Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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1: Do something for me

Chapter 1: Do something for me!

“And one, two, three, four....” I sighed at how Becky couldn’t get herself pulled up onto of the pyramid, that girl had some serious strength issues.

“Stop! Just Stop!” I yelled and all the girls climbed down and stood in front of me, as my two second in command girls walked over I checked my phone sitting down on the grass.

“Vik you need to cut her from the squad or we’ll never even qualify.” Brittnay said as she looked at Becky who was talking with the other girls who clearly were to nice.

“She’s right Vik she’s pretty and all but like she can’t cheer even if her life depended on it.” Tracy said looking at her nails.

I finished on my phone and looked at the girls, “I know girls but she’s made a lot of improvement hell she even lost all that weight just so she wouldn’t be cut from the squad I’ll work with her on the lifting later in the week plus we have a month till we need to qualify we’ll be fine.”

The girls looked at me and just shrugged and walked back over to the other girls who were standing in a circle. When I started yelling tricks the girls started and they were doing fine and then someone snaked their arm around my waist and I gasped.

I turned around and looked at my boyfriend who smiled down at me, “You scared the shit out of me Bryan.” I said going to hit his chest but he grabbed my wrist and pushed it down.

“I only wanted to scare you sorry.” And I nodded I didn’t want to fight with him, not today. The girls all stopped and Brit cleared her throat.

“Vikky you missed your cue.”

I turned and she saw Bryan holding me around my waist and just rolled her eyes and went back to having the girls do tricks while I was with Bryan.

“So we’re going to the party tonight and then you’re sleeping at my house.” I didn’t deny it because I knew I wouldn’t have the chance to.

I nodded and he kissed me hard on the lips and then pulled away and started biting my neck and sucking on it to leave a hickey. I pushed him away because he was hurting my neck and I was embarrassed that he was doing this while I was at practice.

“What the fuck Vik.” He said looking at me.

“Bryan you hurt my neck.”

He rolled his eyes then kissed my neck again and walked away from the cheerleading field where all the girls stood watching us.

I sighed then rubbed my neck and looked at the girls, “Get back to the tricks, Becky I need to have a word!”

She sprinted over and we began walking away from the team, “Yeah?”

“You’ve been having trouble with your lifts so I think that this Saturday you should come to my house at 6am and we will get you into the strength you need to be in order to do lifts and be lifted alright.”

“Can we make it 10? My mom won’t be home from work and I need to watch my brothers until 945.” I nodded then she smiled and we went back over to the team.

The team practiced for another hour until it was time to go and get ready for this party I was getting dragged to by Bryan, Brittnay, and Tracy and their two boy toys. I walked into my house and saw my mom sitting on the couch watching her soap operas like she always did on a Thursday afternoon/evening. I walked over and kissed her cheek then went upstairs and got ready for the party.

I showered to get the sweat and grim from practicing off my body. I walked out of my room and turned on my Pandora radio and started to get ready. I blow dried my hair so I could curl it into loose curls that I would leave down for the night. I picked out a typical party outfit. A black panty set with a grey “live your life” tank top and a grey and white stripped Hollister boyfriend cardigan to wear over it. I threw on black short shorts and my “B” necklace that Bryan had gotten for me a while back. I was slipping on my black suede high heeled platform booties when Bryan walked into my bedroom and shut the door.

I looked at him and he nodded in approval of my outfit and then walked over to my bed and grabbed my wrist pulling me with him.

He laid down and had me sit on his lap with my legs on both sides of his waist and pressed against him.

He pulled my head down by my hair and started to kiss me and take off my top, “Bryan no not tonight and besides we’ll be late.”

He flipped me over and pinned me down with his body, “I just want to mess around for a little bit right now, and you’re not drinking tonight I want you sober for the night.”

He started to unbuckle my shorts and slipped his hand down my underwear and began to finger me, I tried to push his hand out of my shorts but he pulled my hand away with his free one and began to press his lips against mine.

