


“When’s it due?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Have fun.”

“Yah shadup.”

She chuckled then looked to her right and smiled.

“You with someone?”


“Oh? Can I meet them?”

“I guess.”

She waved her fingers and then a boy came and sat down in her chair.

“Who’s this?”

“I’m Dominic. You must be Ty.”

“Yeah. So what are you to my cousin?”

“A friend from school. Relax Ty. He’s been looking out for me. He knows everything from before. Don’t worry I’ve been kept in line. Plus my dad approves.”

“Vikky you forget your dad wasn’t around for 10 years. He’ll approve to anyone haven’t you realized that yet?”

She shrugged and Dominic said, “Ty I know your making sure no one else screws her over. But trust me I have no intention of doing that.”

“And why’s that?”

“Ty he’s gay.”

I felt seriously stupid and put my head down and nodded, “Sorry about that Dominic. Just make sure my cousin doesn’t get into too much shit okay?”

“I’ll make sure of that. You have my word.” He said that and I nodded.

“Vikky was there something you needed because I need to get this paper down and get ready for work.”

“No I just wanted you to meet Dom. And oh how’s Adam?”

“Why don’t you call him and see?”

“No I don’t want to. He’s probably busy with his family.”

“Vikky you can’t avoid him forever. You’re going to need to talk to him. Seeing as how we’ll be there before your birthday.”

“Wait what I thought it was only your parents, Tori, you, and my mom coming. I didn’t know Adam was coming.”

“Well I wasn’t going to not invite someone who used to be your best friend. “

She sighed and then nodded and we said bye and hung up Skype.

“She really doesn’t want to talk to me does she?” Adam asked from where he was sitting on my bed.

I turned around and looked at him, “She’s hurt Adam. You totally forgot about her when Lily was in the hospital room with you. And she feels like if she sees you all you’re going to do is talk about Luke and Lily or tell her how sorry you are and all that shit. “

“l wouldn’t go and talk about Lily or Luke. But I am sorry I never wanted her to find out like that. Hell she found out the same time I did.”

“Yes Adam. But she also watched as you took Lily right back into your arms like she never hurt you. That’s what’s killing her because she was there to help your through the whole thing and it was like a slap to the face when you took Lily back.”

Adam sighed and nodded his phone started to ring and he picked it up and then answered it.

I heard Luke yell daddy in the background and I saw Adam’s eyes shine when he heard his son say daddy. He stood up and then went to say something to me but I shook my head and put thumbs up telling him it was fine and I’d talk to him later. He left and I went back to writing my paper. When I finally finished Tori walked into my bedroom with her phone away from her face and I heard yelling in the background.

I looked at her confused and she rolled her eyes. Bryan had been calling yelling at her since the moment Vikky left and each time I would get on the phone he would keep yelling and then when I said to meet me he would bitch out. So I had Tori put it on speaker and listened to what Bryan had to say.

“Tori you need to give me her address in Italy. I need to apologize to her. I need to. I fucked up bad with her. I don’t want to lose her and our baby.” He still thought she was pregnant. Fuck.

I took the phone and Tori’s eyes pleaded with me not to get into a fight and I nodded then spoke, “Bryan she’s doing better then she has in a long time. And she lost the baby when she got into the accident she lost it.”

“She lost my kid?! Ty I have to talk to her please. At least give me her number so I can talk to her.”

“No Bryan. Every time you talk to her she gets all depressed and each time she tried killing herself was because of something you did or said to her. So sorry if I won’t let you get in my cousin’s head again and fuck with it. Now stop calling my girlfriend before I call the cops.”

I hung up before he could say anything and looked at Tori sitting at my computer fixing my research paper for me. I walked over and kissed her cheek and looked at the picture of the three of us all hanging out at the beach when we were younger. We had so much fun that day playing on the beach in the sand.

Tori finished working on my paper and I drove her home since her car was in the shop from when she backed into a pole. How? We’re still not sure. When I pulled up to her house she looked at the dark house and sighed. She hated being there and I couldn’t blame her. Her parents were never home and never gave a crap about her when they were. All they cared about was themselves and whoever they were sleeping with that night. I looked at her in the eyes and could see the happiness draining from her eyes.

“Babe you okay?”

“Ty we need to talk.”

“What about baby girl?”

“I can’t see you anymore.”

“Tori that’s not funny.”

“I’m not joking Ty. I can’t see you anymore. Please don’t try and call me. I don’t want this to be hard I just want to have everything be easy and be over.”

“Why don’t you just rip my heart out why don’t you?”

“I never loved you. I lied so I could get close to you three and then once I did told Bryan everything Vikky did. He told me if I did then he wouldn’t hurt me so I had to. I’m sorry Ty.”

“Are you telling me you’re the reason he raped my cousin? And beat her?”

She put her head down so I reached across her and opened my car door, unbuckled her seat belt and looked ahead of me. “Get out of my car.”

“Ty please.”

“Get the fuck out of my car you stupid bitch I never want to see you again. Go and play your little kid games with someone else because I’m done playing them. Don’t call me again.”

She got out of the car and I reached over and shut the door then sped away from her house. I couldn’t believe her I had to get the fuck away from her. I decided where I wanted to go and I drove there.

It began to pour and when I pulled up to the house I saw her bedroom light on so I parked next to the curb and got out of my car and went to the back of the house. I climbed up the tree that was next to her window and onto the balcony that led to her bedroom. I felt like I was the 2012 version of Romeo but I had to see her since she was the only one who could calm me down now that Vikky was in Italy.

I knocked on the door and a few seconds later I saw her face peek out behind the velvet curtain and she looked surprised and opened the doors.

“Tyler what are you doing here it’s late.”

“Val….” Before I could say anything else she pulled me into her arms and I wrapped mine around her and just held her there in the pouring rain with me as I cried to her. Valery my high school sweetheart and my first for everything, I just wish that the first couple things never happened.

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