Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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27: She loves you forever

Chapter 27: She loves you forever


It was Friday and it was the day of the wake and funeral. Adam’s parents decided since it would be easier to have both on one day. I sat up in my bed and looked out the window, the sun was shining but there were clouds in the back roaming in. There would definitely be rain today. I moved my covers and got out of bed then headed into my bathroom. The fluffy black carpet felt good against my feet that were starting to hurt from standing and walking all the time. I turned on my shower and let it run for a few seconds before I undressed and got in. I shampooed and conditioned my hair and let the warm water run over my body. I rubbed body wash over my now semi-big baby bump.

The baby kicked where my hand rested and I smiled. “Good morning to you two sunshine.”

I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around my hair and grabbed my robe and slipped it on. I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. Today would be hard but I’ll be okay, I thought to myself. It’s true. I brushed my teeth. I cleaned my mouth off once I was done and I sat there and looked at myself in the mirror. I opened my mirror and took out the lotion for my stomach and rubbed it all over my stomach. When I finished I walked out of my bathroom and went into my closet so I could get my clothes for the wake and funeral. I opened my closet doors and walked in. My mom had set out the clothes the night before but I wasn’t feeling like making a scene by looking good. I walked over to my sweats and grabbed my black capri sweats. I through those on and went over to my dress up shirts and grabbed a black one that tied on the bottom left side. When I was finished tying the shirt I heard a knock on the door.

“Mm?” The door opened and in walked Val who was in a simple black cocktail dress with black high heels. Her hair was up in a bun with a French braid in the front of her head going towards the back.

“Your mom wanted me to come and see how you were coming along.” She looked me up and down then gave me a half smile.

“Just tell her I’ll be ready to go in a few minutes.” I said walking over to where my shoes were and grabbed my black flats and slipped them onto my feet.

I turned around and saw Ty standing in the doorway were Val was once standing.

“You’re going to your boyfriend’s funeral dressed like that?” He said pointing a finger at my choice of outfit.

“How else am I supposed to dress? If anyone has forgotten I do have a baby bump that a dress will only make look bigger. And I’m not in the mood to be all dolled up. Why should I? The only person I want to impress is the only one who won’t be alive there. Why bother trying to dress up?” I said turning to face the mirror that was in my closet and looked at myself.

“Vikky. You should dress up so everyone doesn’t think that you’re ready to break at any moment. Which this outfit makes you look like you’re about to.” He walked over to my clothes and picked out a black dress that was big on me when I bought it so it would be somewhat big now but not too bad.

“Try this please.” He said holding the dress out towards me. I sighed then nodded and grabbed the dress from his hands and he walked out closing the door behind him.

I slipped on the dress and looked at myself. I didn’t look too bad and my baby bump wasn’t showing as much. Ty knocked and then walked back into the closet. He leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms.

“There you go. You look much better and the little one doesn’t look like she’s ready to pop either.” He smiled after he said it.

I shrugged then sat down in front of the mirror and started doing my hair, I left it down but I brushed it out and threw a headband that was black and had a red rose on the side of it. I did my makeup even though I knew it would be washing down my face once we got to the wake. I stood up and walked past Ty who shut the light off in my closet then closed the door behind him. I grabbed the picture of me and Adam. The back of his head was facing the camera because he was bent down in front of me kissing my tummy when we found out what we were having. The picture was adorable and it was one of his favorites of us. Ty looked at me confused and I smiled.

“This used to be his favorite picture of us. I’m going to put it in the casket with him so that way it’ll always be with him.” I said looking at the picture once again. Ty smiled then nodded and we went down stairs together.

