Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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23: No where NEAR

Chapter 23: Nowhere NEAR


We pulled up to the local café and Matt went to go get our normal drinks while Cassie and I stayed in the car. When he walked into the café Cassie turned around in her seat and looked at me resting her head on the seat.

She smiled at me so I smiled back and put my hand on my stomach. “How you been feeling?”

I shrugged and gave a half smile, “Starting to keep things down but still worried about the baby since you know the past situation.”

She sighed and nodded, “Yeah I know. You and Adam created this baby. Nothing like what happened with B would ever happen with Adam.”

I nodded, “I know but I’m just worried you know.”

She nodded then Matt walked back over to the car with a tray filled with the three of our drinks. He got into the car and handed me mine and handed Cassie hers. She kissed him on the cheek and we all drank our drinks.

Matt finished his and sat there then turned around and looked at me, “Why don’t you and Adam come camping with me, Cass, your cousin and his girlfriend and a couple other people from school?”

I looked at Cass who was smiling, “I have to see if Adam can get it off work.”

Matt nodded then turned the car on and drove away from the café. By the time we got onto the highway I looked at the time and it was close to the time Adam would be getting up. Cass looked at the clock and then told Matt who nodded and got off the highway exit that lead to my street. He pulled up to my house and I said bye to them and that I would call Cassie later and got out and went up to the house.

I walked into the house and Adam was walking out of our bedroom with just his basketball shorts on. I smiled and walked over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He smiled then turned and took me into his arms.

“I think this is the first time we actually get to spend alone time together since your sister was born.”

I smiled and nodded, “Rest enough?”

“Haven’t slept like that in a while. So yeah I slept more than enough. How was hanging with Cassie and Matt?”

“Fun, we went and got coffee and then they dropped me back off so I could be here when you woke up.”

He smiled and picked me up bride style and brought me into the bedroom and slowly laid me on the bed. “Don’t you want to eat something?”

“No I just want to cuddle with you while I’m awake.”

I smiled and nodded, “that was cute. Babe…”

“Yeah baby?” I turned and looked at him since he was next to me lying down.

“They invited us to the camping trip this weekend with them and Ty and Val.” He sighed and gave me an apologetic face.

“I doubt I’ll be able to go baby girl. You should still go.”

“I don’t want to go without you though. There’s no fun in going on a couples camping trip without your other person and on top of that pregnant.”

He sighed and I just shrugged, “its fine we can just stay home and have alone time. No biggy.”

He frowned then nodded; I turned on my side so my back was to him and started to close my eyes. I felt him get out of bed but I knew he was probably just making food so I stayed in bed and fell asleep. It’s for the best that we don’t go anyways. Matt was friends with Bryan and moved to Italy before so it would be awkward if they were to be at the same camp ground together for the weekend and everything. I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking about how this baby situation won’t be like the one with Bryan.


I walked into the kitchen and opened Victoria’s laptop and signed onto Skype. When I signed on she was messaged by someone so I opened it and it was a message that was sent to her when she signed off.

Bryan: When your boyfriend finds out it’s not his baby how do you think he’s going to react. And you think he’s going to stay with you when he realizes that it’s mine. No worries you’ll be back to being mine soon enough. Bye

I re-read the message and deleted it so she wouldn’t see it. Was he stupid or was he retarded? I’m guessing both. Regardless there’s no chance that it’s his baby. She hasn’t seen him since she came to Italy. So there wasn’t a chance. I rolled my eyes and clicked on Cassie’s user and called her.

It opened and there she sat with her legs crossed on her bed and her shirt half way up. “Cassie it’s me Adam. Keep your shirt on!”

She looked at the screen and rolled her eyes, “I have a bikini under this I’m doing my hair and it’s hot I will sit on Skype with no shirt on if I have a bikini top on. And what do you think I get naked for your gf every time she calls?”


“Get over that already. We will never have a threesome.”

I chuckled and she took off her shit and then began to straighten her hair. “So why is it you calling me and not Vikky?”

“Because she is sleeping and I wanted to make sure that you know we are coming on the camping trip.”

“You got it off work?”

“Not yet but I’m going to just for her. I know she wants to go a lot so I’m going to make sure that we do things while we can until the baby comes.”


“What time are we leaving?”

“Saturday at 2 so we can get there with enough time to check in and unpack.”

“Alright what do we need to bring?”

“Well I’m bringing the snacks, Val’s bringing the food, Ty’s bringing drinks, Matt’s bringing beer, and the Monica and her boo are bringing the music. So if you want to bring anything bring blankets and stuff to start a fire.”

“Sounds good. See you Saturday.”

“See you then.” I hung up the call and went over to the bedroom door.

I stood in the frame of the door and looked at Victoria sleeping there. Her hand was laying on her baby bump and she looked so peaceful. I smiled to myself and walked out of the room closing the door slowly behind me so it wouldn’t make a sound and wake her up. I walked back into the kitchen and made food for me.

As I just finished eating Ty and Val walked in the front door with water pouring off them and their bags. I got up and walked over and took their bags and went to put them in their room then went back out and handed them the towels I grabbed before walking back out. They took the towels and Ty and myself gave dap and I hugged Val.

“Thought you guys weren’t getting back until Friday morning?”

“We got out of school early and got on the first plane back here. I need to see my lil cousins. And besides the states aren’t the same anymore without you guys there, schools crapped and everyone talks more shit then ever so we left.”

I nodded and Val went into their room so she could unpack and change. “How’s things been since we left?”

I shrugged, “Angel should be coming home next week but she keeps getting sick and for being an early baby they don’t want to chance it.”

Ty nodded then looked at me and Victoria’s close bedroom door. “How’s she been doing?”

“A lot better. Baby is starting to let her keep the food down so she’s eating more which is good since she was so skinny before from never eating.”

“Has Bryan tried messaging her?”

“He sent her a message when she was off of Skype saying the babies his but with the time of her pregnancy there’s no possibly way so I’m not even going to bring it up to her.”

Ty nodded then went to go help Val unpack; I walked over to the couch and sat down. I was watching TV when my cell phone in my pocket started to ring; I took it out and answered it. “Hello?”


“Yeah this is him?”

“Hey this is Dom.”

“What do you want?”

“I just wanted to tell you that Bryan’s back in Italy.”

“What the hell is he back for?”

“He came to visit my sister. Why I have no idea.”

“But I’ll send you the picture of how he looks now so you can keep a look out.”

“Alright thanks man.”

“Welcome.” I hung up and waited a couple of minutes then got the picture. When it downloaded to my phone I looked at it twice and made sure I would remember that face. He’s not going anywhere near my girl or my baby. NO WHERE NEAR!

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