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25: He's gone

Chapter 25: He’s gone


~Back in the states~

The car pulled up in front of the house and I looked down at it as Adam’s mother and father both walked up towards the house.

Ty walked into my bedroom and I turned around and looked at him, “There here. You should come down stairs.”

I nodded then got up from sitting by the window and followed Ty down stairs. My parents hugged Adam’s parents while Val held my sister. Everyone turned and looked at me when I came down the stairs. Adam’s mom looked at both me and Ty then walked over to us. She hugged Ty first and then when they pulled away she took me in her arms and held me. We cried together over the loss of Adam. When we finished crying I walked over to Adam’s father and hugged him.

We all walked over and sat down on the couch. Val handed my sister to my mom who sat next on my right and Ty on my left. My dad was on my mom’s other side and Val was on Ty’s. Adam’s parents sat across from us. It was a big circle of people.

Adam’s dad took his wives hand and looked at me, “Victoria we wanted to know that even though Adam is…even though Adam is gone that if you would still let us see the baby?”

I was surprised that he was saying this. “Of course I’d let you see the baby. She’s your granddaughter. Just because Adam is…just because he is no longer here doesn’t mean I would keep her from you. I wouldn’t ever dream of that.”

Adam’s mom smiled and then sighed. “When are the services?” My father asked.

“This upcoming Friday. We want all of you to be in the limo with us. Vikky if you don’t mind speaking.”

I nodded then put my hand on my baby bump. “Of course I will.”

They nodded then we all stood up and said our goodbyes and my dad let Adam’s parents out. I sat back down on the couch and held my sister while my parents went and got the Chinese food they ordered.

Ty sat down next to me and Val sat on his lap. “Vikky are you sure it’s Adam’s?”

I sighed and nodded, “Ty I remember everything from that day I went to Dom’s house. I was already pregnant by the time Bryan did that to me. She isn’t Bryan’s baby. She’s Adam’s.”

Ty nodded then looked at Val and back at me. “What are you going to say at the service?”

I looked down at Angel and back up at Ty, “I’m going to tell everyone about Adam. About how loving and caring he was. And how he was going to be a great father to our daughter, and how he will live on in all of our hearts forever.”

Ty nodded then Val got up and Ty got up and they went upstairs. I looked down at Angel and smiled as she smiled at me. “I love you Angel. Adam loved you too.”

Angel started kicking her feet and moving her hands towards behind me. I turned around and there was nothing there. I looked back at Angel and she was looking at me but I could tell her eyes weren’t looking at me.

I closed my eyes and whispered, “I love you Adam. Watch over all of us.”

Angel started to cry and I opened my eyes and looked at her and she stopped crying. I smiled at her and then my parents walked into the house and put the food on the table. My mom walked over and took Angel from my hands and looked down at me.

“You alright sweet heart?”

I looked up at her and smiled, “I’ll be alright.”

She smiled and nodded then I got up and she kissed my forehead. I walked over to the stairs and called Ty and Val down stairs to eat. When I heard the door open and their feet coming down the stairs I went over to the table and sat down with my parents. Ty and Val came down stairs and over to the table and we all started to eat. When angel started to giggle, I looked at her and started tickling her. She started laughing and when the doorbell rang my dad got up to get it. He opened the door and there stood Bryan’s dad. I looked at the door and my dad invited him in. My mom got up and took the baby upstairs so she could get put down for a nap. Ty stood up from the table looking at Bryan’s dad. He looked at my dad and then at me and walked towards us. I stood up and walked behind Ty who had his hand on my arm. Bryan’s dad put his hands up and then stepped back near my dad.

“I just wanted to ask if Bryan’s contacted you.”

“No he hasn’t since he killed my boyfriend.”

He put his head down and nodded, “I also wanted to give you this.”

