Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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21: Congrats

Chapter 21: Congrats


I sat in the waiting room while Victoria was inside with the doctor. I was sitting with my back to the door where she went in. I heard It open and I got up and turned around. There stood the doctor looking at me.

“She wants you in there.”

I looked at her worried and grabbed our things and followed the doctor to the room where Victoria was. I opened the door and saw Victoria laying on the bed with her shirt just above her stomach. She looked up and saw me so she sat up and I walked over to her. I hugged her and then pulled slightly away to look at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Adam I’m… I’m pregnant.”

I felt my face warm up and I saw that she had tears forming in her eyes. I smiled and hugged her tight.

“Baby. You’re pregnant. We’re going to have a baby.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Why would I be? You’re going to have my baby of course I’m not mad.”

She smiled and the doctor walked over to the ultrasound machine and looked at us.

“Would you like to see your child?”

We both nodded and I stood next to Victoria holding her hand watching the doctor put the gel on her belly and start using the remote to find our baby.

There on the screen was our little peanut. I kissed Vikky on the head and she smiled. The doctor showed us more shots of the baby and then shut the machine off.

“Would you like to have pictures?”

We both nodded and she printed them out and handed them to us, “So Vikky your about 13 weeks along. You can find out what your having in a few weeks. But until then try and eat healthy and take these as it proscribes.” She handed Vik a paper with the meds on it and then handed her the pictures of our baby.

Victoria wiped off her tummy and got off the bed she was lying on. I took the things out of her hand and handed her, her pocketbook and we left to go to the pharmacy. I put in the order and we left to go home and tell the big news.

When we walked into the house Ty and Val were sitting on the couch watching a movie so I guess they’d be the first we tell. Victoria went to go and put her things in the room while I told Ty. She wasn’t really feeling good so we decided that I would just tell her parents and she would take a nap until she felt up to talking to everyone.

I sat on the couch after telling Ty and Val and watched the movie.

“So she’s having your baby.”


“And your sure it’s not…”

“No chance in hell that it’s his.”

“Alright. Well congrats my dude.”


I looked at the bedroom door and thought about it. “There’s no chance in hell it’s Bryan’s. No chance.”

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