Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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16: Dont walk away from me

Chapter 16: Don’t walk away from me!


I sat at the kitchen island and looked over my homework that I wasn’t sure if I did right at all. The high school I was going to was harder since I didn’t understand that much Italian and didn’t know how to write anything at all in Italian. My dad walked into the kitchen and poured the coffee I made this morning into his coffee container. He kissed my head and looked down at the papers in my hands then smiled.

“Hai finito i compiti a casa vedo. Com’è uscire. Hai capito tutto?”

(You finished your homework i see. How’d it come out. You understand everything?)

I looked at him confused i hated when he would try talking to me in Italian knowing i didn’t know crap. So just to bug him i shrugged and replied back with my smart ass remarks.

“Ovviamente ho capito cosa stai cercando di dire papà? Non sono così stupido mi dà qualche credito. Andiamo.”

(Obviously i understand it what are you trying to say dad? I’m not that stupid give me some credit. Come on.)

He looked at me not amused and shook his head, “I don’t get why you don’t try and have Dominic teach you Italian Vik it would help you be at home here a lot better.”

“I tried Mr. Montgomery i really did but she doesn’t want to learn it she just uses the smart ass remarks she found on the internet and begs me to help her with her school work.” Dom said walking into the house bumping my shoulder.

Dad looked at me and just shook his head not knowing what to say. He looked down at his watch and sighed, “I need to get to the office I’ll see you two for dinner remember Vik next week your mother and cousin will be coming so try and seem happy when they do.”

“You tell me this everyday dad. I’m sorry but i threw my life in pause back in Florida and now everyone expects me to be all happy go lucky. I’m sorry but i don’t see the point of celebrating my birthday this year.”

My dad looked from me to Dom and he nodded then my dad kissed my forehead and left. I looked at Dom and gave him a weird look.

“What was that about?” I asked.

“Your dad just wants you to be happy Vik. Will you at least try for him? He’s been doing a lot to try and make this home for you even though you won’t let it be home.”

I sighed and nodded then looked at the clock on the stove and got up from my seat and went into my bedroom and grabbed my stuff for school. I was already dressed and ready to go just needed to put everything in my bag. Dom came and sat down on my bed and watched as i got everything together.

“You know the headmistress is going to have a cow if you wear that to school right?”

“She can have her cow I’m not changing i look good.”

“I won’t lie you do. But at least bring a jacket to put over, it’s suppose to rain today we wouldn’t want the boys that are already your bitch dropping to the ground and bowing.”

“I would seriously love to see that one day.”


“Chill I’m only kidding. Sort of. Okay not really but i would love to see that and you know you would want to too.”

He just smiled and i chuckled then grabbed my jacket and swung it over my shoulder and grabbed my bag and keys then left the house and walked down the steps of the building we were staying in. I grabbed Dom’s hand in mine like we always did to make sure no one would try and get with me. We were walking down the stairs when i bumped into someone and stopped and looked at them with an apology ready.

“Mi dispiace dinon prestavaattenzione.Colpa mia.”

(I’m sorry i wasn’t paying attention. My fault.)

When the person looked up at me my heart stopped and my stomach did flips.

There with his brown messy hair covering a small part of his light blue eyes that were staring up at me. His perfect teeth showed with his smile he flashed me. He was standing there wearing a blue fox plaid woven shirt with blue slim jeans and blue kangaroos and a Nixon ‘The 42-20 Chrono’ Watch on his wrist. His eyes darted towards my hand which was holding Dom’s. I instantly dropped his hand and Dom looked from me to him and went to walk away.

“Why are you here?”!

“I came to…. Never mind.”


“I never walked away Victoria. You did. You always walked away and would end up back with Bryan. I came to tell you that I…. that I love you. But I can see you don’t feel the same. I don’t blame you. Well I thought you should know Luke isn’t mine he’s Bryans. Thought you should know. Bye Victoria.” He said walking away.

I watched as he left and got into a car that was parked at the bottom of the steps. When he drove away I felt my body give in and I sat onto the steps and cried. Dom sat down next to me and pulled me into him and held me as I cried. I couldn’t believe Adam was really here and now he’s gone. I cried until I got tired, I could miss a day of school because I couldn’t face anyone with the way I was feeling. I had Dom carry me up the stairs and to my room. He laid me on the bed and took off my shoes and put me under the covers and laid with me as I slept. I didn’t ever want to wake up.

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