Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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22: It broke

Chapter 22: It broke


I slowly opened my eyes and saw that Adam lying on his stomach with one arm under his pillow and the other across my stomach. I smiled at the little baby bump that was growing. It’s been about 2 months since I found out I was pregnant and my stomach has grown.

I moved slowly so I wouldn’t wake up Adam since he has had little to no sleep lately seeing as my dad has been staying at the hospital with my mom and Angel, so Adam’s had to work long shifts at the towers and work at the family dinner. He goes to work at the towers leaving as I’m getting up at 430am to get ready for school. Then he comes home at 530pm and gets dressed and goes to work at the dinner until 1230am. So he only gets a few hours to sleep.

Once I was out of bed I walked into the bathroom and lifted Adam’s shirt that I had worn to bed and saw my little baby bump. I smiled as I ran my fingers slowly over it. I put my shirt back down and walked into the bedroom grabbing my laptop and my cell phone and went into the living room. I was out of school for summer break so I had all the time in the world.

Not really I spent more time at the hospital with angel and my parents then I did at home. I opened my laptop and turned it on and checked my texts while it boosted up. I had a few texts from my cousin Ty. He went back to the states so he could graduate with his friends since he didn’t know anyone here. His girlfriend went with him and they would be back in about a week when school was let out there.

It was the same old messages from Ty telling me to eat healthy; take care of myself and the baby; to get plenty of rest and saying he loved me and all that same stuffs. I sent back an I love you and will do. I looked through the rest of my texts and one was from a girl that I met at school who had a life almost like mine. Minus the baby part, but she did have a crazy ex she tried killing herself because of. So we relate easily and became close fast.

Cassie: Hey boo ;) how’s little itty bitty?

Me: Getting bigger. My tummy looks like it’s going to pop.

Cassie: I miss you girly. We should hang out today. Is baby daddy working?

Me: I miss you two. And well right now he’s sleeping. But I think he’s working at the dinner tonight since it’s Saturday and he doesn’t work at the towers on Saturdays.

Cassie: Well see if you can come and hang out with me and Maddy.

Me: I probably can. And wait you and Matt got back together?

Cassie: Yeah we made up last night. But let me know I’m going to shower and stuff.

Me: Alright I’ll text you after.

Cassie: Alright.

I signed into Facebook and checked my notifications. 4 pictures I was tagged in. I looked at each picture and it was from my party. 2 of the pictures it was my friends dancing but in the background it showed me and Bryan talking. I sighed and then untagged myself from both pictures. I changed my status then went and checked my emails.

I had a few from family members that didn’t show to my party. Oh well. As I was deleting the emails Skype popped up. It was a video call from Bryan. I denied it but then he called again. I denied it again and he called again. Every time I denied he would just call again. I rolled my eyes and messaged him.

Me: What Bryan?

Bryan: We need to talk.

Me: Why?

Bryan: I think the condom broke.

Me: ha that’s what you get for being a man whore, I need to go stop calling me.

I signed out before he could say anything else and walked into the bedroom where Adam was still sleeping. I chuckled and walked over to the bed and bent down and kissed his lips. They formed into a smile and his eyes slowly opened.

“Morning baby” I smiled at him and said, “Good morning”.

He slowly sat up and I sat next to him, “Cass wants me to go out with her and Matt.”

He rubbed his eyes and yawed, “There back together?”

I nodded and he shrugged, “Go ahead I’m sleeping till I need to go to work so go have fun.”

I frowned and put my forehead on his and looked at him in the eyes. “I wish you didn’t have to work so much. We barely ever get to spend any time together.”

He frowned and sighed, “But since your dad isn’t working I have to. Besides the money I’m making is going towards you and the baby when it comes we’ll have all we need.”

I nodded and smiled. I kissed him on the lips and he deepened the kiss then pulled away and kissed my baby bump. “When’s your next appointment?”

I thought about it then said, “Next Monday. I get to find out what I’m having. Are you going to be able to come with me?”

He nodded and I smiled then kissed him again and went to go get ready to go out with Cassie and Matt. I walked into my closet and turned on the light. I walked over to the drawers and pulled out a black maternity shirt that said it’s a boy or a girl, beige maternity stripe shorts, black spot slippers, black beanie, black sunglasses.

I walked into the bathroom to grab my jewelry and do my hair. I slipped my baby feet belly button ring in since my tummy wasn’t that big I was still able to fit my bellybutton ring in. I put my mommy necklace on that Adam bought me after we found out I was pregnant.I did my hair down and curly then walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and saw Adam went back to sleep.

I chuckled slightly and walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek then whispered, “I’ll be home before you have to go to work.”

I grabbed my phone and went out into the living room. I grabbed the milk from the fridge and poured it into the blender. I texted Cassie while I grabbed a banana and threw it into the blender so it would become a smoothie since that’s the only thing itty bitty would keep in my stomach lately.

Cassie: Hey lovey

Me: Hey so I’m all dressed and ready come get me when you’re able to.

Cassie: Alright be there in like 5 minutes give or take how long Matt takes in the damn shower.

Me: Alright just text me when you get here so you don’t wake up Adam.

Cassie: Baby daddy isn’t coming?

Me: No he’s too tired and needs his sleep. I want to try and be back before he goes to work though.

Cassie: So I’ll drop you off at like what 330?

Me: Yeah since he don’t need to be at work for 6.

Cassie: Alright be there soon.

I put the vanilla in the blender and dropped a couple ice cubes then blended it together. I poured my smoothie into a cup and drank it, as I was finishing my drink my phone went off. I walked over to it and picked it up and answered it.

Me: Hello?

Cassie: I’m outside.

Me: Be out in a second.

I walked into my bedroom and walked over to the bed and kissed Adam’s cheek then grabbed my house keys and walked out the front door. I locked the door behind me and walked down the stairs to see Matt in Cassie in Matt’s car. I got into the backseat and smiled at both of them as we drove away from my house.
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