My parents and Val were all standing in the living room waiting for us. My mom looked at me when she saw us come down the stairs and smiled. I walked over and hugged her then she took my father’s hand. I walked over to the front door and opened it. The limo was waiting in front of the house for us. The driver stood in front of the door and opened it when we all walked out of the house. Since we were going to the wake my mom had my aunt watch Angel. I was the first to get into the limo I slid all the way to the other side and then my parents got in and then it was Val and Ty. When we were all in the limo the limo driver shut the door and drove away from the house. My parents were talking to each other while Val laid her head on Ty’s shoulder and closed her eyes. She wasn’t getting much sleep lately according to Ty because she was always sick and wasn’t able to sleep. Ty was looking out the window and stroking Val’s arm as she laid there. I looked out the window and saw us pass everything that brought back memories. We passed the school and I sighed, I’d be going back there soon. I wasn’t ready to go back but I knew I had to. We pulled up to Adam’s house and I kept my eyes from looking. I knew if I even glanced I’d lose it. Yeah I was handling this pretty good but I knew something would trigger the tears easily and I didn’t want to cry. Not yet at least. The door opened and Adam’s parents stepped into the limo. They sat down and the door shut. I looked behind us and there was a line of cars following us. I turned around and looked out the windshield and saw a limo in front of us. I knew what it was for. Adam was in there. We drove away from the house and I looked out the window I was looking out in the beginning. We pulled up to the funeral home where the wake was being held. The door opened and my dad, Adam’s dad, and Ty all got out. I saw that a guy from the football team got out of his car and followed the guys to the limo in front of us. They were carrying in the casket. When they walked back out it was time.

I looked at my mom who moved closer to me and took my hand in hers. I squeezed her hand assuring her I was going to be ok. She looked at me and smiled and I nodded. Adam’s mom got out first, then Val. My mom let go of my hand so she could get out of the car. It was my turn; I looked at the picture then placed my hand on my tummy. She kicked. I nodded then got out of the limo, I felt like time slowed down and I was the only thing moving at normal speed. Everyone’s heads turned to me as I got out of the limo. They all had sad expressions on their faces and I took a breath then followed Adam’s parents, my parents, Ty and Val into the funeral home.

Adam’s mother stopped outside the room where Adam’s casket was laying and I walked over to her and took her hand in mine. She looked down at the hands connected then looked back up at me and I smiled then nodded. She nodded and we walked into the room together. Adam’s father knelt down and said what he needed to say. My parents were next, and then it was Ty and Val. When it was me and Adam’s mom’s turn I took a deep breath and we walked over to the casket. I let her have her alone time and waited a few steps back. She said what she needed to then kissed her son’s forehead and got up then went to go stand next to her husband. Ty was standing next to Adam’s parents while Val and my parents were sitting in the front row. It was my turn to say my goodbyes.

I walked over to the casket and took Adam’s hand in mine. “Hey baby. I know you’re watching down on me and Skar. We love you baby. So much. And we miss you. She kicks every time I talk to her about you. I think she already knows who you were and everything. I brought you your favorite picture so you can always have it with you.”

I placed the picture in his hand that laid on his chest then smiled and held his hand near my lips and kissed it. I looked at his motionless body, it was like he was sleeping and would wake up any minute. But I knew he wouldn’t. He was gone. I took another deep breath and smiled then stood up and placed Adam’s hand on my stomach. A few second later she began kicking and a tear rolled down my face.

“She loves her daddy. And I’ll make sure she knows everything. We’ll come visit all the time. Baby I know you want me to be strong but it’s hard. I miss you so much and it hurts you won’t be here when she’s born. I love you baby. Watch over us.”

I leaned towards him and kissed his lips one last time. They were iced cold and I sighed then the baby kicked Adam’s hand one last time and I put his hand back and walked over to stand with his parents and Ty. When I stepped next to Ty he put his arm around me and I leaned my head on him, he knew how hard this was for me. I stood up straight when people started to come in. They all bent down in front of the casket and said their goodbyes then walked over to the four of us and said they were sorry and all that. When they got to me they all looked at my stomach first then looked up at me. It made me hurt but I knew Skarlet knew. I had a feeling she knew.