Soon he made me finish from fingering me and had me get dressed again, I sighed and we left the house and went to the party not too late and not to early just the way he liked it.

When we pulled up to the house where the party was being thrown Bryan and I got out of his truck and went towards the house.

Of course to make sure it was known by everyone who didn’t already know that I was Bryan’s girl he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him like he always did when we would go and be out in public which was too much for my own liking.

We walked into the house and all of the football team came up and dapped with Bryan while all the girls came up and hugged me.

Mr. and Mrs. popular I guess you could call us. Soon Bryan was off drinking with his friends leaving me alone which I didn’t mind too much.

I walked out the back door and past all the people dancing and drinking, not my style. I kept walking and finally came up to the fence that blocked over the lake. I stood there and just watched how the water was moving and how the moon was shinning over the water.

I stood there for a while when someone grabbed my hand, I spaced out so I jumped and turned around and saw Bryan standing there drunk out of his mind already. Great!

“Who are you out here with Vik?!”

“No one Bryan I’m out here alone.”

“Don’t fucking lie to me Vikky, who the fuck are you out here with? You being a slut again!”

I just looked at him surprise that he called me a slut. I shook my head and walked away from him but he grabbed me and pulled me into him, “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?! To be a whore!”

“Bryan you’re hurting me stop.” I yelled trying to push away from him.

He didn’t stop he just gripped my wrist harder causing a bruise to form slowly. Then the one thing I never expected to happen did. His hand slapped hard across my face and my head turned when his hand collided with my cheek. My cheek burned and I raised my hand up to it and held it close to my now burning cheek. Bryan’s face slowly softened and he looked upset.

“Oh my god Vik I’m so sorry!” He said but I walked away from him.

As I walked away from the house I heard him calling my name so I started to run as fast as I could in heels. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Not after he just hit me.

I got to my house; I unlocked the door and saw my mom walking out of the kitchen with a glass of soda in her hand and a piece of pizza in the other. She saw my face which had tears and a red mark on it.

She walked over and placed down the things in her hand and walked over to me and pulled me into her.

“Vikky what happened?” She asked as she rubbed my back and I cried into her.

“Bryan, he was drunk and he slapped me for standing by the lake alone. He thought I was with someone else.” I said as I tried to calm down from crying so much.

After crying to my mom for ten minutes I went up to my bedroom and got into my pajamas and just laid there in my bed. Soon I heard a car door shut and someone knock on the front door, I knew who it was.

“Bryan she’s sleeping.” My mom said.

“I messed up Misses M. I messed up bad. I need to talk to her.”

“Bryan she is sleeping and your drunk go home I’ll tell her you came by.”

“Please Misses M. I just-”

“Bryan no. She was very upset when she came home and needs her rest we are leaving in the morning.”

“Where are you going?!”

“To our families’ house for a while so she can get away from this city.”

“You mean away from me?”

“Yes Bryan.”

“Misses M. I’m sorry I really am I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

“Goodnight Bryan.”

She shut the door and soon I heard a car door slam shut and screeching tires away from the house. I slowly fell asleep to the quietness of the house.


I woke up to someone opening my window. I jumped out of bed when I saw that it was Bryan. I usually would have calmed down but not after tonight.

“Bryan what are you doing here?!” I said.

“Shhh. I needed to see you.”

“Bryan just leave.”

“You know you don’t want that Vik.” He said as he walked over and took me in his arms.

“Bryan I want you to leave.”

His faced hardened and he got pissed.

“After everything I’ve done for you Vik. No I’m not leaving until you give me something in return.”

He threw me onto the bed and covered my mouth with his hand then laid on top of me.

I tried pushing him away but he pinned me down and him being a football player he had more strength then I did.

He undid his belt and wrapped it around my bedpost with my arms tied with it. Then grabbed a scarf I had on the nightstand and tied my legs down. He kept my mouth covered with his hand and with his other hand slipped his pants off and slipped into me.

I blacked out after the first few seconds; I didn’t want to remember my boyfriend raping me.

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