Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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18: Already have it

Chapter 18: Already have it!


The doors to my new car opened and I got out of the car taking my father’s hand. We walked into the ballroom and there stood my whole family. Even the ones I haven’t talked to since I left Ty’s house. The cheerleading team was there along with a few of the football players that didn’t like Bryan. They all began clapping when they saw me enter. I was so surprised I began to tear up and I turned to my father who stood next to me looking down at me smiling.

I mouthed to him thank you and he nodded then he bent down and I hugged him tightly. This was the most amazing thing my father has ever done for me I couldn’t be more grateful of this. When we pulled out of the hug he kissed the top of my head and pushed me slightly towards my mother who stood with opened arms. I haven’t seen her since she left a few months ago to go back to Florida and back to our old home. Well my old home.

I hugged her tightly and made my way around the guests who soon began to get into the party mood. Everything was so beautiful. My dad really went all out. I looked over at my mom’s table and saw Ty sitting at the table with Valery. That came to a surprise to me but I was happy for him since he wasn’t with Tori anymore. I walked over to the table and they both stood up.

“Happy birthday Vikky.” Valery said hugging me. She was always such a sweet heart to me.

“Thanks Valery glad you could make it. Even though I had no idea it would be this big of a surprise.”

“Glad I could come.” She smiled and I turned to Ty who was smiling at both me and Valery.

“Happy birthday Vik.”

“Thanks Ty.” I said hugging him tightly.

When we pulled away I looked around but I didn’t see him anywhere.

“He’s here somewhere Vik. I know he is.”

I sighed and nodded then smiled and walked away from them to see a few more people that showed up. When I walked over to get a drink from my seat someone hugged me from behind and whispered in my ear, “Happy birthday Victoria.”

I dropped my cup and turned around. There stood Bryan, smiling down at me.

“Bryan? What are you doing here?”

“I came to apologize and celebrate your birthday.”

“Apology not accepted. You should leave Bryan.”

“I only came to give you your present Vikky. Just promise me you’ll make time to let me treat you to your birthday.”

“I can’t promise you anything Bryan.”

He nodded and handed me a bag wrapped all black and red and white. He leaned closer and kissed my cheek and whispered, “Happy birthday.” He pulled back and smiled at me then walked away. I made sure I saw him leave through the exit before turning and looking at the gift.

I opened it and took out three boxes.

The first box had a picture of me but it wasn’t a picture that was taken it was drawn. I looked down at the bottom of it and saw that Bryan’s name was written out. He drew it for me.

The second box had a heart shaped necklace that had my name engraved on it.

The third box, well the third box had a few different things inside of it. It had a card that had a long paragraph written inside; there was a picture of me and Bryan when we were younger at the park in front of a tree with our names carved into it and it saying best friends forever. Then there was a photograph that had best friends forever crossed out and true love written under it with a picture of me carving it into the same tree.

I sat down in my seat and began to read that card,


My dearest love. I know I have hurt you worse than I have ever hurt anyone in my life. And I am truly sorry. I never meant to hurt you and say those things and do the things I do. Vikky you are the one I want forever. And if I have to wait and prove to you that I am a changed man I will. Vikky I love you more than anything. Please forgive me. I want you to know that you mean the world to me and you always have. Baby please forgive me. I will get on my knees and beg you to forgive me. I’m so sorry you lost our child. I wish I could have been there when you found out. Baby girl just please look inside of your heart and forgive me. I know I’ve messed up but Vikky if you let me I’ll never do you wrong again. Just please. If you forgive me then call me tonight and let me know. If you never want to talk to me again drop this stuff at Dom’s house tomorrow. He had no idea that I am his cousin. He only knew that I was from America and that I loved you. He didn’t know that I was Bryan the one who hurt you. Vikky please forgive me. I’m sorry. Please.


I looked at the card and just rolled my eyes. None of this mattered anymore I’m going to give it all back. But tonight I party. I smiled to myself at how much I’ve changed in the couple months being in Italy. I put the card in the box and put all the boxes back into the bag and let them sit near my chair. I walked over to Ty’s table and grabbed both his and Valery’s hand and began dancing. We were all dancing and having fun when someone took my hand and turned me around.

I looked at the person who had my hand in theirs and saw it was Adam. I smiled and leaped into his arms as he held me off the ground and hugged me tight to him.

He put me back on the ground and held me close to him, the music changed and we danced to a slow song as he held me close to him. When the song ended he took my hand and bent down towards my ear, “Come with me?”

I nodded and we went onto the roof. When we got up to the roof I turned and looked at Adam. He was looking at me.

“Adam I’m so glad you came.” I tried walking towards him but he moved away.


“Vikky you need to know that….You need to know before you say anything else.”

“What Adam?”

“Tori. She’s the reason Bryan started beating and raping you. Her and Lily. Their Bryan’s little slaves. And.. and well Dom is Bryan’s cousin. He was put to watch over you by Bryan. Vikky I’m sorry.”

I nodded not letting this bother me.

“It’s the past all I care about is that your here.”

He smiled and pulled me close to him and held me there. He looked down at me after a few seconds and I looked up. He slowly bent down and my hands went into his hair and we kissed. When we pulled away we were both out of breath and we touched our foreheads together and just caught our breath.

“Vikky I love you.”

“I love you two Adam.”

“Damn does it feel good to finally hear you say that.”

I chuckled and he held me close, “Maybe we should get back to the party.”

He nodded then took my hand in his and we went back down to the party. Everyone was enjoying themselves and it was time for me to cut the cake. I stood in front of my cake and Adam stood behind me holding me around the waist. I lead against his chest as everyone sang me happy birthday. But the only person I truly cared about singing to me was Adam since he was singing very low in my ear. I smiled and held back my hair then blew out my candles. Making my wish. Not that I needed one I had my wish holding me right now.
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