After people stopped coming the father who was saying a prayer stood at the podium and looked at us all. “Thank you all for coming. Today we recognize this young man. Adam’s life was taken from him too quickly. He was an amazing young man and will be missed by many. I know that he leaves behind his mother and father and other family members and friends. But he also leaves behind a girlfriend and a daughter, who I believe has chosen to speak today.”

He looked at me and I nodded then I stood up from my seat and walked over to the podium and hugged the father. I looked at Adam then looked at everyone sitting and standing before me. I cleared my throat then began.

“Thank you everyone for coming today. I know it means a lot to me and Adam’s parents and even to Adam. Adam was such an amazing person and was always there for everyone and to be taken away from us is the worst thing that could happen. But I know that he wouldn’t want me blaming the person or anything like that. He would want me to stay positive for him and for our daughter. You may be asking how I can stand here as a single mother now not crying and not cursing like I normally would. Well I have to be strong for my daughter. I’m not a single mother Adam is still my boyfriend and is Skarlet’s father. I won’t think of myself as a single mother and I will not have Skarlet think she doesn’t have a father. Adam would have been a great father I know that for a fact. But before I start getting ahead of myself let me thank you once again. And after the funeral I believe that Adam’s mother and father are having a small get together at their house for those who wish to come you are more than welcome. I smiled then walked over to Adam and kissed his forehead then whispered, “You’re forever my prince charming.”

The wake ended and we all got back into our cars, the guys that brought the casket into the funeral home brought it back to the limo then returned to their cars and we drove to the cemetery where he would be buried. It began to drizzle a little so when we got out of the car we all had umbrellas. We walked over to where he was being buried and the guys carried the casket over and placed it on the things that would lower it into the ground. I stood with my mom and she had her arm around my waist as I watched.

The father was saying a few words and I walked over and placed two roses that Adam’s mom gave me. She had one, his father had one, and Ty had one. I had two because of myself and because of the baby.

When I placed the roses I looked up at the sky and smiled, “I love you forever.” Skarlet kicked and I looked down at my stomach and smiled, “She loves you forever.”

I walked back over and got under the umbrella Ty was holding as he went and placed his rose. He came back under the umbrella and put his arm around Val. Adam’s parents went next and then Adam’s casket was lowered to the ground. Everyone hugged Adam’s parents, myself and Ty then all left. Some were going back to Adam’s house and some were just going somewhere else. My parents looked at me and I shook my head. They nodded then I walked over to the limo and the limo driver was holding an umbrella since I left mine with Ty.

“Can you take me to the beach please sir?” I looked at him and he looked confused but then smiled and nodded.

“Of course miss.” He opened the door and I got into the limo.

As the limo pulled away from the cemetery I looked back at where the casket went into the ground and let a couple tears fall. I moved them away with my hand and watched as everything passed by as the limo drove to the beach. We finally arrived at the beach and before the limo driver could open my door I took of my flats and opened the door then walked towards the water. My dress was long enough that I had to pick it up a little bit so it wouldn’t touch the sand. I stood in front of the water and looked at the horizon. The sun was there but it was behind the clouds because of the rain storm we were getting. I looked at the sky and let go of part of my dress I was holding. I sat down on the ground and just looked up at the sky. It was raining but I didn’t care it was peaceful here and this is where I felt closer to Adam then anything. I put my hand on my stomach and just looked up.

“Miss?” The limo driver called from where he was standing.

I turned around and looked at him, “I need to get back to the cemetery and transport the family members we left behind. Are you coming?” I shook my head and he walked over and handed me the umbrella then walked back to the limo. He got in then drove away. I put the umbrella down and just sat there in the sand with the rain falling on me.

I must have been sitting there for a while because I didn’t realize that someone was standing behind me. I turned around and looked and saw Ty standing there in his tux. He sat down next to me in the sand. It was still raining but we both didn’t really care. He put his arm around me and I laid my head on him and we both just sat there and looked at the water. Someone cleared their throat and Ty turned around to see who was standing there. When he moved me away from him so he could get up I looked at who was standing there and I had to blink twice.

Bryan was standing there looking at us. “I want to turn myself in.”

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