He handed a box to my father and then nodded towards us and left. My dad closed the door behind him then walked over and handed me the box. I sat down at the table and just as my mom walked down the stairs I opened it. There was a letter and a baby toy inside of it. I opened the letter and read,


I know you hate me. And I know that you must want me dead for what I did to Adam. I’m sorry Vik I really am. I don’t know what happened or why I did it. No that’s a lie I know why I did it I just can’t believe I did. I did it because I saw the way he held you while cried. I couldn’t help but get mad that is wasn’t me holding you while you cried. Vikky I realized when I came back to the states that the baby isn’t mine. I actually thought that the baby was mine but I know now it’s not. Vikky I’m sorry and I wish I could take back what I did to Adam but I can’t. I’m sorry and I know you’ll never forgive me. So I don’t know why I bothered with this but I needed you to know. I’m sorry. I love you Vikky. In the box is a baby toy I bought for the baby. You probably won’t even use it but I thought I should try and buy something. I’m sorry goodbye.


P.S. you’ll be a great mother. Adam was lucky for you to have his baby.

I finished reading the letter and looked at the baby toy. It was a stuffed animal that had a football jersey on. I looked at Ty and his face was still, Val’s face was worried, my mother’s seemed scared and my father’s face was pissed. I held the doll in my hands and then got up and left my house. My dad yelled my name and Ty ran after me. He grabbed my hand and stopped me from running.

I turned around and looked at him “What Ty?”

“Where are you going Vikky?”

“I’m going to see Adam.”

“Vikky you can’t. Not yet. They won’t let you see him in the hospital.”

I looked the other way trying to pull my arm away from him. “I’m not going to the hospital. Why would i?”

“Vikky look at me.” I turned my face and looked at him.

“Vikky where do you think Adam is?”

“At his house of course, he’s waiting to see me.”

“Vikky…Vikky stop this isn’t funny.”

“I’m not trying to be Ty. I’m going to see Adam.”

Ty looked at me confused and pulled me into him and put my face in his hands, “Vikky Adam’s gone. He’s not coming back. He’s not home. He’s in the morgue at the hospital.”

“Ty why would you say such a thing like that?”

Ty looked at me worried then nodded, “I’m sorry Vikky. Let me drive you.”

I nodded then he went inside and grabbed his keys. I stood out in front of the house and waited for Ty.

He walked out of the house and we got into his car then drove away from the house. “Vikky do you mind if we stop by the hospital real quick? Val wanted me to drop off dinner to her mom.”

I nodded then he drove to the hospital and we got out of the car and went inside. I followed Ty to the morgue and there was Val’s mom.

She smiled and hugged Ty then looked at me and hugged me then looked at Ty. “Why is she here Ty?”

“I need her to see something.” She nodded then stepped out of the room.

“Ty what do you need me to see?” He walked over to one of the doors and then walked over to me and took my hand.

“Ty what are you doing?”

“Vikky you need to see this so you’ll understand.”

I looked at him confused and he opened a door and slid out a body that was covered with a cloth. I moved away but he grabbed my hand and shook his head, “Move the cloth Vikky.”

I shook my head, “Vikky you need to do this.”

I looked at him with tears falling. I removed the cloth and there laid Adam. His face was snow white, his lips blue and his eyes closed. I started to cry and Ty took me in his arms and held me as I cried.

“Vikky you need to understand he’s gone. He’s never coming back.”

I kept crying and looked at Adam laying there. He was gone. Really gone. “Ty can you take me to the park I need to be alone right now. I promise I won’t do anything. I promised Adam I wouldn’t ever hurt myself again.”

Ty nodded then recovered Adam’s body and slid it back in and shut the door. We left the room and Val’s mom was standing on the outside of it. I hugged her and thanked her for letting us in. She nodded and hugged Ty and we left. Ty dropped me off at the park and I went over to the swings and sat there still holding the stuff animal. I looked up at the stars since the sunset while we were in the hospital. I heard a tree branch snap behind me so I stood up from the swing and looked behind me.

There stood Bryan looking at me. “Hi Vikky.”
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